The difference between v7a and v8a

What is the difference between arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a, armeabi? The difference between v7a and v8a. arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a and armeabi are different architecture types of Android applications. ar…


How to register a Gemini account Google Gemini API application

Register Gemini for free. How to use Google Gemini? To use Google Gemini's artificial intelligence AI service, you need to register a Google account. It should be noted that Google Gemini does not support users in mainland China and Hong Kong. You need to use an agent from other countries to access Google Gemini normally.

TVBox configuration interface address 2024 latest tvbox configuration address interface list

The tvbox configuration address is a necessary configuration for the operation of tvbox software. The tvbox configuration address is also called the tvbox interface. TVbox uses the tvbox configuration address to parse online movie information and movie playback addresses. tvbox is currently free and open source. The tvbox address is also written by some enthusiasts and is free on the Internet. Don’t spend money to buy it!

CyberPanel sets 301 permanent redirect rules

How to Set 301 Permanent Redirect Rules in CyberPanel Setting up 301 permanent redirect rules in CyberPanel is very simple. First, you need to log into CyberPanel’s control panel. Then, click on the “Websites” tab and find the location you want to set up…


WeChat red envelope grabbing plug-in for iPhone

The function is turned on to grab WeChat red envelopes. If the default parameters are used, the notification or chat list page or group chat will find a red envelope, and the red envelope will be automatically clicked and opened to jump to the details page and automatically closed. You can automatically grab red envelopes without any worries on your part. Teach you how to inject a red envelope grabbing plug-in into WeChat. The plug-in not only has the function of automatically grabbing red envelopes, but also has many other practical functions, such as Aite owner, anti-withdrawal, virtual positioning, etc. Let’s start the tutorial.