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AI painting tool Fooocus2.1 Chinese version

AI painting tool Fooocus 2.1 Chinese version + 100G model package The reason why Fooocus AI painting tool can complete such high-quality image generation tasks is because it uses the latest SDXL 1.0 model, which can generate various types of images through simple prompt words. High quality images of styles. Today I would like to share with you an AI painting software Fooocus 2.1 Chinese version + 100G model package. I hope it can bring new creative possibilities to AI painting enthusiasts. The author of the Chinese version is: Diao Lulu, the boss of Station B. The official Fooocus version has been updated...


Copilot web version: Copilot service is not available in your area

Copilot web version "Copilot service is not available in your region" When you open Copilot, it will prompt that the service is not available in your region. You can experience the core of GPT-4.0 without spending money. However, many players face the problem that the service is not available in your region. The following are effective solutions to the problem of unavailability in your region:

How to apply for Gemini API

How to apply for Gemini API? Gemini API is an API developed by Google AI that can be used to generate text, code, music, images and other content. It can also be used for tasks such as translation language, question and answer, summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, etc. The Gemini API is based on Google's Gemini Transformer model, which is a large language model trained on massive text and code datasets.

How to register a Gemini account Google Gemini API application

Register Gemini for free. How to use Google Gemini? To use Google Gemini's artificial intelligence AI service, you need to register a Google account. It should be noted that Google Gemini does not support users in mainland China and Hong Kong. You need to use an agent from other countries to access Google Gemini normally.

Glarity Artificial Intelligence AI Writing Assistant Browser Plug-in, a practical AI tool

Artificial intelligence AI auxiliary tool Glarity, a writing assistant AI plug-in that supports multiple browsers Glarity: an open source ChatGPT summary extension suitable for YouTube, Google, Twitter and any web page. It provides cross-language summarization to easily summarize videos, searches, PDFs, emails, and web pages. It supports free side-by-side translation, email writing help, web content Q&A, etc. Glaarity is a very practical writing aid, perfect for blogging, not only summarizing page content, creating related questions...


7 Best Free AI Tools

Free AI tools that change the way you create and interact. Most areas in which we live, work, and interact are being innovatively and creatively transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). It has a comprehensive contract for daily life and will continue to change the way we think and work in the future. We share 7 free AI tools that will revolutionize the way you create and interact, from AI image generation to AI voice creation.

Practical and efficient free AI tools in the 2023AI era

Free AI tools take you into the new era of AI! Free AI Tools In recent times, the AI wave has swept the world, and artificial intelligence free AI tools are changing the technology field. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are developing extremely rapidly, and free AI tools are now quite popular and well integrated into our daily lives. This article will introduce 33 practical and efficient free AI tools to give life a different experience. This article is compiled from.

Recommend 10 useful AI tools AITools, a must-have for newbies!

Essential AI Tools for Beginners Whether you're writing articles, creating headlines for social media, or making irresistible offers for your sales pages, using AI tools will help you create high-quality content while avoiding writer's block and creating a compelling story for your sales page. You save a lot of time. When creating the list, I focused on the free plans available and paid special attention to their features and ease of use. This is a somewhat epic mission

ChatGPT AI Assistant Cody Cody is an intelligent AI employee like ChatGPT

Cody Cody is a powerful AI assistant that makes ChatGPT smarter. Cody is an intelligent AI employee like ChatGPT. It is a very powerful AI assistant. The additional benefit is that it can target your business, your team, and your process. Educate them with your customers. Use Cody to support your team or serve as a highly skilled employee who can analyze information, brainstorm ideas, and execute work. Cody is our solution to the limitations of ChatGPT. Although ChatGPT is a strong…


AI dream interpretation Dream Interpreter AI™ dream interpretation machine, super easy to use AI dream interpretation

AI Dream Interpretation Interpret your dreams through AI. Super easy to use AI Dream Interpretation AI Algorithm AI Dream Interpretation A dream interpreter built with GPT‑3. You can ask it about the meaning of your dream and it will explain it to you, allowing you to agree or disagree with the meaning. Dream Interpreter Official Website: Dreams are a continuation of daily life, and its future has infinite possibilities for AI dream interpretation to become a reality. The future has endless possibilities. Intelligent robots reveal the secrets for you. Dreams not only tell us what we did today, but also make us...