How to skip ChatGPT from WireGuard or OpenVPN on Linux

The logic is simple. Find the chat.openai.com IP address and set the routing policy to skip the VPN interface. By default, WireGuard or OpenVPN will route all traffic through the VPN interface, but I would set it lower than WireG…


How to use robots.txt to block AI crawler robots

How to stop AI crawler bots? Whether you're a content creator or a blogger, you generate unique, high-quality content for a living. Have you noticed that generative AI platforms like OpenAI or CCBot use your content to train their…


Apple CMS Player Professional Edition V1.0.8 Free Download

Apple CMS player replaces the original Apple CMS player and combines the latest network features. Upgrade your Apple CMS player as soon as possible. Apple CMS Super Player Professional Edition is non-authorized and non-encrypted. It has six built-in mainstream players and supports video playback in various formats.

Copilot web version: Copilot service is not available in your area

Copilot web version "Copilot service is not available in your region" When you open Copilot, it will prompt that the service is not available in your region. You can experience the core of GPT-4.0 without spending money. However, many players face the problem that the service is not available in your region. The following are effective solutions to the problem of unavailability in your region:

Google SEO: Selection of domain names for overseas website building, how to restore a website that has been demoted by Google

How to restore the domain name selection of overseas websites after a website has been downgraded by Google? The impact of website domain names on Google website rankings is still a controversial topic. Some experts believe that including relevant keywords in a domain name can help a website rank higher in search results. However, Google says that domain names have little impact on rankings and that it’s not worth choosing a domain name that contains keywords just to optimize rankings.

How to apply for Gemini API

How to apply for Gemini API? Gemini API is an API developed by Google AI that can be used to generate text, code, music, images and other content. It can also be used for tasks such as translation language, question and answer, summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, etc. The Gemini API is based on Google's Gemini Transformer model, which is a large language model trained on massive text and code datasets.