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GL.iNet AR300M router flashing openwrt 22.03.5 system

Flash the GL.iNet router and install the latest openwrt system. The GL.iNet router is an artifact of system flashing, with low price, excellent performance and U-boot startup that is immortal after repeated flashes. It is more suitable for novice users to toss around. When I first started flashing the router system, I was a little confused. I didn’t know which system and version I should flash! Later, after some exploration, I came up with an idea. In fact, flashing the router is not as difficult as imagined! The embedded Linux system firmware is installed inside the router. Because the CPU of the router is different, the system is also different.

Detailed explanation of routing mode, relay mode, WDS mode and AP mode

Introduction to router’s routing mode, relay mode and AP mode. Wireless routers generally have AP (access point) mode, Router (wireless routing) mode, Repeater (repeater) mode, Bridge (bridge) mode, and Client (client). model. Wireless routers provide a variety of working modes based on the needs of different user groups. Only by choosing the right mode can the router fully utilize its functions. The three common working modes of routers are: routing mode, relay mode and AP mode.

Redmi AX6000 flash tutorial to install openwrt 22.03 new version firmware

Redmi AX6000 firmware has been officially supported by openwrt, and the firmware has reached a basically complete state. Redmi ax6000 can be flashed. The wireless Wi-Fi signal of openwrt official firmware is almost the same as that of the original factory. If you do not have a strong demand for openwrt and For users who like to mess around, unlocking SSH is enough. After using this tutorial today to flash openwrt, you can directly use the official recovery tool to flash back to the original firmware, so you don’t have to worry about bricking.

Tutorial on installing ShellClash on Redmi AX6000

Redmi AX6000 is equipped with ShellClash Redmi AX6000 router. The most criticized thing about this router is that it does not have a 2.5G network port, not even one, and all are Gigabit network ports. Redmi AX6000 is equipped with mt7986a released by MTK in 2021. Let’s unlock SSH and install ShellClash on this Redmi AX6000 to see how strong the performance is.

OpenWrt sets virtual memory to improve OpenWrt system stability

OpenWrt sets virtual memory. Swap is virtual memory under Linux. Setting appropriate swap can increase stability. Creating swap virtual memory can increase stability. Pay attention! The speed of created virtual memory cannot keep up with the speed of hardware-level memory, so the created virtual memory can be used to stabilize the system, but cannot be used as real memory.

360T7 flash machine installation OpenWrt flash tutorial

360T7 Flashing 360T7 and Redmi AX6S have the same wireless Wi-Fi specifications, the same performance CPU, and can also flash OpenWrt, but the price is only half of the Redmi AX6S. 360T7 is a customized router that the operator cooperated with 360. It has an LED indicator light on the front and four Gigabit network ports on the back. Let’s introduce how to flash 360 T7 to openwrt system.

OpenWrt mounts USB and installs software on U disk

How to use OpenWrt to mount USB and install software on the USB flash drive? If the memory of your router is relatively small and the installation space is not that large, you can consider mounting a USB flash drive as system storage. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the size of the software when installing software packages on the USB flash drive.

R2S, R4S latest OpenWrt firmware collection

OpenWRT firmware download collection, the latest compiled firmware of OpenWRT X68-64! OpenWrt is a Linux distribution suitable for embedded devices. Compared with the original firmware, OpenWrt is not a single, static firmware, but provides a writable file system to which software packages can be added.

Configure V2ray load balancing in OpenWrt

Some friends have a misunderstanding of V2ray's load balancing. V2ray load balancing does not select which line is faster. V2ray's load balancing uses a polling method to balance the load. That is to say, when there is When traffic needs to pass through the proxy, it will first go to the first server configured with vnext, then if there is a second connection, it will go to the second server, then the third, the fourth and so on. After polling, the polling starts again. Inquire.