AbuseIPDB Spam IP Address Report

AbuseIP DB makes the Internet safer, one IP at a time, reporting abusive IPs involved in hacking or other malicious behavior, and helping other system administrators! Check the reporting history for any IP address to see if anyone else has reported malicious activity. Report an abusive IP using our powerful free API and instantly check if the IP has been reported!

DNSchecker DNS query

Whether you have recently changed your DNS records, switched web hosts or launched a new website - it is crucial to check whether your DNS records are being propagated globally. DNS Checker provides a free DNS propagation checking service that checks Domain Name System records against a selected list of DNS servers in multiple regions around the world. Performs a fast DNS propagation lookup for any hostname or domain and checks the DNS data collected from all available DNS servers to confirm that the DNS records have been fully propagated.

Freesfx Free SFX / Free Sound Effects

Freesfx offers over 4,500 individual sound effects files for free, all fully cataloged, so you can search or browse our sound effects categories to find what you need. We will not sit back and watch this unfold. We're still curating and adding new sounds to the site every month. More than 850 music tracks in a variety of styles.

Pixabay copyright-free photo site

Pixabay is a vibrant creative community sharing royalty-free images, video, audio, and other media. All content is published by Pixabay under a content license, so it is safe to use without asking permission or attributing the artist, even for certain commercial purposes. background, wallpaper, nature, sky, food, space, cat, flower, love, flowers, forest, man, iphone wallpaper

TinyPNG intelligent WebP, PNG and JPEG compression

TinyPNG Over 1 billion WebP, PNG and JPEG images optimized and counting! TinyPNG makes your website faster and saves bandwidth. TinyPNG optimizes your WebP, PNG and JPEG images to 50-80% while maintaining full transparency!

Free Stock Video Free 4K video material without watermark

Free Stock Video is an online free 4K video material website without watermarks, providing various types of 4k, 1080p video materials for free download, including food, water, nature, winter, drones, clouds, slow motion, sunset, and dynamic Background, time-lapse photography, travel and fireworks, you can also find relevant video material content through keyword search

Feeder RSS reader, client and browser plug-in The smart way to consume news, Feeder is a news manager that tracks any online source you choose and bundles it into an easy-to-digest reading experience. Advanced filter 100% related content, notifications to never miss a thing, be the first to know about updates soon.

MusicLM Google AI text music generation tool

MusicLM Describe a musical idea and hear it come to life. Google recently released an experimental AI text music generation tool called MusicLM, which is widely considered to be an important combination between artificial intelligence and music. A place to work together to improve artificial intelligence technology. The AI Test Kitchen is a place where people can experience some of Google's latest AI technologies and provide feedback. Our goal is to learn, improve, and innovate in artificial intelligence together and responsibly.