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Mobile phone virtual positioning software download, Shadowsock v1.11.3 Android version

Free download of Shadowsock v1.11.3 virtual positioning software for Android. Shadowsock is an Android virtual positioning APP that does not require ROOT permissions. It can modify the current position and simulate movement. A virtual positioning tool based on Android debugging API + Baidu Map, and also implements a joystick that can move freely. It is implemented based on Android debugging API, Baidu Maps and Positioning SDK, and supports functions such as positioning modification, joystick control movement, history recording, location search and coordinate input. Shadow Shuttle is for learning use only…


m3u8 Migu video live broadcast address TVBox APP configuration

This tool obtains the live broadcast address of Migu video in real time and saves it to. It can be configured directly with TVBox APP. /storage/emulated/0/ The saving path of this tool /TVBoxx/MeowTV/TVBoxx/ can be modified at will. Timeliness: about 4 hours or more. Specific self-testing is not stuck...


TVBox configuration interface address 2024 latest tvbox configuration address interface list

The tvbox configuration address is a necessary configuration for the operation of tvbox software. The tvbox configuration address is also called the tvbox interface. TVbox uses the tvbox configuration address to parse online movie information and movie playback addresses. tvbox is currently free and open source. The tvbox address is also written by some enthusiasts and is free on the Internet. Don’t spend money to buy it!

Modify TVBOX default interface, built-in tvbox interface default address

Since TVBOX is an open source software, it must configure the interface before it can be used, which may not be very friendly to some novice friends. If you can set a default address in the software, then there is no need to configure additional settings after installing TVBOX. Isn’t it great? convenient.

TVBOX data source address production TVBOX interface production configuration address

Before making a tvbox interface, you must first find some movie resource publishing stations. There are many free movie resource publishing stations on the Internet, or movie websites using Apple CMS. Apple CMS movie websites have external API interfaces by default to facilitate collection. The logic of the tvbox interface is to generate a JSON file that can be read by tvbox by calling the API interface file from the content of the video websites available on the Internet. Then TVBOX realizes video playback by reading the interface file.

The latest tvbox configuration address tvbox source, film and television warehouse live broadcast source Android TV

The latest tvbox configuration address, tvbox live broadcast source, TVBox Android TV version is an open source Android video player that can be installed on smart TVs or Android TV set-top boxes. It realizes video playback, live TV and other functions by configuring third-party data sources. . After tvbox configures the address and sets the data source in the import interface, TVBox is a powerful tool for watching TV dramas. You can view all categories of the target site's resources, including all its related movies.

1Panel recommends a very easy-to-use Linux server management panel

1Panel Today I would like to recommend a GitHub open source project 1Panel-dev/1Panel. This project has more than 5.1k stars on GitHub. One sentence to introduce the project is: "Modern, open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel". 1Panel In the modern technical environment, the operation and maintenance management of Linux servers is an important topic. Operation and maintenance personnel need to face a variety of complex tasks, including establishing and configuring servers, monitoring hosts, managing files and databases, etc. These tasks are tedious and time-consuming, posing great challenges to operation and maintenance work.

TVbox TV TV box APK (the latest version is continuously updated)

After the previous Mao Movie TV announced its closure, members of its maintenance team transplanted all the core functions of the latest version of Mao Movie TV to it based on the open source code of TVMovie (formerly known as TV Movie) and released an open source version. software. The software has currently completed most of the development work. Among them, the core functions of Mao Movie TV have been reflected in this software, and it perfectly supports previous Mao Video interface resources. The software is an open source project that anyone can download, use and re-develop; although some functions still need to be improved, it can already perfectly replace the closed Mao Film and Television - TV...


ISPConfig 3.2 installation tutorial Centos installation ISPConfig virtual host panel

ISPConfig 3.2 is an excellent virtual host management panel that teaches you how to install ISPConfig on Centos. ISPConfig 3.2 is a very excellent VPS host control panel abroad. ISPConfig is free and open source and has been continuously developed for several years. Currently, ISPConfig 3 can basically be installed on any Linux system. A large operating system that supports one-click installation, including Apache2 and nginx, Postfix, Dovecot, PureFTP...


2023 latest Shadowrocket iOS Apple tutorial

Supports IOS system 9.0 or higher. Capture all HTTP/HTTP/TCP traffic from any application on your device and redirect to proxy server. Full support for IPv6, multi-level forwarding proxy. Works over cellular network. Perform URL rewriting. Works over cellular network. Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plug-ins. Supports DNS over HTTPS, DNS over TLS, DNS over QUIC. Traffic can be forwarded based on configuration file rules, and proxy rules can be adapted to various traffic usage and network speeds such as forwarding, direct connection, scenarios, etc.