LiteSpeed troubleshooting: Please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'.

Connection Timeout One of the most common errors on LiteSpeed web servers is the request timeout error. This usually happens when you run very long processes that are eventually killed by the server and throw an error: This request took too long to process and the server timed out. If it should not time out, please contact the administrator of this website to increase the "Connection Timeout"

WordPress limits the number of searches within a certain period of time

Basically all pages on a WordPress website are generated by reading data stored in the database in real time based on user requests. There is a problem. Some websites with low server configuration are easily attacked by malicious attacks, causing the server CPU usage and load status to be 100% full. In particular, WordPress’s built-in search function is easy to exploit.

WP-AutoPostPro Tutorial: WordPress automatic collection and publishing plug-in

The WordPress automatic collection plug-in WP-AutoPostPro does not have the above disadvantages. It can truly collect the content of any website and automatically publish it. The collection process is completely automatic without manual intervention, and provides content filtering, HTML tag filtering, keyword replacement, and automatic linking. , automatic tagging, automatic downloading of remote images to the local server, automatic addition of article prefixes and suffixes, and the ability to use the Microsoft translation engine to automatically translate collected articles into various languages for publication.

How to hide articles from a specific category on the WordPress homepage?

By default, the homepage of the WordPress website displays all articles under all article categories. But sometimes, we may want to prevent certain categories of content from being displayed on the homepage. In this article, Niuqi.com will introduce to you how to hide articles of a specific category on the WordPress homepage. By default, WordPress allows the creation of different content categories and tags. Sometimes we may want to create content categories that are inaccessible to users. The WordPress backend does not provide the function of hiding certain categories of content. Below we introduce some methods that can be used. Why are categories hidden in WordPress?

WPML v4.6.2 WordPress CMS multi-language plug-in WPML free download

More than one million sites use WPML on WordPress. WPML’s top priority is stability and security. Test WPML on different WordPress versions and different popular plugins and themes. The new version is safe and secure, no need to worry or stress. WPML also enables multilingual SEO. With WPML, search engines can understand the structure of your website and direct the right traffic to the right language.

CyberPanel installs WordPress and configures pseudo-static rules

CyberPanel is a foreign host panel. Different from previous Linux server management panels, CyberPanel's function is biased towards the virtual host function. User permissions can be customized to allow users to log in to CyberPanel to manage virtual hosts. It belongs to the virtual host panel and can install WordPress with one click. It is very convenient. Let’s teach you how to install WordPress in CyberPanel.

LCP optimization installation Memcached extension OPcache configuration, WordPress optimization guide

LCP optimization is a website evaluation indicator launched by Google in recent years. If LCP is optimized to within 2 seconds, there will be more opportunities for website display in Google searches. LCP optimization has many popular caching plug-ins in WordPress. For LCP optimization, you can install caching plug-ins. No matter how you optimize the cache, you still need to shorten the response time of the initial server. Before LCP optimization, you need to configure the server cache.