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Windows/macOS/Adobe Photoshop PS2024 v25.1 official version download

Photoshop 2024 Download Adobe Photoshop 2024 is a globally popular professional image processing and picture design software. The Photoshop 2024 app releases Generative AI Drawing, the world's first co-pilot for creative and design workflows, giving users a magical new way to work. This brings together the two powerful imaging engines of Photoshop and generative AI, allowing you to generate content from within Photoshop via text prompts, and edit it using Photoshop's comprehensive tools to create extraordinary results.

CloudDrive2 0.4.9 turns Alibaba cloud disk into local hard disk in seconds, including MAC and Linux versions

CloudDrive is a tool that can mount 115, Alibaba Cloud Disk, Tianyi Cloud Disk, Wojia Cloud Disk, and WebDAV to the computer and turn it into a local hard disk. It supports Windows and Docker deployment. It is easy to use and can be used out of the box. CloudDrive will mount itself as the computer's network hard drive. After entering, different folders inside correspond to different cloud drives. It is as convenient to use as a local hard drive!

TVbox interface tool TVbox Assistant v1.9.9

Most of my friends who like watching TV movies are familiar with TVbox, a box-playing software that can be called the most powerful in the universe. But we all know that TVbox itself is an empty shell of the player and needs to be imported into the interface to be used perfectly. Including the movie warehouse, visual TV, movie shell, treasure box, Fongmi and many other tvbox-related second-generation software that Youmige shared with me before, all use this logic.

SSH remote terminal tool Xshell7 v7.0.0137 official Chinese version with registration file

Xshell is the most useful Linux remote connection tool, the most powerful SSH terminal manager and SSH remote connection host client. Xshell, easily manage remote servers, session manager, supports multi-tab management host, supports remote protocols Telnet, Rlogin, SSH/SSH PKCS#11, SFTP, Serial, has Unicode encoding support, dynamic port forwarding, custom keyboard mapping, VB script support, etc.