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Solution to missing d3dx9_43.dll and D3DCompiler_43.dll when running the game!

d3dx9_43.dll is missing the DLL file and cannot enter the game. When running a game that requires DX9 support on Windows 10/11, it will prompt that the DLL file is missing, resulting in the inability to run the game. You can download the DirectX end-user runtime Web installer from Microsoft's official website to solve the problem of being unable to enter the game. Let me teach you how to solve the problem of missing DLL files and being unable to enter the game.

If you want to fight, then fight v0.9.79 Official Simplified Chinese version Diplomacy is Not an Option PC version

Diplomacy is Not an Option Fight or Fight Diplomacy is Not an Option Fight or Fight game free download, you are born to be a feudal lord. Sounds good, right? But you are tired of hunting, executions and competitions. Even a feast with a beautiful girl. Only one dream remains - your castle is surrounded by hordes of enemies. You won't waste time negotiating. This is your chance to show them who is in charge.

PSP game download PSP Chinese game 500+ collection PSP emulator game download

PSP game download PSP game is a multifunctional handheld game series developed by Japan's SONY. Classic masterpieces of PSP games include: "Final Fantasy: Dissidia", "Monster Hunter P3" series, etc. The following contains complete downloads of PSP games. PSP Chinese game ISO complete set (official + Chinese version), PSP official game ISO complete set (ADVANsCEne version), PSPminis game complete set, PSP official DLC complete set

KOF97/KOF98 King of Fighters game download King of Fighters full series stand-alone game arcade simulator winkawaks

winkawaks King of Fighters KOF game download King of Fighters KOF94, King of Fighters KOF95, King of Fighters KOF96, King of Fighters KOF97, King of Fighters KOF98-the dream battle is not over, King of Fighters KOF99-the thousand-year battle, King of Fighters KOF2000-the battle of the century, King of Fighters KOF2001-Twilight of God, King of Fighters KOF2002-dream battle , The King of Fighters KOF2003-The Legend of Heroes, The King of Fighters KOFXI, The Rebirth of The King of Fighters KOFXII, The King of Fighters KOFXIII

PPSSPP Emulator 1.14.2 PSP Emulator supports Android Windows Mac and Linux

The Chinese version of the PSP emulator is a cross-platform open source emulator developed by hrydgard, one of the main members of the well-known NGC/Wii emulator Dolphin development team. It supports mainstream computer and mobile device operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Can work on X86, ARM and other CPU platforms. Released under the GNU GPLv2 license. Written primarily in C++ for efficiency and portability.

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" builds CSGO server

Build a CSGO server, "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", referred to as CSGO. It is a first-person shooter game developed by Valve in cooperation with Secret Road Entertainment. The game runs on Microsoft Windows and macOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Download and install SteamCMD to build a private CSGO server.

Quickly build a CSGO community server

Let’s briefly talk about how to build a CSGO community server by yourself. Many players who like to play Counter-Strike CSGO games want to build their own CSGO server on the platform. So how to build a CSGO server? Let’s teach you step by step how to set up a csgo server

Play mobile games on PC on Google Play and mobile games on PC

Google Play Games How to play Android games on PC? In the past, various Android emulators needed to be installed on the computer. Now Google has launched Google Play Games. After installing them on the computer, you can download games in Google Play at will. Android mobile games can also run normally on computers! Let’s take a look at how to play mobile games on your computer using Google Play Games.

5e battle platform CSGO battle platform V6 official latest version

The 5E Battle Platform is a fair and professional game battle platform created by 5Eplay specifically for CSGO players. The 5E Platform is now bundled with two current mainstream anti-cheating programs, SXE and EAC. Enter any server and the 5E Battle Platform will automatically open the corresponding one for you. Anti-cheating program and ladder matching system to help you find interesting opponents.

Sheep's Sheep game guide to easily pass the game on PC and IOS

Let’s talk about how to pass the level in Sheep’s Little Sheep game. In fact, everyone who understands this game knows that whether it is the second level or even after passing the second level and reaching the third level, it is impossible to pass the level. This is a death. A looping game. But don’t be afraid, in the face of technology, everything is just a cloud.