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Amazon Lightsail 容器 免费申请三个月VPS云服务器,多种操作系统

Lightsail is an easy-to-use virtual private server (VPS) that provides simple management of cloud resources such as containers at a predictable and low price. Create a website or app in just a few clicks. Automatically configure networking, access and security environments. Quickly create a custom website using pre-configured applications like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and Joomla to build and personalize your blog, e-commerce or personal website in just a few clicks.

Replit builds a free graphic demonstration tutorial

The python implementation of the dr template can be directly used for tv_box and pluto software data sources. You can be the creator yourself without knowing Java knowledge. Replit builds a free graphic demonstration tutorial, connect to GitHub to import your private repository, or download the package yourself and upload it to the project, or create it under the team.

Replit builds a cloud server PHP+MySQL website for free

Replit is a browser-based cloud collaborative development platform that can be used to build development environments, real-time collaboration, host web applications, etc. Replit provides services for creating HTML static websites and PHP and SQLite dynamic website projects, and will automatically generate free https third-level domain names (in the format: Note: Replit does not support NET.ASP.

Install Downloader App on Firestick & Android

How to install downloader app Downloader on Firestick/Fire TV, Android devices, Chromecast, etc. The Downloader app is used by millions of cord cutters around the world to sideload apps to their streaming devices with the click of a button. Downloaders can be installed on almost any streaming device imaginable. This includes any device running the Android operating system (OS). Variants of Android operating system include Android TV, Fire OS, Stock Android, Google TV, etc.

Enable SSH on Ubuntu

Google Cloud Google Cloud enables Ubuntu's SSH service. By default, when Ubuntu is initially installed, remote access via SSH is not allowed. Enabling SSH on Ubuntu is very simple and straightforward. Perform the following steps as root or another sudo user to install and enable SSH on your Ubuntu system.

CyberPanel installation tutorial: Install CyberPanel+OpenLiteSpeed

I have applied for the LiteSpeed Free Starter serial code before. Free Starter is the commercial version of LiteSpeed, not the open source OpenLiteSpeed. There is almost no difference in the front end between the two, but the Ent version has stronger cache performance. This time I installed CyberPanel+OpenLiteSpeed. After the installation is successful, You can upgrade to LiteSpeed commercial version by changing the authorization in the background.

How to clean your registry safely and effectively

Maybe you've heard of the registry, but unless you've ever been inside one, you might be intimidated by it. Generally speaking, computer users don't need to access the registry often, but if your computer is running slower than usual or has registry errors, then you may want to learn how to clean the registry in Windows 10 and 11.

How to activate Chatgpt Plus

Because everyone’s system conditions, network conditions, browser environments, and virtual card risk control conditions are different, in order to ensure that you can successfully activate Chatgpt Plus, please read the following precautions carefully before starting the tutorial. Open the OneKey Card official website, find your US Preferred Card, click "Security Code", enter the Google verification code, and you will see the card number information, validity period, security code, billing address and other related information.

The ultimate solution for photo backup to NAS

Why do you want to save to NAS? I have always been reluctant to use services such as cloud photo albums or network disks to back up and save my photos. There are two main reasons: I don’t want my privacy to be abused by these services. The photos you uploaded The video will definitely be scanned by these services. Even if there are no private photos, I cannot accept such an invasion of privacy. You don’t want your data to be kidnapped. After all, the data is in the hands of others. If someone else wants to run away or increase the price, you have nothing to do.

Xshell logs in to AWS EC2 "The selected user key is not registered on the remote host" error solution

When using Xshell to remotely log in to an AWS server, you will encounter the error "The selected user key is not registered on the remote host." Basically every novice will encounter the same error, so what exactly causes the SSH connection? What about the "The selected user key is not registered on the remote host" error? The reasons for the error are analyzed in detail below.