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Register for Proton Mail anonymous mailbox to effectively protect personal privacy (not a temporary mailbox)

Proton was born in Switzerland in 2014, when a group of scientists meeting at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) decided to build a better internet where privacy was the default. Anyone can apply for a free Proton anonymous mailbox to protect your personal privacy. You can use the anonymous mailbox to register other applications and surf the Internet better! The whole world is working hard to protect personal privacy issues. Proton is awesome!

VK Russian social application

VK is the largest social networking site in Russia and the CIS countries. It is committed to creating a simple and convenient communication tool to connect production, life and services.

Reddit reddi

Reddit (translated by some media as: Reddy) is an entertainment, social and news website. Registered users can post text or links on the website, making it basically an electronic bulletin board system. Registered users can vote on these posts and the results will be used to rank and determine its placement on the homepage or subpages. Categories of content on the site are called "subreddits." The subreddit's content includes news, video games, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and picture sharing.