Google’s AI chatbot Bard has now been renamed Gemini

The features you know and love are not only still easy to use, but they will continue to improve in the new Gemini era. Additionally, we've improved the interface experience to reduce visual distractions, improve readability, and simplify navigation. Visit Gemini:…


Google Cloud Free Trial Payment Error OR-CBAT-15 Unable to verify payment information during Google Cloud GCP registration

What should I do if I encounter the "This operation could not be completed. Please try again later. [OR-CBAT-15]" error? It will become more and more difficult to register for Google Cloud in 2024. Either you are stuck in the step of verifying the phone number for Google account registration, or you are stuck in the step of verifying Google Cloud payment information. It seems that Google has upgraded the verification mechanism for user registration and Google Cloud application. When registering for Google Cloud, I encountered a failure to verify my payment information. After the $1 used for verification was deducted, it was no longer returned. I thought I was going to steal Google's money, but it turned out that it was reversed! It’s really dumbfounding.

Xiaomi MIUI HyperOS adds virtual access card

Xiaomi MIUI adds virtual access control cards. In our daily lives, access control cards are used in some scenarios. The physical access card is sometimes inconvenient to carry around when going out. Is there a way to assemble our own access control cards so that we can call them out and use them quickly and easily when needed? On Xiaomi's MIUI/HyperOS devices, we can add virtual access cards through the "Wallet" APP to achieve this pain point.

TTS permanently free intelligent text-to-speech system

Langlang Dubbing is a free text-to-speech tool that provides speech synthesis services and supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian and more than 30 languages, as well as multiple voice styles. . You can use it to create video dubbing, audiobook readings,…


The latest tvbox configuration address tvbox source, film and television warehouse live broadcast source Android TV

The latest tvbox configuration address, tvbox live broadcast source, TVBox Android TV version is an open source Android video player that can be installed on smart TVs or Android TV set-top boxes. It realizes video playback, live TV and other functions by configuring third-party data sources. . After tvbox configures the address and sets the data source in the import interface, TVBox is a powerful tool for watching TV dramas. You can view all categories of the target site's resources, including all its related movies.

What is Reality Protocol

REALITY replaces traditional TLS services and can eliminate server-side TLS fingerprint features while retaining forward secrecy and other functions, and certificate chain attacks are also ineffective. Such security goes beyond regular TLS. Using REALITY, you can point to other people's websites without having to purchase domain names and configure TLS servers yourself, which is more convenient. At the same time, the entire real TLS process that presents the specified SNI to the middleman is implemented.

Gemini currently does not support the workaround in your region!

Before accessing Gemini, prepare the proxy tool. It is recommended to use a self-built proxy, either Google Cloud or AWS Amazon Cloud. The proxy region should be Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, China or Japan. If you use a computer, you can use v2rayN. If you use a mobile device, you can use Shadowrocket or Clash, etc. Before accessing Gemini, you also need to have a Google account.