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WordPress 多站点使用一个数据库

WordPress 多站点功能允许您在一个 WordPress 安装中创建和管理多个站点。这些站点共享同一个数据库,但每个站点都有自己的文件和设置。 使用一个数据库的优势: 减少数据库占用空间 简化管理 提高性能 使用一个数据库的注意事项: 所有站点共享同一个数据库表前缀,因此需要确保表名前缀不冲突 需要使用插件来管理多站点网络 设置步骤: 安装 WordPress 多站点 创建子站点 配置子站点…


How to make money watching videos on TikTok

La short video and viral content social network TikTok it is one of the most widespread in audiovisual creativity. One of the appeals of TikTok is that it has other ways to generate revenue. You can learn how to make money watching videos on TikTok in relatively simple steps. The virtual currency TikTok Coin can be exchanged and we explain how to do this. The main purpose of El TikTok is to maintain the interest of the young public. Today, this social network is considered the favorite network of the new generation. To stay current, it requires user loyalty. pass…


Android apps will no longer be compatible with Windows in 2025

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Android apps running on the Windows 11 operating system starting May 5, 2025. Such a decision ends one of the most touted features of Windows 11 at launch, leaving many users confused and disappointed. Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), the technology that allows users to run Android apps on Windows 11 computers, will be officially discontinued on the above date…


The difference between v7a and v8a

What is the difference between arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a, armeabi? The difference between v7a and v8a. arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a and armeabi are different architecture types of Android applications. arm64-v8a is a 64-bit ARM architecture application for devices that support 64-bit processors, providing higher performance and better memory management. armeabi-v7a is a 32-bit ARM architecture application suitable for most modern Android devices with good...


Google’s AI chatbot Bard has now been renamed Gemini

The features you know and love are not only still easy to use, but they will continue to improve in the new Gemini era. Additionally, we've improved the interface experience to reduce visual distractions, improve readability, and simplify navigation. Visit Gemini: Google has renamed its AI chatbot Bard to Gemini. At the same time, Google also launched a paid version of Gemini with stronger reasoning capabilities to better compete with OpenAI. Google said that U.S. customers can now pay $19.99 per month…


What is Reality Protocol

REALITY replaces traditional TLS services and can eliminate server-side TLS fingerprint features while retaining forward secrecy and other functions, and certificate chain attacks are also ineffective. Such security goes beyond regular TLS. Using REALITY, you can point to other people's websites without having to purchase domain names and configure TLS servers yourself, which is more convenient. At the same time, the entire real TLS process that presents the specified SNI to the middleman is implemented.

How to open JAR files and install JDK in Windows

How to open a .jar format file and how to run a .jar format file? What is a jar file? In daily network life, we often encounter files with strange extensions that cannot be opened in Windows. For ordinary users, jar files It is still relatively unfamiliar, but for programmers, jar is a commonly used java file. Let’s briefly introduce how to open jar files in Windows. On Windows 10 and Windows 11, JAR files are not opened by default because there is no…