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How to apply for long-term free cloud server with Google Cloud

Many people abandon their accounts after applying for a Google Cloud trial. Little do they know that there is a permanently free cloud server hidden in the Google Cloud account. Although the configuration is not high, it is enough to be used as a backup server. The traffic is 200G per month, which is higher than AWS’s 100G bandwidth, and Google Cloud’s free servers are theoretically free forever.

Free cloud server introduction

Google GCP provides Free Tier services to all active Cloud Billing users. For detailed free content, please see its official documentation (Click to go). There are only two requirements for the free policy:

① The account is in the free trial period or after upgrade (Google will suspend the account when the trial expires)
② The account has not been suspended due to non-payment of fees

The free cloud server is onee2-microExample, optional Western Oregonus-west1/Central Iowaus-central1/Southeast Carolina, USAus-east1,30GStandard persistent disk, and 200G traffic per month.

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In September 2023, Google announced on its blog thatStandard layer network(That is, a network that is directly connected through the local ISP in the computer room without optimization of the Google backbone network)200G/regionof free traffic (Click to go).

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Google GCP's billing documentation has been updated with relevant content (Click to goA free quota prompt has been added next to the standard tier option during the instance. You can rest assured that it can be used for free within the 200G range. The original text of the controversial "not applicable" in the billing document is "Always Free usage limits do not apply to Standard Tier.", which means that the free 1G traffic in Free Tier does not apply to the standard tier, that is, the pricing of the standard tier is based on Fee documentation shall prevail.

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2. Create an instance

To start using Google Free Tier, you mostly need to bind a foreign currency debit card and activate the payment. The cloud service itself is relatively expensive, and you may be deducted a lot of fees if you are not careful. Based on Google's policy, the following is an example of the correct boot process. First, select [Compute Engine] - [Virtual Machine Instance] - [Create Instance] to enter the new cloud server page.

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Region Select Oregonus-west1/Iowaus-central1/South Carolinaus-east1One of the three, we recommend Western Oregonus-west1, the geographical location is relatively close to Asia Pacific.

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Select the instance model [E2 Series], [Shared Core], [e2-micro】Instance, that is, an instance with 1 shared core (2vCPU/thread) and 1GB memory.

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Next, open the startup disk section, click [Change], select the appropriate operating system (it is recommended to choose a common free Linux distribution to avoid paying points), change the startup disk type to [Standard Permanent Disk], and the maximum size can be set to 30GB.

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Release [Advanced Options] - [Network] below in turn, pull down the default network interface in the network interface to modify it, and select [Standard] in the [Network Service Level] below. This option will prompt a free quota of 200G. There is no IPv6 support under the standard network, and it is not recommended to set the IPv4 address to static. The static IP address will incur charges in the unattached state after deleting the VM.

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At this point, click Create to open it. For expense information, it is recommended to enter [Billing]-[Report], change the [Group By] on the right to [SKU] and then download.csvCheck the fee details. There will be no positive fee records in the fee table within the Free Tier quota. It is normal for fees and discounts to be offset. Occasionally, some accounts will incorrectly display negative fees. Among them, Networking-related billing comes from Network Intelligence Center, and the official explanation is that it is a future billing item that does not yet provide disabling functions (Click to go), the 100% discount will remain in place until default shutdown is provided in the future. Post a blogger’s accounting sheet for the past two days, with comments on specific projects added for everyone’s reference and verification (click to download).

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After the cloud server is successfully established, the firewall needs to be entered from [VPC Network]. After using the VPC network, click [Firewall] - [Add Firewall Rule] to set it up. If you don’t know how to set it up, you can enter the name, confirm that the log is disabled, select the traffic direction (one for inbound and outbound), target all instances in the network, and source IPv4 range. well as allowing all protocols and ports, this operation can clear all firewalls. SSH settings can be clicked on SSH connection from the console, throughsudo -iElevate privileges and then edit/etc/ssh/sshd_configWillPasswordAuthenticationandPermitRootLoginitems are set toyes, and then passservice ssh restartRestart the ssh service, and then passpasswdSet the ssh password, and then you can connect as root through any ssh tool. This part is not the focus, so I won’t go into details here.

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3. Brief review of the Internet

Without Google's backbone, the standard ISP network is not friendly to the mainland. Taking us-west1 in Oregon, which is the closest geographically, as an example, the three outbound networks are interconnected through public networks such as Level3 and Telia. The return journey is directly connected to China from CMI in Los Angeles, and China Telecom and China Unicom return to China through Verizon's public network.

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The latency and speed at the network level are very average, and are no different from cheaper VPSs such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc., so there is no need to come here for the network. Google's traffic is only counted in the upstream direction. It is enough to use CloudFlare to build a small website or run some lightly loaded services. In addition, the current standard layer network does not provide IPv6 addresses, so there is no need to try to create a dual-stack VPC separately.

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4. Conclusion

It is worthwhile to make reasonable use of Google's free resources. After all, major manufacturers have good reliability guarantees. But the limitations are always very strong. If you don’t need bloggers so much, it is recommended not to join in the fun casually, be careful of being caught by Google accidentally. The blogger just discovered that the Key Management Service will be charged starting from 2023, and $0.06 will be deducted every month. In actual use, you still need to be more cautious and pay more attention to your bills to avoid things like losing your house overnight.


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