Xiaomi TV installation apk Xiaomi TV MUUI installation third-party software

How to install third-party software on Xiaomi TV?

It uses the MIUI system, and users can install third-party software through their mobile phones to expand TV content. Specific methods include throughto install. Users can download the Dangbei Market installation package on their mobile phones, then connect to the TV through Xiaomi TV Assistant and install it. In addition, you can also connect your phone and TV to the same WiFi through the Wukong remote control, and then search and install Dangbei Market on your phone. In addition, users can also download the Dangbei Market installation package to a USB flash drive, plug it into the TV and install it. Through these methods, users can easily install various third-party applications on Xiaomi TV, such as on-demand videos, games, tools, etc., to enrich the TV experience.

If you have installed the app store that comes with the Xiaomi TV or box, you can directly find third-party software in the app store and install it.

If it is not installed, you can download the APK file of the third-party software on your computer, and then copy the APK file to the USB flash drive or SD card of the Xiaomi TV or box. Insert the USB flash drive or SD card into the Xiaomi TV or box

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-1

Xiaomi TV installation Dangbei market

Why is the Xiaomi TV at home not allowed to install software? I want to know what to do if Xiaomi TV is not allowed to install software? Today I will give you a 2024 Xiaomi TV installation software tutorial.

The following takes the Xiaomi TV installation Dangbei market as an example. The method for installing other software is the same, such as Xiaomi TV installation

Method 1: Install through Xiaomi TV Assistant

Note: Xiaomi TV Assistant can only be installed on Android phones and cannot be used on Apple phones. The first step is to download the Dangbei Market APK on your mobile phone and visit the Dangbei Market download page: https://www.dangbei.com/ You can use the browser that comes with your phone or a third-party browser to download the Dangbei Market apk to your phone. At the same time, you can also use Xiaomi TV Assistant to install TVBox and download the TVBox APK to your phone.

Click to download TVBox:

Then download Xiaomi TV Assistant from the mobile app store. Search and install it in the app store that comes with your phoneXiaomi TV Assistant.

If the Android phone comes with an app that is not available in the app store, it is provided below.Xiaomi TV Assistantdownload link.




Download in the network disk aboveXiaomi TV Assistant v2.7.6 

After the download is complete, you can install it directly on your phone.

At present, Xiaomi TV has banned the installation of applications without a business license, so if you download it yourself and plan to use a USB flash drive to install it, prompts such as "Unable to install" and "Network abnormality" will appear. However, at present, Xiaomi TV still opens a backdoor for everyone, leaving an extremely simple method to install third-party applications. This method is to installXiaomi TV Assistant


小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-1

Remotely install Dangbei Market through Xiaomi TV Assistant

Keep your phone and TV on the same WiFi, open Xiaomi TV Assistant, and click on the prompt below to connect to the TV. It will automatically search for Xiaomi/Redmi TVs under the same WiFi.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-2

Once you find the device, tap the TV you want to connect to and enter the verification code displayed on the TV.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-3

After clicking on the local application, the installation package downloaded in the mobile browser will be displayed. Select the installation package from Dangbei Market and install it on the TV. Wait for the button to turn on the TV to appear on your phone. The installation is successful.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-4

Method 2: Install via USB disk

Search Dangbei Market on your computer browser, enter the official website, and download the Dangbei Market installation package:https://www.dangbei.com/;

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
In [Settings]-[Account and Security] of Xiaomi/Redmi TV, select to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-5

After installing Dangbei Market, Xiaomi TV can disconnect WiFi in [Settings]-[Network Settings]-[Wireless Settings]. If it is connected to a wired network, you can unplug the network cable. Then plug the USB flash drive into the TV. Select [Open U Disk] on the pop-up window.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-6

Find the installation package of Dangbei Market and click to install.

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-7

A pop-up window prompts [There may be unknown risks], select [Continue installation].

小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-8


小米电视通过手机安装APK Xiaomi电视MUUI安装第三方软件-9

At this point, Xiaomi TV has successfully installed the apk. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message in the comment area.


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