SMS-Activate’s latest usage tutorial for foreign code receiving platforms (including introduction to free code receiving platforms in various countries)

Use SMS-Activate foreign code receiving platform to operate mobile phone code receiving user registration

,, recently, becausereleaseBecause of the robot, OpenAI is popular all over the Internet. Currently, OpenAI is not open to China, but it still cannot resist the desire of mainland users for new things, including the Wool Party. In just a few daysThere are over a million users, and the price of a ChatGPT account in China ranges from 10 to 30 yuan. As the difficulty of registration increases, the number of ChatGPT accounts increases. OpenAI registration requires verification of a mobile phone number, which has invisibly made it popular. platform Due to the surge in SMS-Activate traffic, the website may occasionally fail to open.

Support Google registration, supportRegister, a powerful code receiving platform

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)2

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)-1What is a foreign code receiving platform?

, is a resource platform that collects a large number of mobile phone cards and provides services for receiving and sending mobile phone verification codes. In daily life, when we want to use a certain network service, we need to register a personal account on the platform. The platform often verifies and confirms by sending a SMS verification code.

The code receiving platform is a cloud service platform that uses a virtual mobile phone number to receive SMS verification codes. The principle of the code receiving platform is to use the number provided by the card provider, connect it to the platform, and then the code receiving platform provides it to consumers.

So, what can the SMS verification code receiving platform be used for? The code receiving platform can help you use your virtual mobile phone to receive SMS verification codes when registering an account, authenticating, binding, unbinding, etc.

What is SMS-Activate

This is a website that registers accounts in millions of services on the planet. We offer virtual numbers in most countries around the world so that you can receive text messages with confirmation codes online. Among our services are also long-term rental of virtual numbers, forwarding connections, phone verification and much more. Use SMS-Activate's virtual number to receive text messages online. Disposable numbers that can be registered with more than 600 services. SMS will be sent to you immediately

SMS-Activate official website:

How to use overseas code receiving platform SMS-Activate

SMS-Activate It is a paid code receiving platform in Russia, and the process of using the website is quite simple. New users may encounter some problems when getting started for the first time. The following will introduce you to the SMS-Activate code receiving process.

Register an account with overseas code receiving platform SMS-Activate

Visit first

Switch the language to Chinese in the upper right corner of the website and click Register.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)3

Use an email address to register, either overseas or overseas, or useAccount login.

After registering, log in to your account, click Recharge in the upper right corner, and you can use Alipay to recharge by scrolling down the page. It also supports many other recharge methods, such as BTC, Bitcoin, virtual currency, etc.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)4

It is more convenient and fast for domestic users to use Alipay to recharge. A normal recharge of 2-5 US dollars can satisfy the registration of various platforms, including Telegram robot TG, and Google account,Email, etc. If you just want to explore the chat function of Chatgpt, you are welcome to use the temporary code reception function of the sms-activate code reception platform.

Note: Due to the recent surge in users of SMS code receiving, Indian numbers can effectively receive codes. The price of Indian numbers has increased, the price is 52.5 rubles, and the minimum recharge required is 2 US dollars.

Starting from March 16, 2023, on the SMS-activate code receiving platform, use Alipay to recharge, with a minimum recharge of US$2.

Alipay recharge fee is 0.03$ + 3%. The minimum payment amount is US$2. It’s about 15 RMB.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)-1

Foreign code receiving platform chooses registration business

After the recharge is completed, select the corresponding business. The sms-activate platform must select your corresponding registered business, do not choose randomly. Otherwise the verification code will not be displayed.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)5

For example: register openai. You can search for openai on the left and select openai.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)6



Select number location

Select the number country and click on the shopping cart image behind the corresponding country. Currently, more people choose India because the price is cheaper.


SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)6


receive SMS

When filling in your mobile phone number on the website, you need to remove the country code in front of it.


SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)7

After entering your mobile phone number for verification, the verification code will appear onWaiting for text messages position. Generally, you can receive the verification code within one minute. If you cannot receive the verification code, click the X at the back to close and select another number to activate again.

There are a lot of mobile phone numbers on the SMS-Activate platform, but you can only choose a business and use it. For some unpopular businesses, text messages may not be received.

If you want to register a foreign anonymous number, you can refer to:Safe Messenger SafeUM free tutorial on how to receive foreign virtual mobile phone numbers via SMS

Open Ai ChatGPT  A complete list of overseas code receiving platforms

Visit now:ChatGPT registration Open Ai ChatGPT free code receiving platform, 😍Personal test is effective! Real and usable coding platform


  • : (You need to pay for text messages, and apply for a foreign fixed number for free. Trusted by more than 130 million users, you need to download Android and Apple apps)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: United States (free application for a foreign fixed number, free calls and text messages, download required)client)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: United States (paid SMS reception, not recommended)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada (can receive text messages, but there are few numbers, not recommended)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform:  Estonia (can receive text messages, single number, only Estonia)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the number is valid, can receive codes, and has advertisements)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: The United States and Canada (the number is valid, can receive codes, and has advertisements)
  • Free foreign code receiving platform: Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, East Timor, Sweden, Finland (the number is valid, you can receive the code and there are advertisements)

Free collection of foreign code receiving platforms and manual actual testing. As of March 9, 2023, the above code receiving platforms are partially valid. If anyone has a good code receiving platform to recommend! If you have a useful coding platform, please leave a message in the comment area below.

Recommended reading:OpenAI 2023 latest ChatGPT chatbot registration and usage guide!

Get a free sms-activate shared account!

Free sms-activate shared account. If you don’t want to register sms-activate, or you don’t want to leak your personal privacy and register ChatGPT, you can use the one provided by this site. sms-activate shared account! After entering the shared account, if the account balance is not enough to receive the code, please use Alipay to recharge, the minimum is 1 US dollars, you can also recharge 5 US dollars, 10 US dollars, depending on your personal mood. The remaining amount can be used by the next person to register.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)-1Say something sms-activate shared accountThe free logic is that the shared account was originally created to facilitate everyone, forward the promotional link of the shared account, and the commission balance generated by the registration and recharge is used to run the shared account. This original intention is good, but it backfires. Everyone only cares about receiving the code for free, and there is no website that needs to share the recharge and commission. People repost. In the end, the shared account balance was insufficient and could not continue to operate.

SMS-Activate 国外接码平台 使用教程(包含各国免费接码平台介绍)-1

The latest usage rules for shared accounts:

Log in to the free code-receiving shared account. If the balance in the shared account is not enough to receive SMS verification, you can recharge $2, which will generate three to four free code-receiving quotas. If you log in to the shared account and there happens to be enough money in it, To receive the verification code, then you are in luck, I hope you can forward the link below.

Do you think you are the one who recharges $2, or the one who can enjoy the free code? Apart from luck, the main thing I rely on is the sharing spirit of the Internet!

If no one recharges, the shared account will be meaningless in the end. Everyone wants to masturbate for nothing, so just copy and share the URL below, or recharge it for $2.

The content of the link below is not set to be forwarded forcibly. It is all based on personal wishes. Give roses to your hands to leave a lingering fragrance! Good people have a safe life!

ChatGPT free registration tutorial Open Ai API ChatGPT free coding platform, ????personal test is valid! A real and usable coding platform. I registered ChatGPT for free on Premium Box:

You only need to copy and share the 👆 above URL 👆 to various forums or group chats to let more people register 👍, so that the shared account will have 💰 balance.

sms-activate shared accountThe principle of using is that everyone is for me and I am for everyone! As the saying goes, if you give someone a rose, the fragrance will remain in your hand!

Instructions for using shared accounts:

  1. After logging in to sms-activate using a shared account,Please do not change your account password, there is no point in changing the password, the password can be retrieved at any time.
  2. The account balance in the shared account is the result of everyone's recharge, so don't abuse it or waste the credit.
  3. After using the shared account, please log out in time.
  4. Do not send the shared account to others or publish it on public websites. It is only for the benefit of the website.
  5. Please do not use a shared account to rent a number to open a room. The high price of renting a number will waste the activation amount. Everyone is for me and I am for everyone. Please allow more people to use the activation service!
  6. Just for the convenience of the majority of netizens, if you don’t like it, please don’t comment!
  • Shared account
  • Shared account password:Uzbox2023
  • Click on the code receiving platformactivation, get the number for verification,If you do not receive the verification code during activation, please close it immediately without charge. Please try again with other numbers. Deduct money only if successful!
  • Don’t order rentals. Renting is a rental number. If the rental number does not receive the verification code, it will be charged and the shared amount will be wasted. Remember! Remember!
  • Using an Indian number, you can quickly receive the verification code, and the amount is 52.5 rubles. If you cannot receive the verification code, change a few more numbers.
  • If you do not receive the verification code within 1 minute, try again with another area number. Please log out of the account in time after success. Thank you!

If you have successfully registered for the free code, don’t forget to leave a message in the comment area below to thank the friends who forwarded it!

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