NOTCOIN Mining Tutorial: How to Make Money with NOTCOIN

Notcoin Telegram What is it?

 Over the past month, Pavel·Durov and Telegram New to the team "currencyhas become a topic of high-profile news and controversy. Let’s explore the current topic and see how to best utilize it .


Meme Currency is an activity reward based on the game mechanics in the chat tool. This project was 2024 Year 1 moon 1 was publicly launched today, and rewards thanks to the referral program will soon be available Telegram became popular among users. Already have 2000 Thousands of players earn currency in this system."currencyIt is obtained in the click game (the simplest mechanism is to get a point by clicking on the screen). You can also earn extra currency by inviting friends to join the game or a troop (a cooperative gaming community).


Please note! The currency is currently just a gold coin in the game. Many users hope to convert to TON Token (The name itself hints at this), but the developers stress that they offer no guarantees.Notcoin The meaning of "self-fulfilling prophecy", where the growth in popularity brought about by simple mechanics and earnest hope becomes the basis of tangible value. The rapid spread of this mechanism among users can be easily explained. Even if the coin is only used to pay Telegram Premium A way it can also be converted into real money indirectly.

how to use tap bot Notcoin illustrate

The main operation to achieve mining is to tap the screen of your smartphone. This process can be automated, but initially 20,000 A currency you must mine manually. The good news is that it's very simple to do:

  1. start uprobot;



  1. View the game page via the link in the bot;
  2. Click on the currency image.




Once you have earned a sufficient amount of currency, you can activate the official Auto-tap Bot Telegram. It mines coins automatically and does the clicking for you even when the app is closed.Notcoinbot It will activate itself one hour after you stop clicking. Its activation time is 12 hours, then you need to restart the robot. Automation available from Silver Alliance.


What is a booster


Boost Option helps users mine faster in manual mode Notcoin, increasing the efficiency of each click or energy reserve. Some boosters are available every day and are designed to motivate users to remember to click at least once a day.



what is alliance


Alliances are levels awarded based on currency earned. When deciding your alliance, the system will not consider the points earned by inviting friends, only your manual "Clickof points. Currently, the distribution of the alliance is as follows:


●      silver – 5,000;

●      gold – 200,000,

●      platinum:200 Ten thousand;

●      diamond – 1000 Ten thousand.


When you reach the Silver League, you can pass auto-tap bot Automate.

what is Squad (force)


Troops is a gaming community designed to unite participants and increase interest in gaming. any Telegram Channels can become a troop. Troop members can view the leaderboard, and the total mining results will improve the community's ranking among other troops. Sending currency from one unit to another unit is not allowed. Theoretically, if Notcoin Being a cryptocurrency, Troops can be likened to a mining pool.



Troops are another way to earn bonuses, as players who are invited to join a troop will also become your referrals.


The role of skin


Skins or the external design of the game will not affect the efficiency of grinding currency. Skins are obtained purely for fun. Some skins can be purchased directly (from 1 Economical type worth 10,000 currencies Pizza arrive 200 Premium of 10,000 currencies Nuka-Cola Coin), other skins can be obtained by completing tasks or reaching levels. The rarest skins are also a mystery to the project's most loyal fans: to get NOT DAO Skin, you need to enter Morse code, and the mysterious Potato chips Still a myth because players have yet to crack the code.


Skins currently available:


●      Basic;


● Diamond;



●      Egg Fight Club


●      Pizza;


●      Cookies;


●      Galleon Coin;


●      Nuka-Cola Coin;


●      NOT DAO;


●      Potato chips;


●      Dragon skin.



Frens What is the function of part


In this section you can get links to invite friends to the game. Yes, this is actually a consortium of websites designed to increase the currency’s visibility and increase the number of participants. To get the link, click “Invite a fren” button. Active members will receive bonuses. This section will display the success of the friends you invited.



As of this writing, if you invite friends you can get 100,000 Currency, but it takes two days of intense clicking to get this amount!


Notcoin cost and revenue opportunities

Notcoin What types of tasks are there?


If you want to dig seriously Notcoin, you must open "Earn" part. Here you can find tasks that can earn you bonus currency. Tasks are divided into 3 Group.

  1. Introductory tasks: simple tasks to facilitate learning functions, such as invitations 10 friends or join a troop.


  2. Special tasks: reach a certain level, join the community, etc.
  3. Web3 world: In order to obtain valuable rewards here, you need to view or follow third-party resources and participate in other games of the developer.


how to get from Notcoin Withdraw funds

Alas, now I can’t Notcoin Withdrawal to wallet, it also cannot be exchanged for other currencies in any way. You should not interact with those who claim to be able to extract Notcoin communicate with people because they are likely to be scammers. Of course, if the situation changes, active users will be informed first through official channels.

Notcoin future

Due to the widespread response, evenmeme Currency can also bring huge profits to its owners. We have obvious facts to prove the promise of this project:

●      Notcoin The community already has 2000 Ten thousand people;

●      PavelDurov (Pavel Durov) is the man behind the project whose name and most popular chat tool;

●      There is already an exchange-traded TON Token.


Subject resource analysts believe Notcoin The expected price is $0.000038. Based on the situation of other similar projects, we can predict,Notcoin After being released and pulled back, the price will rise sharply. Most likely, after listing, the currency will become more difficult to obtain. But a more reliable approach is not to predict but to follow the news.

Notcoin When to go on the market

There is currently no information about Notcoin Exact information on launch date. Judging from the rumors, it will be launched soon. Regardless, you should expect to have support for TON Foundation (Telegram Another cryptocurrency projectof exchanges saw the token listed. These exchanges include OKX,Bybit,MEXC,Huobi Global wait.

how to get more Notcoin. Brush currency, brush referrals.

 It is possible to bypass the methods of currency farming foreseen by the developers and obtain an unlimited amount of currency. Of course, what we are going to talk about here is TG Multiple accounts in . what can you do:


●      create Telegram account;

●      Invite your own account through a referral link;

●      Runs on all accounts Auto-tapbot.


exist Telegram When registering the app, you need to verify your mobile phone number, but SMS-Activate The coding platform can solve this problem. The platform offers wholesale and retail numbers at low prices. You can accept the verification code online and only you can use it. If you are interested in this program, you have 2 options:


  1. pass SMS-Activate Manually register an account with a virtual number. Must be taken into account when registering Telegram security algorithm that analyzes your device,IP Address, geographic location and other factors. To ensure that your account is not blocked and you receive messages with registration codes, please pay attention to the site rules and use high-quality
  2. Use dedicated software for batch registration. Developers have provided ways to bypass the current algorithm for identifying multiple accounts. You simply integrate the software with your virtual number service account, and thousands of high-quality accounts are automatically created. You can use them or sell them.

Examples of such software are as follows:


●      TG-Giant

●      TelegramExpert

●      TGpixel

Notcoin not available. what to do


Currently, user outrage has resulted in the following outages:


●      black screen. Some believe the issue is caused by heavy server load, with the game resuming and saving progress after a while.

●      Auto-tapbot Not working, booster failed: This happens often too. Users have noticed this glitch occurring at the same time as new tasks or other upgrades.

●      Robot card machine. This is caused by too many users logging in at the same time.


The solution is the same in all cases, which is to wait and follow information from official sources.

Notcoin Comment


Interest in the project is growing day by day, and new articles and videos about coin mining appear on the Internet every day. Some users call the project "scam", but that's not fair at all. The developers emphasize in every official statement that they offer no guarantees;"What's next? Nobody knowshas actually become the slogan of the project.


Loyal viewers won’t be expecting new cryptocurrencies either Notcoin Without enthusiasm, they would argue about how to obtain rare skins, or fight for leadership in the army. But let’s be honest, it’s not the quality of the reviews that matters, it’s the quantity of them. The more people talk about the project, the greater the chance that the currency will be listed and gain real value. Yes, there are so many people discussing this issue.

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