Clash for Windows tutorial: Configure TUN/TAP virtual network card, Clash subscription is continuously updated

Applications such as browsers are accessed using system proxies. Sometimes some non-system proxy applications, such as playing games or using a specific software, require a specific IP. Currently, the more common proxy tools such as V2ray or Shadowsocks can only achieve Proxy function for web page access. How to achieve network card layer access? Next, we will introduce in detailofFunction.

First, let’s understand what the TAP virtual network card function of Clash for Windows is.

TUN/TAP mode

In Windows, for software that does not follow the system proxy, TAP mode can take over its traffic and hand it over to CFW for processing. For versions 0.13.8 and later, TUN mode is more recommended. After installing the virtual network card function, global proxy can be realized!

Configure TUN/TAP mode

The latest version of Clash for Windows is V0.18.7. It is recommended to use TUN mode.

First download the latest version of Clash for Windows. For details, please refer to:Clash for Windows Chinese Chinese Tutorial

Next install TUN mode or TAP mode.

TUN mode

First, after installing the latest Chinese version of Clash for Windows, open the software!

Find Service Mode on the General page and click Manage. After clicking, a small window will pop up.

After clicking to install, the software will automatically close and then restart. After successful installation, the gray globe icon behind the service mode will light up and turn green. After the icon turns green, the TUN mode installation is successful!

Next click Settings, find YAML under Mixin Mixin (Profile Mixin), and click Edit later.

Add the following code to YAML:

Note: The spaces in the following code are indented. Be sure to copy the complete code and do not delete the spaces in front of the code.

mixin: hosts: '': '': '': 151.10 1.76.133 dns: enable: true default-nameserver: - - ipv6: false enhanced-mode: redir-host #fake-ip nameserver: - - - https :// fallback: - - - /dns-query fallback-filter: geoip: true ipcidr: - - - domain: - - - +.twitter. com - - - - - tun: enable: true stack: gvisor dns-hijack: - 198.18 .0.2:53 macOS-auto-route: true macOS-auto-detect-interface: true # automatically detects the egress network card

Then click the save icon in the lower right corner to save the current settings.

After saving, return to the main interface and enable the switch behind Mixin. When it turns green, the TUN mode is successfully turned on.

After the TUN mode is successfully turned on, check under the connection menu. The connection status includes the TUN logo.

Okay, the TUN mode has been successfully enabled, but for some software or games, the TUN mode still cannot meet the functional requirements. Here is an introduction to the TAP virtual network card.

TAP mode

First, you need to install the TAP virtual network card. Click the Manage button behind the TAP Network Adapter (TAP Device) option on the General page. Click Install (Install) in the pop-up dialog box to install the TAP network card. The TAP network card is used for Take over system traffic.

After the installation is completed, you can see the network card named cfw-tap in the network connection of the Windows system. At this time, the network card is still not connected.

There is currently a Clash network card that is active. If you have installed TUN mode before, you need to uninstall TUN mode before you can install TAP mode. To uninstall TUN, click Service Mode in General, and then click Uninstall. After uninstalling, the globe icon behind the Service Mode turns gray, which means the uninstallation is successful.

After the TAP mode is installed successfully, you need to start the TAP mode. Starting TAP mode is the same as starting TUN mode before, and you need to re-edit YAML.

Add the following code to the window and click the save icon in the lower right corner to save the file.

mixin: dns: enable: true enhanced-mode: redir-host listen: :53 nameserver: - - - https :// - # Tencent - # Ali

Then return to the routine, flip the switch behind the hybrid configuration, activate the TAP mode, and check the mode of the cfw-tap network card in the network connection. It has been successfully

At this time, there is already traffic flowing in and out of the cfw-tap network card.

Now it can be accessed normally through the cfw-tap network card!

Clash configuration file error detection:

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  1. Thank you so much, it helped a lot. I saw this article at 3 o'clock in the morning and finally got it done. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Boss, I could use your TUN configuration before, but now I don’t know how to open it and can’t connect to the network.

  3. Hello! The same configuration in tun mode is OK on a win11 computer, but not on a win10 computer (tun channel has no network connection). Is it because of the misconfiguration left over from the previous installation of win10? How to reset?

    • If you cannot connect to the Internet, you need to reinstall the system. This is currently a drawback.