Grass mining tutorial, how to mine Grass using mobile phones and computers

The Linglu project is booming again, how to mine Grass using mobile phones and computers

You must dig in, it is simple and cost-effective, and the project itself has many highlights; Grass is the underlying infrastructure that powers artificial intelligence models. By installing the Grass Web extension, the app automatically sells your unused internet to artificial intelligence companies, who use it to scrape the internet and train their models. result? You share in the development of artificial intelligence, by sellingYou don’t even know the resources you have to earn network shares.


Grass project highlights

  • Investors are optimistic: it has obtained leading investment financing from Polychain, a leading investment institution;
  • Solana has a good relationship: Solana and Grass have a very close relationship, and Grass is the first recommended application for Solana mobile phones.
  • Hot track: Being on a popular track, plus there are millions of users, it will be easy to get started after the currency is issued in the late bull market.
  • Launching L2 data rollup on Solana
  • Positioned as data layer protocol


Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce...Grass is the first ever Tier 2 data aggregation! We're preparing to change artificial intelligence forever with L2, which can process and settle 1 million transactions per second
@solana. What does this mean for the future of Grass? continue reading:

It can be said that Grass has now gathered several major bullish narratives of this bull market:
DePin+AI+ Solana+Layer2
The official revealed the relationship between mining points and subsequent rewards, as well as the possibility of airdrops for Solana saga mobile phones in the later stage and the sale of hardware equipment specifically for mining.
Grass mining is very simple and cost-free. You only need a broadband connection to mine, which is very suitable for novice users. The tutorial is divided into two types: PC version and mobile version.

Grass Mining PC Version Tutorial

Preparation tools:
Chrome browser:

Download diversion for domestic users:Chrome browser, Google Chrome green installation-free version

Google Chrome is an open source web browser developed by Google. The browser is based on other open source software, including WebKit and Mozilla, with the goal of improving stability, speed and security, and creating a simple and efficient user interface.

If you have not downloaded Google Chrome on your computer, please download and install it. You will need to use the Google Chrome plug-in for mining later.



Enter the official website:

The first step is to register an account on the official website. You only need to enter your email address to register. It is recommended to use Gmail. If you do not have a Gmail email, click here to register.

Grass挖矿教程,Grass如何用手机和电脑挖矿-1After the email is submitted, you still need to wait for review:

Email Submitted.You're on waitlist already!

Email submitted. You're already on the waiting list!

Go to the mobile version registration page to register. Register an account on the mobile version:

Step 2: Download the Google Grass mining plug-in

Grass挖矿教程,Grass如何用手机和电脑挖矿-1Download the Google plugin:

Step 3: Click on the upper right corner of Google Chrome to find the Grass plug-in you downloaded, log in to your account, and start mining on idle.

Note: If the network quality is poor, please turn off VPN or change the network.

Grass mining mobile version tutorial:

Step 1: Register an account:


Click register to register a new user. Use Gmail to register. If you need a recommendation code at the bottom, you can search in X or Google. You can also fill in directly: qBDIhaewIc35VqK


Step two:Download kiwi browser from Google Store , open Google Play search kiwi browser


If you do not have the Google Store installed, you can download the kiwi browser here:Kiwi browser Chinese website

kiwibrowser download:

Step 3: After kiwi browser is installed, select the three dots in the upper right corner, select extensions, select extensions + formstore, shrink the screen, search for grassextenslon in the search bar, click grassextenslon, and click the blue button to install the plug-in

Step 4: Click to log in to your account to start mining. It cannot be offline, and idle mining is set up to allow high power consumption in the background.





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