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What does mining mean and how to download Bitcoin mining software

Recently, Bitcoin production has been reduced, and the price of virtual currencies has skyrocketed and plummeted like a roller coaster. Many novices do not understand digital currencies, but they have all heard of mining more or less.Also commonly known as Bitcoin miners, Bitcoin mining requires professional mining equipment. Due to the professional Bitcoin mining machines and their power consumption, they have been banned by the country.

Today I will introduce to you the PC version of Bitcoin mining software unMineable. As long as you have an idle computer and a graphics card, you can mine Bitcoin. Of course, this is not really mining Bitcoin, but using a computer. The computing power of CPU or GPU is used to mine ETH on the network through software, and then the mined ETH is exchanged for the corresponding Bitcoin BTC through settlement. It can also be exchanged for other currencies, such as Dogecoin, PEPE, BTC, etc.

Visit the unMineable website to download the Bitcoin mining tool:

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

How to mine using a graphics card

“Mining” generally refers to the process of obtaining virtual currency through computer operations. In this process, participants use computer hardware (such as graphics cards, ASIC mining machines, etc.) to perform a large number of calculations to solve specific encryption algorithm problems, thereby obtaining a certain amount of virtual currency as a reward.
The purpose of mining is to obtain virtual currencies that can be traded and used within a specific blockchain network. The mining process consumes a lot of computing resources and electricity, and also requires a certain amount of technical knowledge and investment. PC mining software for personal computers does not require complicated settings or professional equipment, as long as you have a computer and a graphics card larger than 2G. 3G\4G\6G\8G can all be used for graphics card mining. If the computer's CPU has strong computing power, you can also use the CPU for mining. Let’s teach you how to use your computer to mine Bitcoin.

click to enterBitcoin Mining SoftwareunMineable website. The original website defaults to English and there is no language switching. If your English is not very good, you can use the translation function of Google Chrome or Microsoft Chrome!

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

Before mining, you also need to register with an exchange and obtain your BTC payment address so that the mined Bitcoins have a place to store them.

Binance Exchange official website:

Binance is the world's leading digital currency trading platform, providing mainstream digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB, and USDT. The official website of Binance provides a variety of transaction methods such as web, APP, and computer, which are safe, reliable, convenient and fast. Buy and sell digital currencies on Binance.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

You can register via email or mobile phone number. Although Binance supports domestic mobile phone number registration, it is not recommended to use your own real number. You can register via email. Google accounts, that is, Gmail emails and Apple account logins are supported.

If you don’t have a Google account yet, you can refer to this Google account registration tutorial:Google account registration Google account Gmail Google mailbox registration Google registration latest tutorial

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

You can use your mobile phone to download the Binance APP, which needs to be downloaded in overseas markets.

After registering and logging into Binance, a recharge address will be automatically generated under the Bitcoin currency. The code in the recharge address is your Bitcoin payment address.

With the Bitcoin payment address, you need to download it next. Click to get started! Conduct Bitcoindownload. Download unMiner with the black icon below and it can run on Windows 11/10.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

After downloading, click to install

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

Just install the C drive by default, click Finish, and the Bitcoin mining software will automatically run.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

Click Continue to perform computer hardware testing. Whether you can mine Bitcoin depends on whether your computer supports it.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

If the check mark icon is displayed, you can mine, click Next to set up.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

This step is the most critical. Fill in the currency and payment address, click on the menu, and you will see many popular currencies, such as BOME, ETH and DOGE, the latest native coins on the SOL chain, etc.

Choose a coin you like and enter its wallet address. You can start mining.

For example, to mine Dogecoin, select DOGE, then enter the wallet address below, and then click Enter your referral code Enter a recommendation code here. The recommendation code can save 25% in mining fees when withdrawing money.

Recommendation code:jv5p-dxei

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

Then click Start to start mining.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

Click the configuration button next to Stop and change the mining port to 443. This port is the SSL encryption port.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

After clicking Save, you can start mining.

Click the globe icon to see the working status of mining.

电脑显卡挖矿 GPU 比特币挖矿软件,人人都可以做矿工-1

This kind of computer mining is more suitable for idle computers at work. It does not occupy network resources, and both the graphics card and CPU can be used for mining. Computer mining software also has many functions, so I won’t introduce them one by one here. Please explore and mine on your own.


Is mining illegal?

Mining software for personal computers is different from professional mining machines. There is a huge difference.

According to relevant national regulations, virtual currency "mining" is a national eliminated industry, and related business activities are illegal financial activities. They will face loan, power, network, and credit risks and bear legal liability. The relevant personnel will be held accountable for party and government discipline. responsibility.

It should be noted that mining behavior may have the following risks and problems:

  • Energy consumption: Mining requires a large amount of electricity, especially for mining activities using professional mining machines, which may cause certain pressure on energy supply and the environment.
  • Investment risks: The virtual currency market has high volatility and risks. The income from mining is not stable, and investors may face the risk of price fluctuations and losses.
  • Legal and regulatory issues: Different countries and regions have different attitudes and regulations towards virtual currencies and mining. Mining may be subject to legal restrictions or need to comply with specific regulations.

In addition, some illegal organizations or individuals may also use mining activities to commit fraud or other illegal activities. Therefore, before participating in any mining or virtual currency-related activities, it is recommended to fully understand the relevant market and technical knowledge, evaluate your own risk tolerance, and comply with local laws and regulations. At the same time, remain vigilant and avoid engaging in illegal or high-risk activities. If you are new to the mining or cryptocurrency space, it is recommended to seek professional financial and legal advice.

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