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Do you want to rank better on Google? Hi, I'm Neil Patel and today I'm going to teach you all about marketing.

Bitly short URL

Bitly helps businesses shine by turning their links into powerful tools for marketers and customer support teams. Getting more clicks with custom links makes your links a powerful marketing asset. Custom links replace "bit.ly" with a domain name of your choice, making your link consistently identifiable across channels. They are so powerful, businesses that use them receive up to 34% more clicks.

AdFly short URL

AdFly URL shortening service lets you make money! Make money from visitors visiting you by shortening your URL using adf.ly! Make money using URL shortening services.

MEGA cloud storage

MEGA is a cloud storage service launched by Mega Limited. Launched in New Zealand on January 19, 2013, the service provider widely advertises its privacy, with all files being locally encrypted before uploading and offering 15 GB of free storage.

Alexa website ranking

Alexa website rankings are mainly based on traffic data provided by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Alexa collects more than 1,000GB of information on the Internet every day, and then integrates and publishes it. Currently, the number of URLs it collects has exceeded Google.

Manually install PHP7.4.3 under CentOS7

Rookie installation, manually install PHP7.4.3 under CentOS7. Currently, PHP7.4.3 is the latest version. Visit the PHP website, find the download address of the latest version, and then use the WGET command on the server to download and install it!