Android TikTok download v27.3.2 TikTok Android modified version to remove ads, no need to pull out the card to change the area

Android TikTok Douyin international version of TikTok Download the modified version of TikTok Android, remove ads without removing the card, and can switch to any region

Douyin international version is a short video that plays with music creativity, it is also a dating community for young people. Here everyone can shoot their own creative videos. Following the rhythm of the music, you can shoot a variety of video content, including personal talents, life records, performances, dances, plot interpretations, etc. How crazy the idea is, how big the stage is. TikTok, the international version of Douyin APP, allows you to watch various beautiful foreign ladies at will. The current version has unlocked domestic restrictions.

Download TikTok v27.3.2 TikTok Android modified version to remove ads and change areas without removing the card

Introduction of TikTok cracked version

Android TikTok download It is currently the most popular short video application in the world. TikTok, the international version of Douyin, has swept the world and often ranks first in terms of downloads. Download the latest international version of TikTok, ignores blockades and download restrictions, does not require card removal in China, removes advertisements, downloads videos without watermarks, removes TikTok watermarks, and can customize the regional TikTok cracked version.

update content:

  • Tiktok crack version update v27.3.2
  • Update: v2.6
  • Android TikTok download

TikTok cracked version:

  • Remove all ads
  • Download videos and GIFs without watermark to Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera
  • Remove all download restrictions and you can download any video
  • Removed many other restrictions
  • Apps are cleaned up as much as possible
  • Maximum Compression + ZipAlign
  • Disable unnecessary activities
  • Removed restrictions on duets, splices and live wallpapers
  • Rewind can now be used in any video
  • Battery consumption optimization
  • Remove regional restrictions
  • Fix Facebook authorization
  • Fix VK authorization
  • Fix Google authorization
  • Disable automatic startup
  • enable high quality audio
  • enable high quality video
  • Enable super-resolution
  • Enable anti-aliasing
  • Hidden root permissions
  • DisableInAppBillingService
  • Disable all types of analysis
  • disable measurement
  • Enable viewing history
  • Added author tags to the names of downloaded files
  • Added the ability to download profile pictures

Plug-in function:

  • Long press to change the region;
  • Option to match the post area to the selected area. (Posts not related to the selected region will not be displayed)
  • Option to hide ads from the trending list in the Discover section
  • Disable option to loop videos
  • Option to hide live stream from timeline
  • Option to hide post title from anywhere
  • Option to hide long posts (custom length) from timeline
    - Ability to change download directory
  • Ability to make keyword blocklists for subtitles (posts with specific words will not appear in the timeline)
  • Remove video watermark and GIF watermark option
  • Ability to bypass duet and stitch privacy settings
  • plugin theme switcher
  • Added new speed to playback speed options. (1.25x, 1.5x, 2.25x, 2.5x)
  • Option to download videos without sound (muted videos will be displayed as mute. prefix saved)
  • Option to change font style (currently supports 6 new fonts + default)
  • Option to change ui color like main bottom background color
  • Added ability to reset plugin settings (Menu > Reset)
  • Click on the app bar to navigate to the top of the list of options
  • Long press option to view more information

Download TikTok v27.3.2 TikTok Android modified version to remove ads and change areas without removing the card-1

Frequently asked questions about TikTok cracked version

After the international version is installed, the default interface is English. How to switch to the Simplified Chinese interface?

Profile (My)-Settings-App Language (App Language)-Chinese Simplified

What should I do if I am unable to log in and the verification code prompt is used too frequently?

Install Adguard, open settings->Filtering-DNS request interception-off

Which one should I download for ARM64 or ARM7?

It is recommended to download the arm64-v8a (8th generation, 64-bit ARM processor) version for high-version system phones, which can give full play to the best performance of the phone; for low-version system phones, choose ARM-v7a and try it yourself.

Note:The compiled signature cannot be passed through Facebook, Account login. Personal test, no need to pull out the card in China, you can register and log in with Google email or domestic mobile phone number for normal use! Since the TikTok server is overseas, it requires an external network environment, otherwise it will take a long time to open and load.

TikTok Crack Android TikTok Download

Android TikTok download:

TikTok download:Tiktok_v27.3.2_arm7

TikTok download:Tiktok_v27.3.2_arm64

TikTok plug-in download:Tiktok_v2.6_plugin


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