The latest Huawei Honor mobile phone has Google Play installed, and the Mate series has been tested successfully!

Why do Huawei phones need to install Google Store? Install google play?

Install  Valid for personal testing in 2024, The systems of Huawei mobile phones have been automatically updated to the Hongmeng system, and the Hongmeng system has deleted the built-in, but many friends still want to use Google’s Family Bucket service. Because Google’s Family Bucket is really easy to use, such as Google Store, Google Maps, Google, etc., etc. services.

These services require support from Google Framework. The following is a detailed introduction on how to install it on Hongmeng mobile phone.. The current test was successful using Mate40 Pro. You can try it with other models of mobile phones. The operation steps are similar. As long as it is a Huawei mobile phone, there is basically no problem.


Hongmeng 2.0 system Both 2.0 and HarmonyOS 3.0 systems can use this method to install the Google Store!

Note: If you are a novice user and do not have the technical ability to install Google’s native framework, you can useInstall it in the same way as the Google Store, and the final effect will be the same.

Installing Google Play on Android phones Installing the Google Store is 100% successful!

Preparations before installing Google Play on Huawei mobile phones

  • If you use WeChat clones and private space on your mobile phone, you must turn them off first.
  • Use an external network environment to perform the installation operation. This step is very critical. If there is no international network, you cannot log in to your Google account.
  • cell phoneThe data cable needs to be connected to a computer, and a PC or laptop is required.
  • One that can be logged in normallyaccount number

If you don’t have a Google account, you need to apply for one in advance. The application steps are very simple. For details, please refer to:

Google account registration for free, Gmail registration latest tutorial

How to turn off privacy space on Huawei mobile phones

Go to the phone settings, then click Privacy, click Private Space, and select the Delete Private Space option on the upper right. If no private space is found in Privacy, there is no private space on the current phone.

How to turn off app clones on Huawei phones

Click Settings, then click Application to enter the application clone. Close the application that uses the application clone. Click Close behind the application and the application clone will be closed successfully.

Install google play on Huawei mobile phone

As of December 2022, you can use the following method to install the Google Store and test the installation environment on Mate40 Pro + Apple laptop. If the phone is a backup, it is recommended to factory reset it first and then install it.

Step 1: Check whether there are Google related services in the system program

If you have installed Google suite before, you need to uninstall the original Google suite first. Go to Settings->Applications and Services->Application Management, search google or Google, and all the original Google suite must be uninstalled. If the uninstallation is not clean, you can reset the phone.


If you have not installed Google related services before, you can skip step one directly.

Step 2: Download and install the required software packages for Google Framework.

Download the required Google framework installation package. The Huawei-Google installation package file contains the following files.

  1. Computer operation (base., HiSuite_11.0.0.360.exe, HM.)
  2. Google Assistant backup file (backup.rar)
  3. Google core service installation (1-GSF.apk, 2-GMS.apk, 3-Play store.apk, 4-gsf.login.apk, Huawei-Google login.apk)
  4. Google service installation package (GMS.apk)

Google three-piece Huawei-Google software installation package download

Network disk backup download Huawei-Google installation package

Step 3: Install Google Framework on computer

3-1.Open the one you just downloadedGoogle Framework required packagesmiddleHow to install Google PC on Huaweifolder, put theHuawei Mobile Assistant PC versionInstall it on your computer. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to update the software.

Note: Never update the PC version of Huawei Mobile Assistant.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-1

2022最新华为手机安装google play

2022最新华为手机安装google play

Note: Do not click upgrade after completing this step of installation. Click the cross to close it. After closing, proceed to the next step.

3.2.Install Huawei in the Google computer operation folder HM.rar Unzip the compressed package to the current folder. After unzipping, cut the HM folder to the desktop for later use.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-2


3.3.Install Huawei in the Google computer operation folder base.apk Install it on your phone. This file is the mobile version of Huawei Mobile Assistant.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-3

How to put the base.apk Copy the installation package to the phone's memory for APK installation? Follow the step by step instructions below.

First, you need to connect the previously prepared USB data cable to the mobile phone and computer. After the connection, the options pop up and select data connection. After that, you need to enter the developer mode.

Open the phone and click Settings, click About phone, click on the version number 7 times in a row, and then click the next time to jump to the password input page. Enter the lock screen password of the phone to enter the developer mode.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-4

After entering developer mode, clickSystems and updatesThen clickDeveloper options,existDeveloper optionsOpen under the debugging section inUSB debuggingFunction.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-5

After turning on USB debugging, return to the computer operation, find the icon of the mobile phone device in my computer, click to enter, and then enter the internal storage, which has now been entered into the mobile phone hard drive.

2022最新华为手机安装google play

in the computer base.apk file and copy it to the Download folder on your phone's hard drive.

After copying, return to the mobile phone operation. In the file management of the mobile phone utility, click Browse, pull the above icon to the left during browsing, find the application icon, select the installation package, and you will see the base.apk file. Then click Install until Huawei Mobile Assistant is successfully installed.

After the Huawei Mobile Assistant on your phone is successfully installed, return to the computer and open the Huawei Mobile Assistant on the computer.Re-plug the USB cable connection on the phone, be sure to re-plug and unplug the USB cable before the mobile phone pops up.Whether to allow USB debuggingwindow, then click OK, and then the phone will automatically jump to Huawei Mobile Assistant. Click Always Allow for a series of authorization windows. Then a verification code will pop up. Enter the verification code in Huawei Mobile Assistant on the computer, and then click Connect Now. .

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-6

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-7

2022最新华为手机安装google play

At this time, your phone and computer have been successfully connected through Huawei Mobile Assistant.

3.4.After the mobile phone is successfully connected, open the previously decompressed HM folder on the desktop and first run adb.exe file and then in cmd.exe Right-click on the file and run it as administrator.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-8

3.5. Enter in the CMD window adb devices Then press Enter. If something similar to the picture below appears, it means success. For example:

List of devices attached xxxxxxxxxxx device

2022最新华为手机安装google play

3.6. Open Huawei on your phoneapplication market, click the lower right corner in the app storemine, click in the common service optionsInstallation management, found among installed tasksbackup, click Backup, and then click Uninstall to uninstall the backup on your phone, otherwise the following operation will fail. Below is a picture of the installation failure

2022最新华为手机安装google play

3.7. After uninstalling the backup that comes with your phone, you need to install a lower version of the backup, return to the CMD window of your computer, and enter in the command line adb install -r -d C:\Users\Local computer name\Desktop\HM\oldBackup.apk Then hit Enter and an installation window will pop up on your phone. Click to continue the installation. Then click Continue to install and enter the lock screen password. If the installation is successful, click Finish. The following picture appears indicating success.

2022最新华为手机安装google play

Note that the red part of the command entered on the command line above is the name of your computer.oldBackup.apk File is an old version of the backup application for Huawei mobile phones.

At this point, the computer operation steps have been completed, and the remaining steps need to be operated on the mobile phone.

Step 4: Install Google Framework on the mobile phone

4.1. Open the folder of the Google Assistant backup file and copy the backup.rar Copy files to mobile phone huawei within the folder.

2022最新华为手机安装google play

Then in the file manager on your phone, find the My Phone>huawei folder. backup.rar document. After selecting this file, click More in the lower right corner, then click to extract to the current location, and click Confirm.

4.2.Modify the system time of your phone and open set up, clickSystems and updates,choosedate and time, closing date and timeauto configuration, change the date and year to 2019.

For example: December 18, 2019

Note: This step is very critical. You need to change the system date of your mobile phone to 2019. After the time in the mobile phone is modified, if the proxy tool is accessed based on time, the proxy tool will be invalid. After restoring the backup, adjust the time. Just come back.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-1

4.3.After the system date is modified, inSystems and updates, clickBackup and restore, click Agree, select Always allow permissions, click I understand in the last pop-up window, return to the previous directory after completion, and click again laterBackup and restore, proceed to the next step.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-2

4.4.Click on the four little dots in the upper right corner, then clickRestore from internal storage, select the backup on December 7, 2019, and then clickrecover, enter the recovery password, the password is a12345678, click after the recovery is completeFinish.

If there is no option to restore from internal storage in the menu, click External Storage below, select Always Allow for all permissions on external storage, and activateexternal storageall permissions. Then close the page, click Backup and Restore in System and Updates, re-enter, click the four dots on the upper right, and click fromInternal storage recoveryIt can be displayed.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-3

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-4

4.5.Returning to the mobile phone desktop, we found that a new Google Service Assistant application was installed. Open the Google Service Assistant, then click Activate, and then select Always Allow for permissions. That's it.

Note: There is no need to click Start Download in Google Assistant. After closing the app, just return to the phone desktop.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-5

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-6


Note: If a network abnormality is prompted and you need to uninstall Google Service Assistant, you need to start again from step 7 (7). If it appears that the device is not supported yet, you can skip and proceed directly to the next step.

4.6.Restore date and time:Google Service Assistant has been installed. Next, you need to change the time to the normal time. In the settingsSystems and updatesmiddle clickdate and time, turn on automatic time setting.

Step 5: Google Framework Core Services Application Installation

There are two ways to install the Google Framework core service. One is the installation method below. If the installation method below fails, you can refer to another method and use googlefier to install it.Click to view googlefier to install the applications required for the Google framework on the mobile phone

Installgooglefier_eng.apkdocument.Googlefieris a new third-party GMS installer that allows you to easily install Google apps on Huawei devices.

Googlefier mirror backup download:Googlefier download

You can choose to use the third-party GMS installation tool Googlefier, or directly use the following method to install MicroG directly

5.1.WillGoogle core service installationThe installation package in the folder is copied to the download folder of the phone via USB connection. Then find these installation packages in file management, first click Huawei-Google login.apk to install.

Note: You must log in with a Google account for this step.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-1

5.2.MicroG-HUAWEI FIX EloyGomezTV After installation is complete, open the app and click Account Then click on the lower right corner SIGN IN Log in.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-2

After MicroG clicks SIGN IN, some mobile phones will prompt Sorry... No network. Some mobile phones will still prompt that there is no network even if the international network is turned on. In such a situation, restarting the mobile phone will generally solve the problem. If the problem still persists If there is no network, you can replace the international network nodes in several other countries.

5.3.Click SIGN IN Finally, if nothing unexpected happens, it will automatically jump to the Google login page. Just enter the Google account you registered before to log in. If you have multiple Google accounts, repeat the above steps to add them.

Some notes on logging in to your Google account:

  • When adding an account, if there are multiple accounts, please add them all at once. Changes cannot be added later. If you make changes, you will need to reinstall.
  • After the installation is completed, the Google account password cannot be changed, and you need to reinstall after changing it.
  • You cannot log out of your account after logging in. To log out, you need to reinstall.
  • The company account and the school account cannot be synchronized. If you have to pay attention, it is recommended to use a personal account. In China, there are generally fewer users using company and school accounts, and they are basically personal accounts registered with personal mobile phones.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-3

After logging in with your Google account, open the phone settings to viewUsers and accounts, you will find an extra Google account. The Google account step has been successful, and then proceed to the next step of installation.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-4

5.4.Continue to install Google's core applications on the phone. Install the apk previously copied to the phone. The installation order is to install first. 3-Plty store.apk, then install 4-gsf.login.apk, finally install 1-GSF.apk,After the installation is completed, click Finish, no need to open it.

Note: The installation order must be correct, otherwise the Google Play Store cannot be used.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-5

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-6

5.5.After the installation of the above three APKs is completed, open the mobile application market and find it in the installation management MicroG Google login to uninstall.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-7

5.6.MicroG Google login After uninstallation is complete, return to file management and continue installation. 2-GMS.apk.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-8

5.7.After the Google Play service is installed, open the phone settings and scroll to the bottom to see if there is a Google icon. At this time, you will frequently receive Google Play service error reminders. This is normal. Let’s solve this problem. question.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-92022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-10

5.8.To solve the problem of mobile phone error alarm, open theset up,Applications and services,Application management, click the four small dots on the upper right side of the application management, and select Show system programs. If you do not choose to display system programs, you will not see the Google service framework. Many people confuse Google services with the Google service framework. They are two different programs.

Perform Google Double Clear: The so-called Google Double Clear requires the same operation to be cleaned twice. Be sure to follow the steps below to clean without making any mistakes, otherwise the Google Store will crash and pop up error warnings.

First force stop in application management Google Play Store, and then force stop Google Services Framework and delete data, and finally forced to stop Google Account Manager and clear data.

After the three-step operation is completed, restart the phone!

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-11

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-12

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-132022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-14

5.9.After restarting the phone, keep the international network open, then open the phone file management and reinstall it again. 2-GMS.apk document.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-1


5.10.Open Settings-Apps and Services-Application Management, first force stop in App Management Google Play Store, and then force stop Google Services Framework and delete data, and finally forced to stop Google Account Manager and clear data.

Repeat the previous operation again. After cleaning is completed, restart the phone.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-22022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-32022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-42022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-5

5.11.After the phone restarts, open the Google Play store. If it displays normally, it means the installation is successful, and no error notification pops up. If it pops up to update Google Play Services, it is normal and you don’t need to pay attention to it.

Some mobile phones are very slow when opening the Google Play Store for the first time. You can wait patiently for a while. After opening it normally, an acceptance clause will pop up. Click Accept to open the Google Play Store normally.2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-6


5.12.After successfully opening the Google Play Google Store, you still need to perform the final step. Open Settings, open App Management in Apps and Services, and clickGoogle Play services Click storage Then click management space Click the bottom Clear all data After clearing is complete, click OK.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-7

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-82022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-9

5.13.BundleGoogle service installation packagemiddle GMS.apk Files are transferred via USB and copied to the mobile phone Download folder and install it. After the installation is completed, restart the phone and all operations will be completed.

2022最新华为手机安装google play,Mate40安装谷歌服务实测成功-10

Embrace the Internet! Google’s family bucket service is waiting for you! If you cannot open Google Play, just restart your phone.

Some things to note when installing Google framework on Huawei mobile phones:

  1. Let me reiterate again, it must be accessed via an international network! International network, international network, international network!
  2. After the installation is complete, turn off the automatic software update function of the Google Store.
  3. WeChat avatars and private spaces must be closed, otherwise pop-up alerts will keep popping up. Alerts will also pop up when the installation is completed and turned on.
  4. The installation files must follow the installation sequence of the tutorial. Any upgrades or updates during the installation process will be cancelled.
  5. When eliminating pop-up alerts from the Google Play Store, you must double-clear it, that is, you must restart and clean it twice, otherwise pop-up alerts will appear.
  6. All installation package tools will be tested and valid on December 7, 2022. If you have any questions, please leave a message.


Warning: This website only provides technical exchanges about your software. Please use it within a reasonable and legal scope. Illegal use is strictly prohibited.

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  1. I found one on, but they changed the name of MIRO-G so that you can only use it if you pay them and buy a "better" node. Then I found the original poster and found out that it is completely an app. It’s not a node problem at all! ! !
    If you encounter problems installing backup on your computer, you can go to the Xiaopo website to find an installation package that is purely for mobile use. It is very simple. Follow the author’s instructions later, and it is very smooth! It was really done in 10 minutes. I wish everyone success! ! !

  2. On May 158, I encountered a problem
    3.7. After uninstalling the backup that comes with the phone, you need to install a lower version of the backup. Return to the CMD window of the computer and enter adb install -r -d in the command line C:\Users\Local computer name\Desktop\HM\oldBackup .apk and then hit Enter. An installation window will pop up on your phone. Click to continue the installation. Then click Continue to install and enter the lock screen password. If the installation is successful, click Finish. The following picture appears indicating success.

    But I didn't succeed. Then, I tried to skip this step and found that the phone was no longer backed up and restored. I have a new Huawei phone p60. My other phones have regular external networks and gmail mailboxes. My previous Huawei phone worked normally, but after I changed my phone, I no longer have the Google three-piece set. I am looking for a solution.

    • In the end, I got stuck in Shuangqing and kept crashing. I didn’t know how many times I restarted. Then I also found that there was no Google icon. I was very confused. I downloaded these frameworks by getting the installation package to WeChat and then downloading it. (5.7. After the Google Play service is installed, open the phone settings and scroll to the bottom to see if there is a Google icon. At this time, you will frequently receive error reminders from the Google Play service. This is normal. The following is to solve this problem. )

  3. Thanks to the blogger, the tutorial is very detailed and the tool is very simple to use. It was successfully installed on March 20, 2023, and the mate40 system is Hongmeng 3.0.

  4. Hello blogger, the process of double clearing went smoothly, but when I opened google play, it took a long time to load and did not open. Is there any solution?

  5. Hello blogger, what should I do if running the CMD file shows insufficient memory resources when running 3.4?

    • I also encountered the same problem today. After adding the path D:\Android SDK\platform-tools to the environment variable, it can be executed.