Office activation tool Microsoft 365 HEU_KMS_Activator_v30.3.0

office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool,

tool Activating KMS is very convenient. KMS can not only Microsoft 365 can also activate the win series. Regular Office 2016 can be purchased once for permanent activation, but the Office 365 version is purchased based on the year. 365 means 365 days, which is one year, so you need to check the activation time online frequently. If you are not connected for a long time, you will need to connect again to use it.

office activation tool KMS permanent activation tool can be used for office activation,activation,Activation, office 365 activation,activation,Activation waits for Microsoft activation. It also contains various versionsactivation,Activation valid until 2038

office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool,

It is a simple and efficient KMS activation tool based on the KMS server emulation environment "KMS Server Emulator" of the MDL Forum. Applicable to Windows, Office and VL versions, it can be activated with one click without being connected to the Internet, and the software is fully automatically activated offline. KMS service is Microsoft's volume licensing service for Windows and Office. KMS can be used to activate products in the local area network. This tool uses a KMS server built inside the system, so it can be easily activated whether it is Windows or Office.

HEU_KMS_Activator project address:


Microsoft 365 KMS latest version:HEU_KMS_Activator_v30.3.0

[2023.06.26] v30.3.0 update description:
1.Fix 0x8007267C activation error.
2. Fix the problem that the error code is displayed as empty.
3. Fix the error of space recognition in the set.ini path, and support the following formats:
temp=C:\Program Files (x86)\test

File: HEU_KMS_Activator_v30.3.0.exe
SHA1: 3EF44DA8F2C87D0A24C85009AE6DD1A5A9EE07E3

Update log:
[2023.02.15] v28.0.0 update instructions:
1. Fix the error that the "variable must be an object type" prompt and exit automatically.
2. If you cannot connect to the Microsoft server during digital activation, the hosts file will be automatically modified and restored after activation.

File: HEU_KMS_Activator_v28.0.0.exe
SHA1: 8623D8B499824F9C672274F697B81D8854C2DE8E



[2023.01.03] v27.0.2 update description:
1. Fixed the bug of KMS server startup failure in ARM64 architecture.
2. Fix the bug that the WinXP installation invalid key software automatically quits.
3. WinXP activation supports all Retail/OEM/Upgrade versions.
4.WinXP activation can install/uninstall the patch separately and put it in the OEM activation option, but it has nothing to do with OEM activation, but there is no place to put it.
5. Fix the bug of KMS activation error 0x8007232B in Vista system.
6. Fixed an issue where digital rights activation failed due to hardware changes.

File: HEU_KMS_Activator_v27.0.2.exe
SHA1: 6AA8012A6ECBC695F5558040EB3E6A4FB11C1F5D

Decompression password: HEU168


v26.0.0 update instructions:
1. Fix the problem that the horizontal line cannot be automatically recognized when the installation confirms the ID.
2. Fix the bug that the server cannot be connected during manual KMS activation.
3. Fixed a bug that caused execution failure due to System32 method directory identification error under 64-bit system.
4. Fix the bug that Windows 2019 ServerTurbine recognizes errors.
5. Fix the bug that ARM64-based Windows is recognized as x86 or AMD64 version.
6. Optimize the version identification system version name,
7. Optimize digital rights/KMS38 activation.
8. Optimize OEM security activation.
9. Support to reset the encryption key with properties (system information) on Windows XP system.
10.Win10/11 update: adopt Microsoft official
11. If "Online KMS Server" is turned on, automatic renewal will not be installed during smart activation.

File: HEU_KMS_Activator_v26.0.0.exe
SHA1: B3F35925272FE51547AE75ECBE5117CFAED987BA

Decompression password: HEU168

v24.6.1 update instructions:

  1. Fixed the bug of activation failure under ARM64 architecture.
  2. Fixed a pop-up window showing piracy prompts after Office UWP activation.

silent parameter

  • /? View silent parameters
  • /windows Activate Windows
  • /office Activate Office
  • /renewal installs the automatic renewal function
  • /unrenewal Uninstalls the automatic renewal function
  • /digital Digital license activates Win10
  • /kms38 activates Win10 and is valid until 2038
  • /oem OEM activate Win Vista/7/Server
  • /lock adds protection for KMS38 activation
  • /nologo Does not display the logo when using the silent parameter

Microsoft office activation tool KMS permanent activation tool function

  1. Support KMS activation of Microsoft Windows and Office;
  2. Support digital license permanent activation, KMS38 activation until 2038;
  3. Support OEM activation of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server;
  4. Supports conversion of Microsoft Office retail version to VL volume license version;
  5. Supports backing up and restoring activation information.
  6. Support custom-built KMS server activation;
  7. The activation success rate is high, the execution speed is fast, and almost all versions are supported;
  8. There is no need to rely on installing .NET Framework on Windows 7;
  9. You can install or build a KMS server by yourself;
  10. Automatically recognize three languages (Simplified/Traditional/English);
  11. It can run silently with parameters and the parameters can be selected according to needs;
  12. It can be activated automatically with one click, or you can choose it according to your needs;
  13. Contains KMS-related functions (installation key, activation status query, etc.)
  14. It can be activated completely offline, and can also be activated by connecting to a network server;

How to use the office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS?

  1. The buttons [Activate Microsoft Windows] and [Activate Microsoft Office] are used to activate the VL version of Windows and Office respectively. Just wait for the progress bar to finish. It expires after 180 days and needs to be performed again.
  2. If you want to avoid having to perform an activation operation every 180 days, click [Install/Uninstall Automatic Renewal Function], and there are two modes available: automatic renewal mode; task schedule mode.
  3. The "DLA" mode in the [Advanced] menu is used to permanently activate Windows 10; the "KMS38" mode activates Windows 10 until 2038.
  4. To view the specific functions of other buttons, you can hover the mouse over the buttons, and a brief introduction to the functions of each button will be displayed automatically.
  5. If you cannot activate Office and a 0xC004E015 error is displayed, please click "Clear Certificate" in the [Advanced] menu, then restart Office 2019/2016 to repair it, or repair Office 2013/2010 in "Uninstall or Change Programs". Then try to activate again.

office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool,

Microsoft 365 Activation KMS Permanent Activation Tool Additional Instructions

  1. You can connect to the public network KMS server for activation. Click the "Test" button to test whether the KMS server can be connected.
  2. Click "Step ①②③④⑤" in turn and follow the prompts to activate Windows and Office.
  3. If Microsoft releases a new version of Windows or Office and this software is not updated in time, you can try to activate it through this function. First click step 2 to start the KMS server, then manually install the KMS key, and finally click step 4 to activate.
  4. If none of the built-in keys of this software is applicable to the current system, you can customize the installation key in the drop-down menu Key in the [Advanced] menu.
  5. Office appears "You may be a victim of pirated software..." Repair method, switch to "Other Pages", select Fix_Banner: Click the "Start" button" to repair.

office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool,

Personally build KMS server

  1. In the [Additional] option, use the default IP address and click step 2 to set up successfully.
  2. After successful establishment, this computer can be used as KMS HOST.

How to automatically renew Microsoft activation key when it expires?

Activation tools generally last for 180 days (half a year). Everyone needs to pay attention. After all, offices are expensive and keys are hard to find. After the 180 days expire, you can continue to use this tool to activate. If you find it troublesome, you can permanently activate the tool in KMS. [Advanced] tab, install the automatic renewal service, provided that this tool has not been deleted by the anti-virus tool.

Office activation tool Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool software free download

download link:Microsoft 365 activation KMS permanent activation tool


Note: During the download process of the KMS permanent activation tool, please turn off the virus firewall that comes with the system and various virus firewall software installed locally. The activation tool will be reported as a virus!

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