ChatGPT registration 2023 Domestic registration ChatGPT method 100% is available

The method of registering ChatGPT in China, ChatGPT registration 100% is available

ChatGPT registration, Generative Pre-training Transformer, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by OpenAI that allows chatbots to understand and generate human-like natural language with unprecedented accuracy and fluency. The most powerful language model, with 175 billion parameters, capable of processing billions of words in a second.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chat robot program developed by OpenAI. It will be launched in November 2022. It is based on a large language model of the GPT-3.5 architecture and trained through reinforcement learning. In this software, users can interact with AI artificial intelligence. This kind of dialogue work, currently, some areas (such as mainland China, Hong Kong) cannot use this service, here we know that the blog will introduce you.

ChatGPT registration [2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

ChatGPT Registration

  • ChatGPT is very powerful in search and writing.
  • ChatGPT can give reasonable and effective search results based on the information provided by users.
  • Short stories written by ChatGPT,
  • Letters written by ChatGPT are smooth and accurate.
  • ChatGPT writes professional email responses
  • ChatGPT generates new content ideas for marketing campaigns
  • ChatGPT for any coding issues or for getting codes

How to register ChatGPT for domestic users

If domestic users want to register ChatGPT, they first need to have aWeb environment, such as the United States; then, you need a mobile phone number that can receive SMS verification codes, and then you can open the ChatGPT websiteRegistration, email verification, phone number verificationetc.

Notice:If you cannot meet the above necessary conditions, you can try the method of using ChatGPT in China, or you can experience the features of ChatGPT.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

Register for an OpenAI account with ChatGPT

1. Click to open in the page"Sign up"Make corresponding account registration

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1
2. On the new page, you can choose to register a ChatGPT account, you can use an email, or an email with a Google account, or register with a Microsoft Account.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1
When registering ChatGPT with an email address, enter your email address, and click"Continue", and then enter the password to go to the next step.

When registering ChatGPT with Microsoft Account, you can log in with a Microsoft account, if you have a Github account, click"Login Options", and then choose to register with a Github account.

When registering ChatGPT with Google account, enter the Google account address and password, and then go to the next step.

3. toRegister ChatGPT with emailFor example, entering an email address requires clicking Verify in the email received by the email address.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1
4. After the e-mail verification is successful, you need to enter the mobile phone number to receive the mobile phone verification code

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

5. Fill in the ChatGPT SMS verification code

ChatGPT registration how to receive SMS verification code

It is necessary to use a mobile phone number outside of China for verification, such as the United States, India, etc., which can be completed on the Russian code receiving platform sms-activate. This website supports Chinese/English display interface, supports Alipay, and uses Russian rubles for billing.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1


1. Now you need to use the registered third-party code receiving platform, visit


[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

2. After the registration is completed, you need to recharge (73 rubles for 1 US dollar), click on the upper right corner"Balance recharge", using Alipay recharge requires a minimum recharge of 2 US dollars.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

3. Search for OpenAI on the left side of the platform, then find Indonesia (Indonesia) in the country, and click to add to the shopping cart after selecting the country.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

4. Then wait a while for the following interface to appear, copy the mobile phone number here, enter it on the interface registered with OpenAI in the previous step, and then click the Send code button,Wait for the verification code SMS to be sent in the interface shown below.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1

Notice:The validity period is 20 minutes, and it needs to be operated quickly. If you do not receive the SMS verification code within two or three minutes, you can click the delete button next to it, and then select another mobile phone number again. No fee will be deducted if you do not receive the verification code.

Use ChatGPT

After the account registration is completed, you can use ChatGPT to play as much as you want, log in to the ChatGPT official website again, and then visit Chat, then you can start chatting with the robot as much as you want.

[2023] Domestic registration method of ChatGPT (100% available)-1


So far, the steps of purchasing a virtual number in sms-activate and receiving the verification code of ChatGPT mobile phone number are all completed. All registration work is completed. The above is the method of registering ChatGPT in China introduced for you. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand ChatGPT. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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