The latest tutorial to install YouTube TV version, smart YouTube TV Android Android TV install SmartTubeNext to watch YouTube without ads

How to install youtube TV version apk in 2024 Smart YouTube TV Android Just install an APP

intelligent TV Tired of using your phone or iPad to watch YouTube and want to do it comfortably while lying on the sofa? Great video content? So how to install YouTube TV version apk? Here’s how to install it on your smart TV , no need to use a third-party set-top box such as a TV box or Xiaomi box, just an Android apk file to solve it easily. Whether you have a Sony TV, Haier TV or Xiaomi TV, as long as it is a smart TV that can install apk, you can install the YouTube TV version apk on the TV.

The easiest way to watch YouTube on a smart TV is to install the YouTube app on the smart TV, and then you can watch the video with just a few clicks of the remote control. First make sure the smart TV is connected to the external network. YouTube videos can only be viewed when the TV is connected to the Internet.

Here are two YouTube apps that can be installed on smart TVs.With SmartYouTube TV

Install YouTube TV version apk preparations

Before installation, you need to prepare a USB flash drive to copy the downloaded APK to the USB flash drive, and then plug it into the TV to install the application.

The second is that your smart TV can access the international Internet normally.

Finally, you will need a computer to download the apps required for your smart TV.

The most important thing is that you need an Android smart TV.!

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

youtube TV version apk watch YouTube on TV SmartTubeNext (STN)

Let me briefly introduce what SmartTubeNext (STN) is!

SmartTubeNext Apk is a modified version of the official YouTube Android TV app for getting an ad-free experience while watching YouTube on TV.

SmartTubeNext is an advanced YouTube app for Android TVs and TV boxes. Watch YouTube on TV for free and open source. It is not a live TV client and does not support YouTube TV. SmartTubeNext does not display any advertising banners, pre-rolls or ad breaks. Not only does it try to block them, it's actually programmed to not show any ads at all, so YouTube can't insert any content.

  • 4K support
  • In the absence of running without service
  • Designed for TV screens
  • Inventory controller support
  • External keyboard support

The app has all the core features of the original YouTube app with additional features that allow you to use the SmartTubeNext app for Android TV. You can log in with your Google Account or sync your data with existing accounts and data to keep your information safe.

SmartTubeNext Download

Do not download SmartTubeNext from any app store, APK website or blog; these are uploaded by others and may contain malware or ads. SmartTubeNext is not officially released on any app store. Unfortunately, Google PlayStore does not allow ad-free Youtube apps that use unofficial APIs.

As of February 21, 2024, the latest version of SmartTubeNext (STN) is V21.24.


SmartTubeNext download address:

SmartTubeNext download:

SmartTubeNext update log:

  • Contains Beta
  • The old look of the channel page: Settings/General/Miscellaneous/The old look of the channel page
  • Double exit to exit the player: Settings/Player/Exit Player
  • Cumulative changes to version
  • Option to reorder context menu items. After enabling any menu item in the Settings/General/Context menu, the Select Location dialog box will pop up
  • Navigation between buttons within the player has been changed to be more intuitive
  • Player: Ability to select the amount of dimming when the screen is turned off (while setting it up, press and hold the Screen Off Player button)
  • Automatic volume adjustment keeps the loudness of all videos at the same level (cannot be disabled now).

What is the difference between arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a and armeabi?

arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a This information represents the corresponding ABI (Application Binary Interface) of the mobile phone processor and its supported instruction set.

Simply put, they use software packages with different ABIs. They support running on different mobile phone processors. Please see the table below for introduction.

 nameCorresponding to CPU
arm64-v8aRepresents 8th generation 64-bit ARM processors
armeabi-v7aIndicates 7th generation and above 32-bit ARM processors
armeabiRepresents 5th and 6th generation 32-bit ARM processors
x86-64Indicates Intel 32-bit processor (mainly used for tablets and virtual machines)
x86Indicates Intel 32-bit processor (mainly used for tablets and virtual machines)
Tip: 64-bit processors can run software compiled for 32-bit processors, but not vice versa.

YouTube TV version apk SmartTubeNext device support

Note: SmartTubeNext supports any Android system smart TV, including: Android TV, Google TV, TV-boxes, fireTV, etc., are not supported for non-Android system devices, such as Samsung TV, Samsung TIZEN, Apple TV, etc.

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

SmartTubeNext requires Android 4.3 or higher. It does not work on non-Android devices. This is a TV app, so it mostly won't work on smartphones or tablets.

Successfully tested on Android-based TVs, TV boxes and TV sticks, including:

  • Android TV and Google TV (e.g. Philips, Sony)
  • nvidia shield
  • Amazon FireTV Stick
  • Chromecast vs. Google TV
  • TV box running Android (many cheap Chinese off-brand boxes)
  • Mi Box

Some domestic set-top boxes may prevent the beta version from being installed. solution:

  • Install the stable version (recommended)
  • Install international firmware
  • You can bypass restrictions by performing a factory reset (reverting updates that prevent installation). You can then install the SmartTubeNext beta before any system updates. You can then safely update your system and SmartTubeNext should continue to work. It has not yet been confirmed whether the installed update will work.

youtube TV version apk SmartTubeNext installation

You can install the application using the following methods:

  • Install on your Android TV AFTVnews Downloader, open and enter or, then read and understand the confirmation prompt. (You can also enter 79015 (beta) or 28544 (and stable), but if you haven't installed the AFTVnews Downloader browser add-on, additional steps are required.)DownloadAFTVnews
  • Install the file transfer app on your Android TV, download the APK on your phone or computer and transfer it to your TV (e.g. send files to TV*)
  • Download the APK to a USB drive, place the USB drive into your TV and use a file manager app (such as FX File Explorer* or FileCommander). Android's pre-installed file manager doesn't work!
  • If you are an advanced user, you can install it using ADB.
    The above apps are available on Google Playstore and Amazon get.

The following is an example of installation using a USB disk:

First, download the latest version from the latest APK download address of SmartTubeNext. The latest version download address is:

最新安装 youtube电视版 apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube-1

After downloading, save it in a USB flash drive, and then insert the USB flash drive into the smart TVin the interface. Find the file manager or media manager that comes with the system in My Applications on the smart TV. After entering the manager, click the application to install it.

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube



Smart YouTube TV is a more powerful version than the original, it only supports Android devices especially on Android TV boxes. Usually original YouTube suffers from a lot of problems on TV boxes, Smart YouTube TV can solve these flaws.

  • 4K support.
  • Specifically designed for TV screens.
  • Any remote control is supported.
  • Login support.
  • Not dependent on Google services.
  • Completely localized.
  • Multilingual search keyboard.
  • Automatic update mechanism.
  • No root required!

Device/resolution options at the start initiate different playback methods:

  • 1080 Main – WebView
  • 1080 Alt – XWalk
  • 4K Main – Exoplayer + WebView
  • 4K Alt – Exoplayer + XWalk

youtube tv version apk download

The current version of SmartYouTubeTV is 6.17.739. SmartYouTubeTV is the predecessor of SmartTubeNext. Currently, SmartYouTubeTV has stopped updating and maintaining. There are currently no problems in using the application. It is also an ad-free application.You can log in normally. If you are interested, you can download SmartYouTubeTV.

Since the project team has stopped updating and maintaining, APK downloads are resources provided by third-party application download websites.

SmartYouTubeTV download:

YouTube TV version apk installation

The installation method is the same as SmartTubeNext. Download the APK to a USB flash drive, then insert the USB flash drive into the smart TV and open the installation file in the file manager or media manager to install.

2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube 2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube 2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube 2023最新安装 youtube电视版apk 教程,安卓电视安装 SmartTubeNext 看没广告的 YouTube

Watching YouTube on TV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: AV01 won't play/Why is VP9 running slow on my device?
Since AV01 is very new, most TVs and TV boxes have to provide hardware support and cannot function AV01 at all.

If your device has hardware support for the codec, videos using that codec should play smoothly. VP9 may also be slow at high resolution on budget TV boxes that don't officially support 4k. Your device may be able to play VP9 videos even without hardware support, but it will require a powerful CPU to run smoothly. Repairing AV01 without hardware support is technically possible, but is currently unplanned and may not be efficient enough.

Q: What is SmartYouTubeTV (SYTV)? What's the difference?
Answer: SmartYouTubeTV is the first 3rd party Android TV Youtube client. It is no longer maintained as all development work is now focused on SmartTubeNext. Although SmartYouTubeTV and SmartTubeNext both do the same thing, they use different methods:

  • SmartYouTubeTV is similar to the original YouTube TV but with plug-ins for enhanced functionality
  • SmartTubeNext is a native Android app that does not rely on the original YouTube TV code

The original YouTube TV application was a webapp. Google can and does constantly update network code, so it sometimes breaks SmartYouTubeTV. There is nothing we (or you) can do to prevent this from happening. These changes apply even if you don't update the app. Since some changes only apply to certain countries or randomly selected users, it makes it difficult for developers to debug and fix any issues. Google could have wasted years of hard work on this app in a single update.

SmartTubeNext is a native application that loads faster, is more stable, and is easier to maintain and further develop. SmartTubeNext doesn't look as good as SmartYouTubeTV, but that's only a minor issue.

Q: What if I prefer SmartYouTubeTV?
A: That's your choice. SmartYouTubeTV won't receive any frequent updates or fixes anymore, so you're on your own. We recommend not to dwell on the differences and adopt SmartTubeNext instead.

Q: Can you make SmartTubeNext look like the original app? / Can the search page be improved?
A: We will try, but it will take a lot of effort and time, so please be patient. You are definitely not the first person to suggest this.

SmartTubeNext follows Google's official recommended TV app design/template and uses the official pre-installed Android TV keyboard. Sadly, Google does a terrible job with search pages and keyboards. Perhaps a future SmartTubeNext update could add an embedded keyboard, similar to the original YouTube or other major Android TV apps. Maybe it can improve the look and feel, making it as good or better than the official YouTube app. But for now, due to lack of time and due to bad official advice from Google, it is this.

Q: Can't be installed in China?
A: Yes, the beta version cannot currently be installed on devices using the current Chinese firmware. (Maybe only Xiaomi?)

See the compatibility section for details.

Q: Can I use Samsung Tizen TV/LG webOS/ / Install it on the toaster?
A: No, this only works on Android devices. The application cannot be easily ported and we don't even plan to. Please don't ask.

Q: Can I install it on my smartphone? / Can portrait mode be added? /Scroll doesn't work.
Answer: Large size. This app is not intended for smartphones and we provide zero support for it.

You can cast videos from your smartphone to a TV/TV box running SmartTubeNext, though. Just use the official YouTube app or Vanced, see the casting section for more information.

There will be no mobile version. You can use Vanced, Pure Tuber, NewPipe or NewPipe x SponsorBlock instead. Please go to their respective support chat for help.

Q: Can I install it on a tablet/car screen/smartphone with a docking station?
Yes... maybe... Request:

  • This is an Android device
  • it has a big screen
  • It has TV remote, controller or keyboard touch input and is not supported. Neither mouse/touchpad can scroll. SmartTubeNext does not work correctly with just touch or mouse input.

Some users have reported great success (including on car entertainment systems). Please share your success story with us.

Q: I get an "Unknown codec"/"Unable to download video" error
A: Please wait 5 seconds for the video to play. If this doesn't help, press the play button. Some users report that this problem only occurs when they have a USB audio device connected or when the disk storage is full.

Q: I get "Video profile not supported"
A. Press the "HQ" button in the lower left corner, select the video format and select anything except AV01. Most devices (including yours obviously) don't support AV01, so choose VP9. See the Video Codecs section for details.

Q: I get "Video unavailable" when watching unlisted videos/my own videos
A: Yes, this is currently a bug.

Q: It doesn't appear on my cast
A: Please read the casting section.

Q: The video buffers a lot
A: This issue may not be specific to SmartTubeNext as this issue has also been reported with other unofficial YouTube apps. It may seem uncommon now, but it will be very common in the second quarter of 2021. Some users or devices appear to be more affected than others. The official YouTube app and website are apparently rarely affected. The root cause of the issue is currently unknown, but it appears to be a server-side issue on YouTube's end. Probably, YouTube is distinguishing 3rd party applications.

Now, try to see if it helps:

  • Lower resolution (or chance return)
  • Change video format to AVC
  • Add buffer in settings
  • Click the back button and try playing the video again

Q: The debug information says my monitor is 1080p, but I have a 4k/UHD monitor!
Answer: Don't worry, the debug information is incorrect. SmartTubeNext works well even above 1080p, which you should be able to see when you play 4k or UHD videos. Don't worry if it says "720p" and you have a 1080p monitor.

Q: Why doesn't it automatically select the highest quality?
Answer: Indeed (by default). If you set the video profile under settings, this can be the maximum value chosen automatically. Check if you have a video profile configured, you can cancel the setting by selecting "None".

Please don't confuse quality with bitrate. See the Video Codecs section for details.

Q: Can I set the default (maximum) resolution?
A: SmartTubeNext automatically selects the highest available quality for your video, up to the maximum resolution you can set in the settings under Video Profiles. SmartTubeNext will select the selected video profile if available, otherwise the next best available profile will be used. You can still change your video profile at any time while watching a video.

Q: Can the resolution be set to "Auto" based on my available bandwidth?
A: This is planned, but not yet. However, you can set the maximum resolution to a value appropriate for your bandwidth. See above for details.

Q: Why are video clips skipped?
Answer: SmartTubeNext has a feature called SponsorBlock. You can select which categories, if any, should be skipped. See the SponsorBlock section for details.

Q: How to automatically start next video/stop after each video?
A: You can use the loop button to switch between different autoplay modes 🔁

Q: How do I delete recommended videos that are not relevant to me (such as news)?
A: Recommended videos are defined by YouTube, not the application, and we cannot change the algorithm. They are based on your country, which you can change in settings. If you're signed in, they'll be based on your viewing history, user profile data, and anything else Google may use. If you're not logged in, you're in "incognito mode" so your viewing history doesn't affect your recommendations. Maybe a future version will add optional user profiling without logging in.

Q: Does HDR work?
A: Yes, if your hardware supports HDR, it will work. The NVIDIA Shield does not. See the section on HDR for more information.

Q: Why do some updates say "Don't update if you are satisfied with the current version" in the change log?
A: These updates change a lot of code in an attempt to fix bugs that only affect a small number of users/devices. Only affected users should update. For others, updating will provide no benefit; however, it may lead to new bugs. If you still update, don't worry.

Question: When playing at other speeds, the frame will skip!
A: We are currently unable to resolve this issue, sorry.

Q: What is AFR?
Answer: "Auto frame rate". It adjusts your TV's refresh rate to match the content you're watching. Smoothness can be improved slightly, but the difference is minimal; most people barely notice it. It doesn't work on every hardware. If you don't know what it does and don't want to test it yourself, you can safely turn it off.

Recommendation: You can turn it on to see if it works on your device; if it's causing problems (or if you don't want to test), turn it off.

Q: Should I choose high buffering or low buffering?
A: The higher your buffer is, the more videos will be preloaded before your current location. If you frequently close videos before they end, a low buffer may minimize your bandwidth usage. A high buffer can resolve network issues and prevent the video from pausing into the buffer. Higher buffers will increase RAM usage, but this shouldn't be a problem.

Recommendation: High.

Q: Can I preserve buffers when backtracing?
A: No, SmartTubeNext will have to re-buffer when you search backwards (e.g. jump back 5 seconds). This may be improved in future updates.

Q: My device freezes while watching YouTube
Answer: That is a firmware or Android problem. If you are using a custom rom, there may be a problem with the rom. Since it's almost impossible for developers to debug this issue, we can't help you, sorry. You can try the usual fixes: restart, clear cache, reinstall the app, or factory reset the device.

Q: Can I delete videos from my history?
Answer: Not yet

Q: Can I download videos?
Answer: Do not use SmartTubeNext

Q: Can updates be installed automatically?
Answer: No, this is technically impossible. Only preinstalled application managers (usually Google PlayStore, Amazon AppStore, etc.) have the required permissions. All other applications incl. SmartTubeNext can only display the opening installation prompt. A workaround using root is possible but has not yet been implemented.

Q: Can I whitelist ads on certain channels?
Answer: No, this is not possible. SmartTubeNext does not have any code to display ads. Adding this functionality actually takes time and effort, and that time and effort is spent adding useful features and fixing bugs.



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