WeChat red envelope grabbing plug-in for iPhone

The function is turned on to grab WeChat red envelopes. If the default parameters are used, the notification or chat list page or group chat will find a red envelope, and the red envelope will be automatically clicked and opened to jump to the details page and automatically closed. You can automatically grab red envelopes without any worries on your part. Teach you how to inject a red envelope grabbing plug-in into WeChat. The plug-in not only has the function of automatically grabbing red envelopes, but also has many other practical functions, such as Aite owner, anti-withdrawal, virtual positioning, etc. Let’s start the tutorial.

Preparation tools

The entire process can be operated via mobile phone

All-round signing or easy signing, shell WeChat full permission package, plug-in package, etc.

Tutorial starts

1. Import the downloaded shelled WeChat and plug-in package (we take WeChat assistant and virtual video as examples here) into EasySign, as shown in the figure below:

微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-1
Import into easy sign

2. Select the signature for the smashed WeChat you just imported, and change the corresponding information, APP name, bundle identifier and icon, etc. As shown below:

微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-2
Modify name

3. Then import the plug-in, remove device restrictions, etc. As shown below:

微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-3
Import plug-in library

4. Then click Sign Now. After signing, import it into Troll installation.

微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-4
Signature installation
微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-5
After installation, an icon will be displayed on the desktop. I changed the name here to Longwei.

5. Log in to WeChat, enter WeChat settings, and find that the plug-in has been injected successfully. You can use it by turning on functions such as grabbing red envelopes.

微信抢红包插件 iphone专用-6
Enable plug-in

This method can also be used to create multi-open packages. Finally, you can use it happily. If there are no trolls, you can just install it with Zhouzhoushuan.

Attached is the plugin package

This tutorial is for learning and sharing only, and Mr. Yang does not assume any responsibility for the security of WeChat information property. Please use with caution! ! !


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