The latest TVBox configuration address in 2024. The TVBox interface is available for personal testing. No ads and fast speed!

TVBox interface 2023 latest version interface, high speed, no jamming and no advertising tvbox configuration address

up to date and Interfaces mean the same thing, they are all freeinterface, but TVBox needs to configure the data source interface by itself. After the TVBox configuration address is configured, it can be used for live broadcast and on-demand broadcasts on TV. It is a must-have application for Android TV and can also be installed on Android phones. So how to configureWoolen cloth? Let’s personally test and sort out the latest tvbox interfaces, and share the latest available high-speed and ad-free interfaces below.

Note: TVBox may not be installed on newer smart TVs. It can be installed on smart TVs with arm v7a 7th generation CPU or below. Currently, TVBox has not released v7a and v8a versions. Many smart TVs use 7th generation CPU or higher. CPU, due to different architectures, may not be able to be installed.

TVBox is a decentralized online video player that requires an interface to be configured to watch videos. The interface comes from the Internet and includes resources from major film and television stations, allowing you to watch high-definition Blu-ray videos. The TVBox interface needs to be updated regularly. Here are some available interface addresses:, TVBox Android app download link is If TVBox crashes when opening, it may be that the Android version is too low and you need to install a suitable version.

: Currently TVBox isThe above open source project, because it is a decentralized video player, does not have an official website, and the copyright belongs to everyone who installs it.

Notice:q215613905andtakagen99 There are two different versions. Please note when downloading that the former is a pure version of TVBox OSC and the latter is a beautified version with two different branches in terms of functions. The usage method is the same.

TVBox updated features:

  • widen channel list
  • targetSdkVersion is too high, causing the doll to have no data
  • Add a background to the screen display
  • Anthology grouping
  • Prevent videoURL null pointer exception when the playback interface calls external software to open a video
    ijk server switch
  • Specify search source
  • Remove icon focus
    Prevent the homepage and Jusou from being reloaded when the phone and tablet lock screen is restored (#114) Jusou
    The screen will become smaller during recovery
  • The home page has multiple source categories. Click the first category, slide right on the touch screen to the first category and lose focus, then return, causing an abnormal crash with sortData being null.
  • Fix crash bugs that may occur when parsing aggregation, concurrency, and polling
  • Recommended video playback bug; ijk configuration optimization
  • Support recommended movie playback; support ordinary ftp video playback; support eDonkeyPlay; Fixed the bug of not stopping magnetic download when exiting playback
  • Clean the ijk player cache when starting, stop and clean the magnetic download when exiting the details interface
  • Cache cleaning adjustments are made when the APP is started. Only the cache generated by magnetic playback is cleared to prevent ali token information from being cleared.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the details interface caused by playing the video again after stopping the magnetic download in non-small window preview mode
  • Click Douban Video to jump to the search interface and fill in the video name in the input box. When exiting the playback interface, the magnetic download will be stopped to fix the bug.

The OSC version of TVBox adds support for Android 4.4, and TVBox can also be installed on some older TVs.

  • Add push to another tvbox function
  • Added site hiding option to hide sites in the site list
  • Allows customizing a site json, which can contain different sites
  • Synchronously update the built-in DKVideoPlayer code
  • Update gradle and dependency versions
  • Minor miscellaneous string translations
  • By importing characteristic resource interfaces, various types of crawler sources, XP sources, collection sources, etc. can be analyzed. There are absolutely no restrictions and no ads.
  • The original version supports local functions, aggregation mode, supports multiple video formats, increases resolution, time and buffering speed display, optimizes acquisition, etc.
  • The new UI aggregates search (long press the video), supports reading and mounting Alibaba network disk resources, and other functions are the same as the original version.
  • Settings>Configure address>Enter your site source rules>Confirm;
  • The new version supports multiple jars (crawler packages) and adds live program preview EGP

TVBox is an open source project on GitHub. The TVBox TV box Android application mainly comes from the following two open source software libraries. These two software libraries are different versions of TVBox. There are only open source codes in the software libraries, but they are not compiled. Software applications may be used to avoid legal risks. The software fully complies withThe agreement has no commercial nature and is completely free.

From an open source perspective, TVBox is legal. Once the software is written, it only has source code. If it is not compiled into an executable file, it will be difficult to be widely used.HalfLifeCompile and package TVBox from the two software libraries into an installable and usable Android application on GitHub. Of course, compiled Android applications also comply with the GPL open source agreement. No commercial use and completely free.

TVBox download

TVBox TV box Android application can be downloaded from the address below. The latest version is on GitHub., the network disk diverts TVBox download addresses collected on the Internet.

TVBox download:

TVBox download:

TVBox Android TV app download TVBox_takagen99: Password: 999

TVBox mobile version EasyBox download:

EasyBox is the Android vertical screen version of TVBox. It can be used as an Android movie and TV app and is interoperable with TVBox sources.

TVBox interface available for personal testing TVBox interface

TVBox can be said to be a decentralized online video player. After TVBox is downloaded and installed, there are no software restrictions and no one can control this software. For example, it is equivalent to writing a player yourself. , and then install it on your own TV, and you are the owner of this player.

When you download TVBox and install it on your TV, you are 100% the owner of TVBox. The ownership is in your hands and you can play however you want.

But one thing is that TVBox is just a network player. If there is no configuration interface, then TVBox is just a player. Not to mention watching movies and live broadcasts, even local videos cannot be played. This is also the fundamental problem of TVBox being a decentralized player.

If you want TVBox to play online videos, you need to add a network video interface to the configuration. So the question is, is the network video interface legal?

There is no need to recharge VIP membership of major platforms, and you can watch Blu-ray high-definition videos for free. Various movie websites are aggregated in various interfaces, which are also mixed with many illegal advertisements or bad information. To put it simply, the TVBox interface is a hot link to the film and television resources of major pirated movie websites.

As the saying goes, there is a law to piracy. It is not illegal to watch pirated movies. What is illegal are those pirated movie websites that make money from pirated movies. You can watch free pirated movies through technical means, this is TVBox.

The resource interface is the core of TVBox, referred to as TVBox interface. It is a special file.Or json format, including film and television crawlers from major film and television stations on the Internet. TVBox can load resources into the player through interface files, allowing you to integrate and play all film and television resources in one player.

There are two ways to configure the TVBox interface. One is the remote configuration interface, which can be configured using a mobile phone or computer. The other is to configure it directly in the TVBox. For details, please refer to:Free TV Box APP TVBox Watch all online movies and TV on demand for free

最新 TVBox配置地址 TVBox接口 亲测可用无广告速度快

Use a browser on your computer to open the IP address configured by TVBox, then click Configure, copy the TVBox interface into the custom interface configuration address, and click OK to transfer it to the TV. Click Confirm on the TV, then return to the TVBox homepage, and click Home on the homepage to select the playback source.

最新 TVBox配置地址 TVBox接口 亲测可用无广告速度快Recommended ad-free video sources:Watch movies quickly,Cool Cloud Qiqi,little apple,Lezhu Film and Television

Most of these video sources are Blu-ray high-definition movies and TV shows, with high speed, no lag and no ads.

TVBox interfaceTVBox data source

Let’s share the latest available TVBox interfaces:

The TVBox interface supports watching high-definition Blu-ray videos without advertisements and membership. The content does not include:Tencent, iqiyi, iQiyi, youku, Youku, mgtv", Mango, LeTV, PPTV, sohu,, Bilibili and other major platform websites.

TvBox interface configuration,Continually updated.

The following are all valid tvbox interface addresses. If they fail, please try to use a different tvbox interface address.

Note: The tvbox interface comes from the Internet, and the long-term validity of the interface is not guaranteed. If you have a useful interface, you can leave a message below to share it with everyone!

The interface will be updated on March 4, 2024, and it is valid for personal testing! Qiaoji tvbox interface, password 4396 Qiaoji tvbox interface, password 4396 box/m.json https:/ / https: //

The above TVBox interface can be used in the latest test. If the category column cannot be displayed, please select the homepage data source on the homepage. Be more knowledgeable about the data sources, and there will always be something you can use! TVBox interfaces are collected from the Internet and updated from time to time.

The following interfaces can be used normally. If the interface fails, please let us know in the message area below!有广告)有广告)部分有广告)有广告)部分有广告)部分有广告)

Multi-warehouse TVBox interface

最新 TVBox配置地址 TVBox接口 亲测可用无广告速度快

最新 TVBox配置地址 TVBox接口 亲测可用无广告速度快 Diary/Warehouse/api.json yyfxz/qqtv/main/qq.json

Multi-warehouse TVBox download:Movie and TV Warehouse_4.0.3_opt.apk

All content data comes from the Internet, and availability is not guaranteed! This website does not store any software tools, but only aggregates and recommends software reviews.

TVBox crashes when opening

If TVBox crashes when opening, it is caused by the TV’s Android version being too low. The latest TVBox OSC version does not support low-version Android systems.

Select TVBox_q215613905 TVBox OSC version in the network disk to install. Do not install the TVBox_takagen99 version. The takagen99 version will add support for Android 4.4 in 2023 and is currently in the testing phase.

TVBox Android TV app download TVBox_takagen99: Password: 999

TVBox interface configuration editor

This is an editor that can visually edit the TVBox interface online:

Editor PC Web version: CatVodTVJsonEditor

GitHub Grease Monkey Script

GitHub Chinese culture plug-in:
Github enhancement-high-speed download:

TVBox configuration address Github RAW acceleration service

Source code Hong Kong Singapore https :// Japan gh/liu673cn/box/main/m.json South Korea /box/main/m.json @main/m.json

TVBox configuration address Github static acceleration https://purge.jsdelivr. net/gh/

Click to visit: TVbox interface encyclopedia, personal test is effective, aggregated interfaces are free of VIP for all network platforms

Latest tvbox configuration address tvbox live source Android TV

Disclaimer: This site does not produce or store the above content. All the above content comes from the Internet. The site only collects and organizes content and exchanges technology. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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