Google SEO: Selection of domain names for overseas website building, how to restore a website that has been demoted by Google

Google weight and domain name selection

, . The impact of website domain names on Google website rankings is still a hotly debated topic. Some experts believe that including relevant keywords in a domain name can help a website rank higher in search results. However, Google says that domain names have little impact on rankings and that it’s not worth choosing a domain name that contains keywords just to optimize rankings. In addition, choosing a good domain name is also important to build a strong brand image and increase the credibility of the website. Therefore, when choosing a domain name, you should consider multiple factors, not just Google site rankings.

Google SEO:海外建站域名挑选 , 网站被Google降权如何恢复-1

What is Google weight?

Weight does not exist officially in Google. The so-called weight refers to the ranking of a website in Google. A high weight is ranked high and a low weight is ranked low.

Google once said about PR,(Page Rank) is a metric used by Google to measure the importance and authority of a website. Although Google has phased out public PR data in 2016, it is still possible to estimate the PR of a website through third-party tools.

  • : Chrome and Firefox browser extension that displays a website's MozRank, similar to PR.
  • : Paid SEO tools that provide website Ahrefs Weight is also related to PR.
  • : Paid SEO tools that provide website SEMrush Authorization score, which reflects its authority in Google search results.
  • : Paid SEO tools that provide website Majestic Trust flow, a measure of how much other websites trust it.

MozBar from Moz Search for MozBar in the Chrome app store and click to install.

Google SEO:海外建站域名挑选 , 网站被Google降权如何恢复An all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go. MozBar gives you instant metrics when viewing any page or SERP. - Create custom searches by engine, country, region or city. -Quickly assess the page authority and domain authority of any website or page. - Access and compare link metrics across pages when viewing any SERP. - Find and highlight keywords on the page and differentiate links by type: followed, unfollowed, external or internal. -Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status. - Export search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV file. Get more with a Moz Pro subscription – Unlock additional MozBar Premium features: – Keyword Difficulty – See the keyword difficulty score for any search term on any SERP in real time. - On-page Optimization – Get instant on-page optimization details and content suggestions for any keyword on any page. - More Metrics – Drill deeper into page and SERP analytics data with root domain and subdomain links, unlimited Open Site Explorer reports, and more.

Google SEO: Google domain name authority query MozBar SEO Chrome extension installation tutorial

Google SEO:海外建站域名挑选 , 网站被Google降权如何恢复

Things to note:

  • PR estimates provided by third-party tools are for reference only.
  • Google has officially retired PR, so these estimates may not be entirely accurate.
  • In addition to PR, there are many other factors that affect a website's ranking in Google search results, such as content quality and backlinks.

What causes a website to be demoted by Google?

  1. Website revision may lead to loss of rights, so you need to be cautious.
  2. Repeated collection of content will reduce the quality of the website and lead to a reduction in authority.
  3. Excessive keyword density will cause a decline in user experience and lead to a reduction in authority.
  4. Over-optimization of internal pages.
  5. Improper construction of external incoming links, such as excessive growth of links to new sites, etc., will cause a reduction in authority.
  6. If the friendly link website is downgraded or K-ed, this website will also be affected.

The most troublesome thing for SEO is that the website is demoted. Website demotion means that your website is punished by the search engine. After the demotion, the weight of your website is reduced. Google inclusion and natural ranking will be reduced, which will lead to endless losses. There are fewer customer transaction opportunities and trust, and the website brand cannot be recognized by customers. The following 6 aspects can easily cause the website to be demoted. Website administrators need to pay special attention to:

1. Website revision

Website revision will have a greater impact on search engine rankings. Since website revision will make major adjustments to the structure, code, and content of the page, this will cause search engines to need to re-evaluate the website. During this process, the previously accumulated page weight may temporarily decrease. Page authority will not be restored until search engines re-crawl and verify the site. Therefore, when revamping your website, you should proceed with caution and fully consider the potential impact on search engine rankings.

2. Repeated collection of content

If a website collects far more original or pseudo-original content, it will be difficult to guarantee the content quality of the website. When search engines crawl and filter content, they classify websites based on their content quality, and collecting too much content may cause the website to be classified at a lower level. Therefore, it is recommended that websites reduce the collection of content during operation and focus on producing original content. Only by continuously producing high-quality original content can a website improve its ranking in search engines and gain more traffic and exposure.

3. Excessive keyword density causes the website to be demoted.

Many friends also often ask about keyword density. Isn’t the keyword density between 2%-8%? Then it should be as high as possible, so that the Google keyword ranking will be better. Keyword density is crucial in website optimization. One of the important factors, many friends often consult about this, is that we need to do more research on keyword density in order to improve the website ranking. Keyword density refers to the frequency of keywords in web pages. Generally speaking, if the keyword density is too low, search engines will not be able to recognize the importance of the keyword, thus affecting the website ranking; if the keyword density is too high, it will be considered by search engines. Cheating will also affect website rankings. Therefore, we need to reasonably set the keyword density according to the specific situation to achieve the best results.

4. Over-optimization of internal pages

Excessive internal page optimization may cause the website to lose authority

Excessive in-page optimization refers to a situation where website webmasters over-optimize website pages in order to cater to search engine algorithms, resulting in poor user experience. For example, when website keywords are too concentrated to point to the same link, or when website content is of low quality and lacks originality, it will lead to over-optimization of internal pages.

Google search engine will rank websites based on factors such as their content quality and user experience. If the search engine determines that the website has been over-optimized, it will penalize it, causing the website to lose authority. Derating a website will affect its ranking in search results, leading to reduced website traffic, revenue, and other issues.

Therefore, webmasters should pay attention to the following points when optimizing internal pages:

Avoid keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is the repeated use of keywords in website pages, which makes the content of the page unnatural and difficult to read.
Pay attention to content quality: Website content should be original, high-quality, and able to provide users with valuable information.
Improve user experience: Website pages should be designed to be concise and easy to navigate, allowing users to easily find the information they need.
Reasonable use of anchor text: Anchor text refers to the text on links pointing to other pages. When using anchor text, you should pay attention to using appropriate keywords to avoid over-optimization.

By avoiding excessive in-page optimization, webmasters can improve the quality and user experience of their sites, resulting in better search engine rankings and traffic.

5. Imported links cause the website to be demoted.

External incoming links are crucial to website ranking. There are differences in link building strategies between new and old sites.

For new sites, since the content is not perfect enough, the number of links should not be too many, and the growth rate should be slow and steady. Search engines believe that it is impossible for a new website to obtain a large number of links in a short period of time. After the website is stable, the number, time and frequency of new links every day should remain consistent.

For old websites, even if the keyword ranking of the website has reached the homepage, continuous link building cannot be ignored, otherwise the ranking may gradually decline. Continuous link building helps a website maintain a good ranking in search results and improves the overall authority of the website.

6. Friendly links

Exchanging friendly links is also an important means of website optimization, so many websites will have this aspect. If the ranking of a website drops, first check whether the ranking of a friendly website has dropped or even been blocked. If so, delete the website first and then add it after it recovers. The quality of friendly links has a great impact on the ranking of the website, so when choosing friendly links, you should choose high-quality websites that are relevant to your own website. At the same time, the number of friendly links should not be too many, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the ranking of the website.

How to restore a website that has been demoted by Google? What to do if a website has been demoted?

What should I do if my website’s ranking drops in Google? In the past, Google ranked on the first page, and it was updated and included in seconds. Suddenly one day it was demoted, and the ranking dropped a lot.

How to choose an overseas domain name to build a website?

first inCheck the registered domain name on the official website to see if there is any deleted content in the Lumen database. If there are a large number of deletion links, it is recommended not to use this domain name.

Links deleted by Google due to copyright issues will have a great impact on the weight of the domain name. Even if you build a website in the future, try not to touch copyright-related content.

Collect and analyze legal complaints and requests to remove online material to help Internet users know their rights and understand the law. This data allows us to study the prevalence of legal threats and allows Internet users to view the sources of content removals.

The Lumen database, operated by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, is the authoritative source on global online content removals. The database contains more than 1 million legal complaints and removal requests from around the world. The data is used to study the prevalence of legal threats, content removal patterns, and differences across countries and regions.

The Lumen database is a valuable resource for researchers, journalists, and policymakers studying Internet content regulation. It also provides Internet users with tools to know their rights and understand the law. The database is an important tool for protecting free speech online and promoting an open Internet.

Lumen official website:

The Lumen database collects and analyzes legal complaints and removal requests for online materials, helping Internet users understand their rights and the law. This data allows us to study the prevalence of legal threats and inform Internet users about the sources of content removals.

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