iOS – Quantumult X (circle X) detailed usage tutorial, free subscription link conversion and lazy configuration

What is Quantumult X?

X is a powerful networking tool for web developers and users who need custom proxies. For web developers: - HTTP activity can log the entire HTTP request and response including the body (HTTP debugging should be enabled). It is another network proxy tool from the author of Quantumult. The interface design is more beautiful and supports currently popular JavaScript scripts.

Quantumult X is another network proxy tool from the author of Quantumult.

  • The interface design is more beautiful and supports currently popular JavaScript scripts.
  • The overall experience of Quantumult X is no less than that of Surge, and it is extremely cost-effective. Recommended Use.
  • Support SS/, (KCP is not supported), HTTP (over tls)

As of December 14, 2022,The latest version is Quantumult X v1.1.0

Quantumult X download and install

Quantumult X official website Github project address:

Quantumult X US Apple App Store official website address:

Quantumult X Minato Apple App Store official website address:

If you want to download Quantumult X on your mobile phone, you can use an external Apple ID to log in to the AppStore to download.

Create your own overseas Apple ID in 2021 (US, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)

Apple US account Apple ID free account sharing

Quantumult X is a powerful web tool for web developers and users who need custom proxies.

Web Developer:

  • HTTP activity can log the entire HTTP request and response, including the body (HTTP debugging should be enabled).
  • MitM HTTP decryption is available for traffic coming from TUN interfaces (MitM should be enabled).
  • Use URL 302/307 redirects or HTTP rewriting with request header/body modification or response header/body modification (rewriting should be enabled).
  • Custom DNS settings for a specific domain (IPv4 or IPv6), which can only be edited in the configuration file.

Users who need a custom proxy:

  • Support shadowsocks proxy protocol.
  • Supports shadowsocks with obfs-tls or obfs-http plugins.
  • Support shadowsocks based on websocket and tls (the server side should be deployed by v2ray-core).
  • UDP relay is supported if the server supports it.
  • Support different network request strategies by using custom filters (host, host suffix, host keyword...).

Get started quickly with CircleX

It is recommended to use lazy package configuration (pre-configuration file)

Although Quantumult X is powerful, without configuration files, Quantumult X cannot exert its powerful offloading function. The significance of the preconfiguration file is to help novice users (or lazy users) import some configurations necessary for the operation of the software with one click, including distribution rules, policies, policy groups, DNS, MitM, Rewrite rules, etc. After importing the preconfigured file, you only need to manually add nodes to enjoy the smooth scientific Internet experience brought by this software.

Import preconfigured test files

If you want to directly import the lazy configuration diversion rules, you can skip this test configuration and directly import the subsequent lazy configuration.

Note: Many netizens cannot open the pre-configuration file in the first step of importing it. This problem is caused by incomplete resolution of the domain name in some domestic areas.

If the configuration file link cannot be opened, you can refer to this article:Solve the problem that Github domain name cannot be opened and cannot be accessed

;2022-09-26: Add descriptions for each module (some content is only applicable to versions 1.1.0 or above)
;⚠️Note⚠️: In the following content, those with ";" and "#" are comment symbols. Remove the preceding symbols to make this line valid.

;The general module contains some common setting parameters.

;Quantumult X will perform corresponding tests on the URL specified by server_check_url to confirm the availability of the node
;You can also specify the server_check_url parameter separately for nodes and subscriptions in server_local/remote
;If you specify a URL separately for the node, this URL address will be used in all related delay tests.
;Node delay test timeout parameter, it needs to be less than 5000 milliseconds to take effect

;👍👍👍Resource parser, which can be used to customize the conversion of various remote resources, such as nodes, rule filters, rewrite, etc. The url address can be remote or local/iCloud (Quantumult X/Scripts directory);
;The following is a parser I wrote. For specific content, please refer directly to the instructions in the link.

;👍👍geo_location_checker is used to display node information on node pages, and can completely customize the display content and method
; extreme-ip-lookup is a demonstration API provided by the author of Quantumult X
;The following is the API I use and the js used to obtain and display node information.

;👍👍👍Running mode module, running_mode_trigger setting, that is, automatically switching modes such as offload/direct connection/global proxy according to the network.
;running-mode-trigger mode is equivalent to manual switching of direct connection/global proxy. The rewrite/task module will always take effect. It is simpler to set than the ssid policy group and more flexible than ssid-suspend.

;running_mode_trigger=filter, filter, asus-5g:all_direct, asus:all_proxy
; In the above writing method, the first two filters successively indicate the filter (split) mode under [Data Cellular Network] and [General Wi-Fi], and the latter indicates switching to global direct connection [all_direct] under asus-5g, asus Switch to global proxy [all_proxy]
; If you need to use it, just change the corresponding SSID to your own Wi-Fi name

;ssid_suspended_list, allows Quantumult
;ssid_suspended_list=Asus, Shawn-Wifi

;Domain names in the dns exclusion list will not use fake-ip. Other domain names will all use fake-ip and remote resolution modes.

;UDP whitelist, if left blank, all ports will be used by default. Ports that are not in the UDP whitelist will be discarded (ICMP "port unreachable" information will be returned).
;udp_whitelist=53, 80-427, 444-65535

; UDP Drop list, similar to whitelist, but will not return ICMP "port unreachable" information
; The drop list only processes ports in the whitelist
;udp_drop_list = 1900, 80

# parameter fallback_udp_policy only supports v1.0.19 and later versions.
The value of the # parameter fallback_udp_policy only supports the end policy (the end policy is the policy hit after passing through the rule module and policy module, such as: direct, reject and node; the built-in policy proxy and other custom policies are not supported).

Quantumult X lazy configuration

Synchronously update the GITHUB boss script and is not responsible for maintaining the script! The script is not tested for usability. Quantumult X lazy configuration updated on December 14, 2022!

The latest store version of Quantumult X supports gallery subscription and URL speed testing:

The old version of QuantumultX is suitable for the following configurations where iOS14 does not support the Task_Gallery function:

Share the configuration rules provided by two big guys

Copy the link above and open Quantumult X.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Click the button in the lower right corner and select Download.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Paste the link you just copied and click OK. At this time, the software will start to download the preconfiguration file and a prompt window will pop up. Please click "OK". Then save. At this point, the preconfiguration file is loaded.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程 iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程 iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Returning to the home page of the software, we can see that there are now some more policy groups and demonstration subscription links.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Import your own nodes, Quantumult X subscription link

In the previous step, we have added other configurations necessary for Quantumult X to run. At this time, we only need to add nodes.

Quantumult X subscription link needs to convert the subscription format. Subscription link and subscription conversion are introduced below.

Click the icon in the lower right corner of the software homepage. then selectQuote.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Delete empty subscription

The demonstration subscription is an empty subscription and cannot be used to surf the Internet scientifically.

Press and hold Demo Subscription and swipe left to selectdelete. (Tip: Swipe right to disable)

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Copy and add your own Quantumult X subscription link

Please log in to the airport’s official website and copy the SSR subscription link in the user center.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

After iOS 13, the Safari browser has added a preview function. Please long press the subscription link and then select it in the secondary menu."copy".

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

After copying the subscription connection, you can enter the software to add nodes. Click the icon in the lower right corner of the software homepage and click"node"Select this column"Quote". Then paste your subscription connection in the pop-up window.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Tip: You can press and hold the loaded node module and slide it to the left, select "Label" to add notes to your node.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Return to the home page of the software and you should now be able to see the node list.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Test node latency

Quantumult X uses the HTTP HEAD method to perform web page corresponding testing on the test URL (server_check_url) to confirm the availability of the node.
In other words, as long as there is a node with numerical feedback, it basically means that it can be used.
The first item is the node TCP handshake, and the second item is the time required to obtain a response by accessing the test webpage through the corresponding node. You can set the test URL yourself in the configuration file.

There are two ways to test node latency:

  • Long press any node in the node list and select web page response test
  • Swipe down once on the node or policy group list to test the delay for the current node group; swipe down twice quickly to display the historical average

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程 iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Quantumult X Subscription Link Conversion

Start Quantumult X

The node was added and the latency was tested. You can now start the software. Generally we will select a node with lower latency and click the switch in the upper right corner. When first started, the software will establish a local VPN tunnel. Please select Allow.

Quantumult X More

About Quantumult X proxy mode

Quantumult X has three proxy modes:

  • All agents
  • All direct connections
  • Rule diversion (recommended)

How to enable rule diversion mode:

Click the function button in the lower right corner of the software, then click the three-dot mark in the upper right corner of the new window and select"Rule diversion".

(Also check the box by the way)"Long press the home function key to switch", will be tested later)

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

The significance of this mode is:

  •  Solve the possible interference caused by local DNS
  •  Solve some website redirection problems
  •  Can break through some intranet restrictions (companies, schools)
  •  Intercept some mining JS plug-ins
  •  Behavioral analysis of interception of commonly used applications and web pages
  •  Block data statistics of commonly used applications and web pages
  •  Block private tracking of commonly used applications and web pages
  •  Intercept operator hijacking of major shopping websites
  •  Block Content Security Policy Hijacking
  •  Interception of CNNIC root certificate hijacking
  •  Block startup ads for some applications
  •  Block the traffic statistics that some operators hijack web page pop-ups.
  •  Block floating ball advertisements that pop up on web pages hijacked by some operators
  •  Block common video ads
  •  Block ads on commonly used websites and ads on other streaming media websites
  •  Block websites of anti-China forces such as Falun Gong
  •  Direct connection to all domestic websites
  •  Apple service acceleration (App Store, Apple Music, Apple streaming, iCloud backup, iCloud Drive, iTunes, etc.)
  •  Acceleration of commonly used foreign websites (Google/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/instagram/wikipedia/Github, etc.)

About the function buttons in the lower right corner

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Flexible use of this button will bring us a lot of convenience.

It has three main functions:

  • Single tap: is the entry point to various settings and functions.
  • Long press: Quickly switch to the diversion mode (right side)
  • Long press: Update all remote resources (left side) with one click [including node subscriptions, diversion rules, JS scripts, policies, policy groups, etc.]

Long pressing this button has no effect, please check"Long press the home function key to switch"setting.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

About policy groups

How to add nodes to a policy group:

As shown in the figure below, representatives with a white ring mark on the policy group module can long press to add or delete nodes in it.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Taking the YouTube policy group as an example, long press the policy group icon and add or delete nodes.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

The edited result is shown in the figure:

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

The significance of this policy group is fine-grained control so that YouTube traffic can use other lines independently to meet the different needs of different users. For example, YouTube Premium users may be more inclined to use lines that support membership features.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore have opened YouTube Premium services on November 6, 2019.So it is more convenient for everyone to choose the route.


  • Selecting PROXY in the policy group means staying consistent with the default node
  • Selecting DIRECT means that the domestic network will be used to connect directly

Quantumult X How to Edit or Disable Diversion Rules

Click the function key in the lower right corner, and then choose to add or quote in the diversion interface. Because we are importing preconfiguration, click Reference. All referenced rules (sets) can be seen.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

If you want to disable a rule (set), you can hold down and swipe to the right. This rule (set) will not take effect. Swipe left to edit.

Rewrite and MitM

The main functions of Rewrite and MitM are to assist in ad blocking. You can turn it on as needed according to your own situation.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Quantumult X updates GeoLite2 database

Its function is to assist the software in making diversion decisions and improve the accuracy of rule hits. You can click the homepage function key, then click the three dots in the upper right corner, and then look down to find the GeoLite2 update button. It is recommended to update once a month.

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Quantumult X Hide VPN Icon

Click the function key in the lower right corner → three dots in the upper right corner → go down to find the VPN column and check "Exclude route 0.0.0/31"

iOS - Quantumult X (圈X) 使用教程

Quantumult X Free Subscription

After the above brief introduction, I believe you are already familiar with QuantumultX There is a simple understanding. The core function of a proxy tool is to use proxy nodes to access the external network. Without nodes, no matter how easy-to-use a tool is, it is just a decoration. It is hard for a good woman to make a meal without rice. If you want to know more deeply, more Quantumult X unlock content .

Please read the article below. Get a free Quantumult X node subscription.

Quantumult X free subscription advanced tutorial, TikTok configuration file guide

Quantumult X Statement

  • Any unlocking and decryption analysis scripts involved in the content shared above are only for resource sharing and learning research. Legality, accuracy, completeness and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. Please make your own judgment based on the actual situation.
  • The content shared above comes from the Internet, please use it at your own discretion, including but not limited to any loss or damage caused by any content errors, and we will not bear any responsibility.
  • You must completely delete all content shared above from your computer or mobile phone within 24 hours after downloading.
  • If any unit or individual believes that the content shared above may infringe upon their rights, they should promptly notify and provide proof of ownership, and we will delete the relevant scripts after receiving the certification documents.
  • Users should read this statement carefully. Once you use and copy any content shared in this project, you are deemed to have accepted this disclaimer.


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