New Bing New Bing Bing AI is popular. It teaches you how to play Bing Chatgpt without circumventing the firewall.

AI search New Bing, use New Bing AI search service

  New Bing AI search can be said to be the hottest hot spot at present. Therefore, the download volume of Bing’s mobile application has increased more than N times in just a few days. The registration threshold of ChatGPT is relatively high, and many domestic users cannot access it. Through New Bing's AI search function allows you to experience ChatGPT's AI function for free, which is undoubtedly very attractive. Let's teach you how to use New Bing AI search. search.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

New Bing AI responds to your needs, visit New Bing

Many reports sayIt was released, but after opening Bing, I found that Bing is still the same Bing. Nothing has changed. It is still a search engine. Except for some changes in the search box, in the end, it is still an ordinary search function. I don’t see any trace of intelligent AI. Urgent, let me teach you step by step to enable the new Bing.

Released new Bing powered by ChatGPT and AI. The improved search engine is more powerful than previous versions of Bing, thanks to a new interface, ChatGPT AI technology, and other changes. The new Bing is available in limited preview starting today.

To access your new Bing, you need to follow a few steps. Note that even after you follow all these steps, you still may not have immediate access to the new Bing and you'll just be on the waiting list to try it.

How to sign up to use New Bing

Download and install the Edge dev version of the Microsoft browser. This version can be downloaded and used directly. Microsoft has not blocked domestic users. At present, the usage rate of domestic users of Bing search has exceeded that of the closed-loop search brother.

Edge dev download link:

Edge Dev builds are the best representation of the improvements over the past week. This version is tested by the Microsoft Edge team and is generally more stable than the Canary version.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

If you have a Microsoft account, click login directly to synchronize data and use New Bing's AI ChatGPT function. You must register for a Microsoft account.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

After the Microsoft Edge Dev browser is installed, enter in the browser

Click on the New Bing pageJoin the waiting list!Note: Domestic users will automatically jump to New Bing is not open to domestic users, although domestic users are more enthusiastic than foreign users. But the reality is this. Bing has no plans to open new Bing test for domestic users.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

Or in the discovery in the upper right corner of the browser, there will be a link to join the waiting list, click to join the waiting list.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

After joining the waiting list, you will receive an email from Bing in your email address. Just wait for the official notification.

New Bing 新必应 Bing AI 火了,不翻墙,教你玩转 Bing Chatgpt-1

After the application is completed, just wait patiently for the email from Bing. Bing itself does not know when the email will be received. It depends on your luck!

How to get new BING faster

If you want to access the New Bing app faster, you can follow a few steps. Microsoft didn't specify how quickly you'll get access, but your name will be moved to a waiting list.

  • Set Microsoft Edge as the default search on your PC. That means don’t use Google’s browser.
  • Install the Bing Search app via the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Make sure to log in to your Microsoft account on the Bing app. A Microsoft account is required.
  • Install in Edge browserWeb browsing experience tools

This wave of operations will basically eliminate the Google Chrome browser. Once users’ AI search habits are formed, they may really abandon the Google Chrome browser and switch to Microsoft Edge. Fortunately, the Google Chrome user base is large enough. Powerful, it still occupies 91%’s global search user base. No one can predict where the future will go. Just like Nokia, the No. 1 mobile phone company back then, it was quietly overthrown by Apple. Fortunately, although Google is the dominant player in search, it still has the spirit of being prepared for danger in times of crisis. Although Google's artificial intelligence Bard got off to a bad start, Google still has a strong foundation of AI artificial intelligence.

Born in sorrow, died in happiness. No one knows what AI will develop into in a few years!


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