An easy-to-use network-wide VIP video analysis interface, jsonplayer allows you to watch network-wide VIP programs for free

jsonplayer network-wide VIP video analysis interface

parsing interface , it is a video player plug-in based on HTML5, which can be installed through Bower. The frameplayer.css and frameplayer.js files are introduced into the page, and then the HTML code is inserted into the page, and the video is implemented by initializing the plug-in and configuring parameters. Play and control. is a network-wideInterface, which is a function for parsing video links and playing them in the system's default browser.

Whole networkaddress:

How to use VIP video analysis interface:

Copy the video address from Youku, Tencent, Xigua Video, and iQiyi after the url= and you can play it.

好用的全网vip视频解析接口,jsonplayer 免费看全网VIP节目-1

You only need to enter the URL address of the video to watch VIP programs on the entire network.


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