The latest Huawei mobile phone installation Google Play Store 2024 Huawei Hongmeng system is effective in personal testing

Install Google Play Store on Huawei Mobile Phones What is Google Play?

This method will still be valid in 2024. play store, Play also known as store, formerly Market. It is a mobile application digital distribution platform developed by Google for the Android operating system, including a digital media store. As the official app store for the Android operating system, it allows users to browse and download applications developed using the Android SDK and published through Google.

There are many types of Android mobile phones in China. At present, the most widely used Android mobile phones in China include Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Huawei, Samsung and other Android operating system mobile phones. Here is a Huawei mobile phone as an example. How to download and install Google Play on Huawei mobile phones.

Note: If you are a novice user and do not have the technical ability to install Google’s native framework, you can useInstall it in the same way as the Google Store, and the final effect will be the same.

Installing Google Play on Android phones Installing the Google Store is 100% successful!

Install Google Play Store on Huawei Phone

Huawei series phones, Honor series phones, Xiaomi phones, OPPO phones, vivo phones, and other Android operating system phones can all use this method to install Google Play. Supports native Huawei operating system and Hongmeng 2.0 operating system.

Why can’t Huawei use Google?

How to download and install Google Play on Huawei mobile phones? Huawei mobile phones themselves do not restrict the installation of GMS (Google Mobile Service), and there are no restrictions on Huawei mobile phones saying that they cannot be installed., but there is no preset, what we have to do now is to install it manually. GMS requires relatively high permissions and requires a software called "Google Service Assistant" to assist in installation, which can help us install GMS with system permissions.

How to install Google Store on Huawei mobile phone?

Step 1. Confirm whether Google services are already installed on the phone

How to install Google App Store on Huawei mobile phones?

First, check the operating system of the mobile phone. The current operating system of the tested mobile phone is Huawei Hongmeng 2.0, and then check whether Google services are installed.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

, click Settings, enter the phone's settings interface, and click Apps and Services.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Find Application Management in Applications and Services, click on the upper right corner to view hidden system services, and then search for Google in Application Management. If Google-related services are displayed, it means that the system has built-in GSM services. If nothing is found, The next step is to install Google Framework.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Step 2. Huawei installs Google Service Framework

If the Google framework has not been installed on your phone, you need to install the Google service framework below. After installation, you can download all Google application services and use Google Play to download and install other applications.

2-1. Preparations for installing Google framework on Huawei mobile phones

This method is suitable for use on Huawei Mate40 pro, Mate30 pro, P40 Pro, P40 Lite, Nova5, Nova6, Nova7, Nova8, Honor V30 pro, Honor V40 pro, and MatePad pro. Applicable to EMUI10 EMUI11 and the latest Hongmeng 2.0 installs the Google framework Google Play services.

Preparations before installation: a PC, a Huawei mobile phone, and a HuaweiData cable and external network environment!

To install Google Play Store, you need to install the following services to use Google normally.

2-2. Turn on the developer mode on your phone

Open your phone, click Settings, scroll the screen to the bottom, and click About phone.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Click on the version number 7 times in a row. If there is a lock screen password, you will be prompted to enter the password. After entering the password, it will prompt that you are in developer mode and the developer mode is successfully opened.

Then return to the settings interface, click System Update, and then click Developer Options to enter the Developer Options interface. Scroll down to the debugging options, turn on USB debugging, and turn off monitoring ADB installed applications.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Then plug the USB into the phone, select the connection method to transfer files, and then start the next step on the computer. At this time, do not close the developer options interface on the phone.

2-3. Download and install platform-tools computer tool

,What are Google’s three-piece suits?
Google's three-piece suite (Google three-piece suite) refers to the Google service framework, Google play store, and Google account management program.

First, download the platform-tools computer tool. After the download is complete, unzip platform-tools to the C drive directory. Then change theoldBackup. File, copy to C drive.

Click to download: platform-tools

Huawei installed Google PC tool download:platform-tools download for PC

2-4. Uninstall the backup APK that comes with the system

Next, click Start in the lower left corner of the computer and enter CMD to open the Command Prompt window.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

In the command prompt, enter:

cd c:/platform-tools


华为手机安装Google Play商店

Enter the platform-tools directory under the C drive and use ADB to uninstall the backup in the system., enter in the window:

adb uninstall com.huawei.localBackup

Uninstall the backup APk of HarmonyOS 2.0 from the phone. During the uninstallation process, the phone will ask whether USB debugging is allowed? Check Always allow this computer to be used for debugging and click OK.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

After clicking OK, the backup APP that comes with the system will be uninstalled.

2-5. Install the lower version backup apk

After uninstalling the backup application on your phone, install the lower version of the backup application included in the computer tool.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

After uninstallation is complete, install the oldBackup.apk file just copied to the C drive. Enter at the command line:

adb install c:\oldBackup.apk

After the installation is successful, unplug the USB data cable and proceed with the mobile phone operation.

2-6. Google three-piece download download the required applications on the mobile phone

Hongmeng 3.0 system can be installed directly on the mobile phone using the following method without using a computer. needs to be downloaded on your mobile phone. You can directly open the link on this page in the browser of your mobile phone, or you can download it to your computer and then transfer it to your mobile phone via wired or wireless methods.

Google three-piece suit download: Refresh the page after commenting and download the Google three-piece suit here

Google three-piece set download address:Google three-piece Huawei-Google software installation package download

After downloading to your phone, open the file management on your phone, drag the file type to the left, and find the compressed package icon.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Click the icon of the compressed package to find the file. Select the file, then click More in the lower right corner and select Extract to.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Extract the file to the current default directory.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Enter my phone/Huawei//extractfiles/mobile/mobile directory.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Click to select the Huawei folder, then click Copy below to copy the Huawei folder to the My Phone directory.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Check Apply to all and click Merge.

The above operation is to copy and paste the decompressed "My Phone/Huawei/CloudDrive/extractfiles/mobile/mobile/Huawei" folder into "My Phone/Huawei/".

After the above operation is completed, enter the settings interface of the phone, click System and Updates, and turn off Pure Mode.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

2-7. Modify the system date of the mobile phone

After turning off the pure mode, change the date and time of the phone, find the date and time option in the system and updates, cancel the automatic setting of date time and time zone, and change the date to 2019.Note: The time must be in 2019.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

2-8. Restore the lower version of mobile phone backup application

After the date is changed, click Backup and Restore, then click Agree, and select "Always Allow" for all permissions.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

After entering the backup and recovery interface, click the arrow in the upper left corner to return to the system and update interface.Then click again to enter Backup and Restore. Click the four dots icon in the upper right corner and click in the pop-up menu to restore from internal storage.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

The recovery password isa12345678 After clicking Restore from Internal Storage, enter the backup details interface, select the applications and data that need to be restored, and click Restore below.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

After clicking Restore, the backup application and data will be restored successfully. Next return to the mobile desktop.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

On the desktop of the mobile phone, there is an additional APP application of Google Service Assistant. Click to open Google Service Assistant.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

2-9. Activate Google Service Assistant

After the Google Service Assistant opens, click Activate.Note: After clicking to activate, you do not need to perform any operations in the APP.This Google service assistant is only used to increase permissions. The Google Assistant has long since expired. It is normal that the Google Assistant cannot be displayed. It does not mean that the phone has no network. Installing Google Services Assistant is just to increase the permissions, nothing more!

华为手机安装Google Play商店

After the above operations are completed, return to the mobile phone desktop, open file management, and enter the GMS folder just now. The file path is "My phone/Huawei/CloudDrive/extractfiles/mobile/mobile/GMS"

华为手机安装Google Play商店

Step 3. Install Google on Huawei phone play store

3-1.Install Googlefier

Install first01.googlefier_eng.apkdocument.Googlefieris a new third-party GMS installer that allows you to easily install Google apps on Huawei devices.

Googlefier mirror backup download:Googlefier download

华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-2.Install MicroG

Googlefier After installation is complete, click Step 101 green icon!

“Install Basic Services – In the past GAM sync Playstore and GSF – this is the first service you need to run”.

Many people are stuck on the first step, and there is no response when clicking. If they cannot click the 01 green icon, they can change the phone time to 2020, and then change it back after installing the first step.

Note: If you cannot install the MicroG application in the first step, you can directly download MicroG and install it:

MicroG ZIP format

MicroG APK format download:MicroG-HUAWEI-FIX-EloyGomezTV.apk

华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-3. Add Google account

After installing the MicroG Settings application, connect to the external network and prepare to add a Google account. Click Account,Add Google account, add a Google account.

Note: During this step, many people are unable to add a Google account and cannot open web pages in microG. This is because your phone is not connected to an international network. You cannot log in to a Google account without being connected to an international network. If you open the external network, others can access it. If only MicroG prompts that there is no network, you can restart the phone and connect to the external network after startup. You should be able to access it after that. If you still cannot access it, switch the external network node to several more countries and try. .

华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店

Enter your Google account and click Continue. If you do not have a Google account, please visit Google in the browser to create an account first. Do not create a Google account in the app. After successfully logging in to the account, exit MicroG Settings and return to Googlefier.

3-4. Install the applications required by Google Framework

After installing the first step just now, the first step has disappeared. The second step is if you have additional Google accounts, you can continue to add a Google account. If you only want to use one Google account, ignore the second step and go directly Click on step three.

Click03 gray button, the third step will install all the apps required by Google Play. After all are installed, click OK!

华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-5. Uninstall MicroG

After clicking OK, jump to the application uninstall page, first click Force Stop, and then click Uninstall! After installing the required APP, MicroG needs to be uninstalled! After uninstalling, change the time on your phone back.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-6. Uninstall Google address book synchronization

After uninstalling, close the window, enter the settings interface, enter applications and services, and then enter application management.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

In the application management, click on the upper right corner to display system programs, find Google Contacts Synchronization, force stop it, and uninstall Google Contacts Synchronization.

华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-7. Install Google play services and synchronize with Google address book

After uninstalling, go to the GMS directory in file management and install 02.GplayServices.apk, install Google Play services. After GplayServices.apk is installed, install Google address book synchronization. 03.Contacts -29-v10.apk.

华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店
华为手机安装Google Play商店

3-8. Open Google Play Store

After the above is installed, the Google Play Store can be opened normally.The store has been installed, so hurry up and download the games you want to play! If you can't open the Google Store, just restart your phone.

华为手机安装Google Play商店


Install Google applications on Huawei mobile phones

Since Google has withdrawn from mainland China, an overseas network environment is required to use Google applications. After the mobile phone is connected to an overseas network, open Google Play, register and log in to a Google account, search and install Google Map, and Google and other applications can be installed and used normally.

Google three-piece Huawei-Google software installation package download

words written at the back

Perform Google Double Clear: The so-called Google Double Clear requires the same operation to be cleaned twice. Be sure to follow the steps below to clean without making any mistakes, otherwise the Google Store will crash and pop up error warnings.

First, force stop the Google Play Store in the application management, then force stop the Google service framework and delete the data, and finally force stop the Google Account Management program and clear the data.

Please refer to: Google memory double clearing:Google Framework Core Service Application Installation Step 5.8

After Google Play is installed on your phone, alerts will pop up frequently. You need to clear the memory of the Google framework and applications. After cleaning twice, the alert problem will be solved. You can refer to the tutorial below to double clear the memory.

  1. After the installation is complete, turn off the automatic software update function of the Google Store.
  2. WeChat avatars and private spaces must be closed, otherwise pop-up alerts will keep popping up. Alerts will also pop up when the installation is completed and turned on.
  3. The installation files must follow the installation sequence of the tutorial. Any upgrades or updates during the installation process will be cancelled.
  4. When eliminating pop-up alerts from the Google Play Store, you must double-clear it, that is, you must restart and clean it twice, otherwise pop-up alerts will appear.
  5. Let me say the key things three times: international network, world network, cosmic network. If you don’t have an external network environment, you won’t be able to install Google successfully.
  6. All installation package tools will be tested and valid on December 7, 2022. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

If you encounter some problems in this tutorial, you can refer to the following tutorial. The actual installation of Google play by Huawei was successful. If you have any questions, please leave a message below. Please read the tutorial carefully before leaving a message. It is recommended to turn on the external network during the whole process. Some models may encounter problems and can be solved by restarting.

How to install Google Play on Huawei Mate40 mobile phone?

How to install Google Play on Huawei p40,?
Following the above tutorial, the Google Store can be installed on ordinary Huawei phones.

When eliminating pop-up alerts from the Google Play Store, you must double-clear it, that is, you must restart and clean it twice, otherwise pop-up alerts will appear.

If you do not know how to perform double clearing, please refer to the following article.

Portal:The latest Huawei Honor mobile phone in 2022 installed Google Play, and the actual test of Mate40 was successful!

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