Google three-piece Huawei-Google software installation package download

What is Google's three-piece suit?

 Refers to service framework, services, and the Google Store. These three mobile applications are collectively referred to as the Google Trio. First install the Google Services Framework, then install Google Play Service, and finally install GooglePlayStore! How to download Google's three-piece set? There is at the end of the articleaddress

Google service framework:

The Google service framework is similar to Google services. They play an auxiliary role. The service framework is more inclined to follow various terms and rules when downloading or operating applications. Without the service framework, downloaded applications either cannot be installed or will crash after installation. .

GooglePlay Services:

This is a program that assists the Google Play Store, or provides service or technical support for it. Even the vast majority of apps downloaded from the store require Google Play Services. Therefore, it is recommended not to uninstall Google Play Services, because uninstalling will prevent the application or game from functioning properly, and may even cause security risks to your phone or other electronic devices.

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store, a platform for downloading various applications, is similar to a mobile assistant where Android users can download free or paid games and software.

Google Play, also known as Play Store, was formerly known as Android Market. It is a mobile application digital distribution platform developed by Google for the Android operating system and is also a digital entertainment brand. As the official app store for the Android operating system, it allows users to browse and download applications developed using the Android SDK and published through Google.

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How to install Google's three-piece set?

Download and install the software packages required for the Google framework. The Huawei-Google software installation package file contains the following files.

  1. Huawei installs Google computer operation (base., HiSuite_11.0.0.360.exe, HM.)
  2. (backup.rar)
  3. , Google three-piece set (1‑GSF.apk, 2‑GMS.apk, 3‑Play store.apk, 4‑gsf.login.apk, Huawei-Google login.apk)
  4. Google service installation package (GMS.apk)

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Google three-piece set download address:Huawei-Google software installation package download

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