Apple CMS Player Professional Edition V1.0.8 Free Download

, substituteThe original player, combined with the latest network features, quickly upgrade your Apple cms player.Professional version, no authorization and no encryption, built-in six major mainstream players, supports video playback in various formats.


Apple CMS player function introduction:

Player list player configuration M3U8 resource cache

  • IP request limit
  • Empty resource address prompt
  • JSON docking
  • Analyze line switching
  • Analyze automatic switching
  • Video/image ads
  • Pause ads
  • Marquee Announcement
  • Player LOGO
  • time display
  • Power display
  • title display
  • subtitle function
  • Barrage function
  • anthology list
  • next episode
  • Automatically next episode
  • play record
  • loading screen
  • picture within picture
  • lock screen
  • video rotation
  • Automatic horizontal screen on mobile terminal
  • Resource address encryption


  1. Not compatible with IE browser
  2. PHP version recommended is 7.4, supports 7.1~7.4
  3. Framework introduction does not support the introduction of multiple players at the same time

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How to use Apple CMS player

json docking tutorial:

1. The json interface only supports the get request type. The specific configuration method is written in the background and you can check it yourself.

2. The default return-to-origin setting of json configuration is .m3u8, .mp4, which means that if the resource address contains these two strings, it will not be parsed but will be played directly.

3. If there are some resource addresses that carry .m3u8 but need to be parsed, you can directly specify the playback group. After specifying the playback group, as long as it is equipped with json, it will be parsed. To specify the method, add from=playgroup in the interface address. For example https://domain

4. If you pass the parameter form in the interface address to specify the playback group code matching and parsing, it is optional, but if it is automatically matched based on the feature code, try to fill in the feature code longer, such as Tencent video resources, do not fill in qq directly, you cannot guarantee that only Tencent If there is qq in the video URL, maybe other URLs are mismatched and the playback fails, so should be filled in.

Specify default json tutorial:

Some people may not like to use the line switching function of the player, then you can add from=json number to the interface address. The json number is the sequence of the json interface, starting from 0, then the first json is 0, the second is 1, Sanjo 2…, for example


It means using the third json parsing resource in the json configuration

Selection list docking tutorial:

The installation method says to upload the selection list api to Apple cms and decompress the directory.

But it still needs to be set, that is, the key and iv must be consistent with those in the player background-player-advanced settings, otherwise the playback will fail after switching the selection.

Parameter passing code in the second way:

let iframeObj = $('iframe')[2];
iframeObj.addEventListener('load', () => {
}, "*");

Parameter description (the URL parameter transmission method is also these parameters)

  • id: video id
  • name: movie name
  • group: user group name [please fill in the blank if advertising function is not required]
  • next: Next episode address [You can fill in the blanks if you don’t need the next episode]
  • sid: film source [you can fill in the blanks for this function if you don’t need an anthology]
  • nid: Number of episodes [You can fill in the blanks for this function without selecting an episode]
  • API: Collection content acquisition API [You can fill in the blanks if you don’t need to select this function]
  • dmId: Customized barrage id [the id can be set based on the video id + episode number]

Upload the selection list API to the website using the player, and unzip it directly from the directory.

Just open the Apple CMS background and add the player

Player code:

MacPlayer.Html = '  '; MacPlayer.Show();

Player interface:

The domain name should be changed to your own, and the code parameter wq should be changed to your own.


IP change detection is turned on by default in the background. If you cannot log in, open application/config.php in the background, find loginip_check, and change true to false.

If the second docking method always shows that parameters are loading and waiting, it means that parameters cannot be passed using this method. Add the if=1 parameter to the interface to switch to url parameter passing.

The selection list api upload step video is not operated. This can be uploaded to the root directory of Apple cms and decompressed.

Apple CMS player download


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