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Who is Clash?

Developed by Dreamacro, it is a rule-based tunnel developed using Go that does not require servers and virtual hosts. It can be used to break through the restrictions of the Great Firewall in mainland China. At the end of 2020, Dreamacrowarehouse release Clash Premium, a derivative version, without providing its source code.

is running on A graphical fork of Clash. Configure and control the Clash core program through the Clash API, making it easy for users to operate and use visually.

Clash is a rules-based cross-platformcore program. Support SS/ protocol.

Clash delete library

Clash for Windows (Clash for Windows (CFW) is a very popular scientific Internet client for Windows. The day before yesterday, it suddenly deleted all the content on the Github page and tweeted that it would stop updating and say goodbye. There are also a lot of short essays on the Internet, but I don’t care about the specific reasons.

As of now, Clash core, Clash Meta core and some other GUI clients have also deleted or archived their libraries and no longer provide updates. However, the previous Clash client can still be used normally.

Deleting the Clash library actually does not have much impact. The existing Clash For Windows and For All can be used, but they will not be updated. Subsequent bugs and security issues cannot be fixed in time. If you are worried about this, you can switch to other software. In short, if you don’t have any special needs, it’s okay to continue using the original Clash for Windows. For example, I also use SSR, which was discontinued a few years ago, very well.I use it pretty well too.

The Clash Meta kernel is a re-development of the Clash kernel that has been deleted. It is a very excellent kernel that supports all protocols on the market. It is currently in a silent archive state and can still be used.

The difference between VPN and Clash

In the minds of many people, the thought of, you will think of circumvention tools, but it is not. VPN is an encrypted communication technology and is a general term. It has many specific implementations, such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN. VPN appeared much earlier than GFW, so it was not designed to circumvent the firewall. The main function of VPN is not to bypass the wall, but it can achieve the purpose of bypassing the wall.

Its function is to establish a private network on the public network for encrypted communication. It is widely used in enterprise networks and university networks. (Many universities will provide VPN interfaces so that you can access the campus network from the public network anytime and anywhere to download CNKI papers and other resources.) When you access the VPN, you are actually accessing a private network, and all your network access is from this When exiting, whether the communication between you and the VPN is encrypted depends on the method or protocol you use to connect to the VPN.

Clash is an excellent proxy client software that supports many proxy protocols.,,etc. are protocol servers. For example, the proxy protocol of v2ray is the VMess protocol, and the proxy protocol of Shadowsocks is the SS protocol. VPN is a private network for virtual machines, and the two are not the same concept at all.

Clash does not require a server, a virtual host, or a domain name. Clash is aThe client of the protocol can be used on computers, Android, Apple and other platforms.

How to download and install the Chinese version of Clash

As of November 2, 2023, the final version of clash is v 0.20.39

  • Update Electron: Update Electron from version 22.3.18 to 22.3.24.
  • Add indicator to shortcut navigator: Added an indicator to the shortcut navigator in the menu.
  • Use WOFF2 instead of TTF: The material icon switches from TTF to WOFF2.
  • Prevent DNS reset: Added a check to prevent DNS reset if unchanged.
  • Custom placeholder for title: Added a custom placeholder for the title in the title bar. For example,%tun?On:Off%If TUN mode is enabled, "On" is displayed, otherwise "Off" is displayed.
  • other: Various glitches resolved and fixed.
  • Numeric key shortcut keys1: key from to8Will be navigated as a left menu.
  • Mode Change Toast: This message is displayed when the mode in the agent module changes.
  • Title click: Clicking on the title will now reload instead of restarting.
  • Script test dialog: Fixed metadata format issue.
  • other: Various glitches resolved and fixed.
  • Clash Core: Upgrade to v2023.08.17 Advanced Edition.
  • Bind address: Added a dialog box to setbind-addressRegular module.
  • Connect search box: Fixed the issue of being unable to focus when clicking.
  • Profile update failure indicator: Will be deleted after successful update.
  • other: Various glitches resolved and fixed.
  • Clash Core: Upgrade to the latest premium version.
  • Connection search box: Connections will be grouped by metadata.
  • Log style: Allows switching between Simple and Detailed.
  • SSID Stategy: Fixed an issue that occurred when reloading.
  • Miscellaneous: Various glitches resolved and fixed.
  • Update Clash core to v2023.03.04 Premium
  • Add script test dialog
  • Prevent enhanced tray from re-rendering if no data has changed
  • Add prompt to trust unknown certificates
  • Fix some other bugs

Install original Clash for Windows

The first step is to install the original version of Clash and download the latest version of Clash from Clash's github project address.

Clash latest version image download:click to download:

Link test:See how to get a Clash subscription at the end of the article

Clash latest version download address:

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-1Download and install the version suitable for your computer. The .exe version is the version that needs to be installed, and the .7z version can be used directly after decompression. It is recommended to download the .exe version.

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-2

After downloading, install it in the default location and click Install!

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-3

Then uncheck Run Clash for Windows and click Finish. Next install the Clash for Windows Chinese patch.

Install Clash for Windows Chinese version patch

The latest download of Clash for Windows Chinese localization patch project:

Clash for Windows Chinese localization project address:Clash for Windows v0.20.39 Chinese patch

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-1After downloading the app.7z or file (the contents of the two compressed packages are the same), compress the compressed package and replace the app.asar file in the path below.
Clash for Windows\resources\app.asar
Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-6

Copy the app.asar file to the resources folder in the installation directory and replace the original file.

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-7

After the replacement is successful, open Clash for Windows and it has been successfully translated into the Chinese version of Clash for Windows.

Clash for Windows Subscription

Clash for Windows supports Shadowsocks(SS), ShadowsocksR(SSR), Socks, Snell, V2Ray, Trojan and other proxy protocols. Before using it, you first need to add a Clash for Windows node as the server to use the proxy Internet function.

The Chinese version of Clash for Windows has been installed successfully. The next step is how to use the Chinese version of Clash for Windows to subscribe.

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-9

Example: Copy the link into the configuration file download box and click the button to download.

Clash for Windows 中文汉化教程 Clash for Windows 订阅下载-10

Clash for Windows local files are imported by dragging and dropping. If the configuration file cannot be downloaded through the URL, you can try to import the yaml file by dragging and dropping the configuration file after downloading it in the browser.

If you have a node you built yourself and want to convert it to a Clash subscription link, you can visit the following subscription converters to convert Clash subscription links.

Node converted into Clash subscription link:

The Clash for Windows subscription file has been successfully downloaded to the local Clash for Windows client. Next, return to the routine and click the system agent button until the button turns green.

If you want to start Clash for Windows automatically at boot, you can also light up the startup button.

Now that the basic configuration is complete, Clash for Windows is ready to work.

The agent working methods of Clash for Windows are divided into four types: global, rule, direct connection and script.

more specifically Clash for Windows Tutorial

If you want to install clash using your Android phone, please visit:Clash for Android Chinese tutorial: Clash subscription

Warning: Clash software is only for software technology exchange, and it is strictly prohibited to use it in an environment that violates laws and regulations!

Get a free Clash for Windows subscription

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