Installation tutorial for Stable Diffusion on Windows 10/11

Windows10/11 Stable Diffusion installation tutorial! Install Stable Diffusion on your personal computer. Stable Diffusion supports the installation of the latest version of python3.11. Stable Diffusion's code and model weights are publicly released and can run on most computer hardware with a modest GPU. Previous proprietary Vincent graph models, such as DALL-E and Midjourney, were only accessible through cloud computing services.

Baidu Wenxin Yiyan Chinese large model AI intelligence is officially open! Chinese version of ChatGPT

Wen Xin Yi Yan's large Chinese model, as a domestic AI artificial intelligence platform benchmarking ChatGPT, Wen Xin Yi Yan has attracted much attention since its release. In September 2023, the much-anticipated Baidu artificial intelligence Wen Xinyiyan was finally officially opened to the whole society! The biggest advantage is that it is free, directly connected, and can be used without going through the firewall. As for whether it is smart or not, you will only know if you use it.

MusicLM Google AI text music generation tool

MusicLM Describe a musical idea and hear it come to life. Google recently released an experimental AI text music generation tool called MusicLM, which is widely considered to be an important combination between artificial intelligence and music. A place to work together to improve artificial intelligence technology. The AI Test Kitchen is a place where people can experience some of Google's latest AI technologies and provide feedback. Our goal is to learn, improve, and innovate in artificial intelligence together and responsibly.

Human Generator AI human generator generates real full body photos in real time

Human Generator is an online AI human generator that uses artificial intelligence to generate non-existent characters online. It can generate real full-body photos in real time. It supports changing clothes and modifying facial and body postures, age, skin color, race, hairstyle, hair color, clothing, etc. parameters, you can also upload customized face data, and the generated character photos can be downloaded for free.

STABLE DOODLE Intelligent AI hand-drawn sketch to real image tool

STABLE DOODLE STABLE DOODLE is an intelligent AI hand-drawn sketch to real image tool launched by Stability AI. It can directly generate high-precision and real pictures through text prompts + sketches. It is supported by the powerful image synthesis model Stable Diffusion, which can help users convert Simple sketches are turned into realistic pictures, saving valuable time and improving efficiency for ordinary users, designers, illustrators, etc. It's great. Intelligent AI hand-drawn sketch to real image tool website address: https:…


GFPGAN Tencent’s open source AI old photo restoration tool

GFPGAN is Tencent's open source face repair algorithm. It uses rich and diverse prior factors encapsulated in pre-trained facial GAN (such as StyleGAN2) to perform blind face repair, aiming to develop a method for real-world use. Practical algorithms for face recovery. I tried the online demo and repaired the old photos. The effect is very amazing. Interested students can try it and log in using GitHub.

Segment Anything online AI cutout tool

Segment Anything is an online free AI cutout tool that can cut out any object in any image. It is a new AI model developed by the Meta AI research team: Segment Anything Model (SAM). This model can achieve image segmentation based on text instructions and other methods, and can recognize everything and "one-click cutout". Upload pictures and click on objects. can be identified.