Modify TVBOX default interface, built-in tvbox interface default address

becauseSince TVBOX is an open source software, it must configure the interface before it can be used, which may not be very friendly to some novice friends. If you can set a default address in the software, then there is no need to configure additional settings after installing TVBOX. Isn’t it great? convenient.

Please note the following:

1. This tutorial is only applicable to the native version of TVBOX, and is not applicable to various modified second versions.

2. This tutorial is only used as an operation demonstration. Please make a backup of the software by yourself. We are not responsible for abnormal situations such as data loss.

3. Self-modification may cause the app to fail to run. If you are a novice, please learn the relevant code knowledge by yourself first.


Modify TVBOX default interfaceSteps

1. Tool preparation: a PC, Yeshen emulator, TVBOX native installation package, MT manager

2. Open the Android emulator and install TVBOX and MT manager in the emulator (super user permissions need to be granted)

3. Open the MT manager, click Installation Package Extraction, and extract the installed TVBOX installation package.


4. After the extraction is completed, the installation package will be displayed on the interface (I failed the verification because I did not sign the file. Just pay attention to the signature when you modify it, which will be discussed below). Click on the installation package, and then click View to enter the app editing page


6. You can see the picture below. I have marked it. If you don’t need to modify the version number, just modify the classes.dex file.


7. Click the classes.dex file, and then click dex editor++. Note that you must use this editor. The following one will not work.


8. Click Search and search for: const-string v5. Many results will appear.


9. As shown below, fold the directories for easy search.


10. Find the com.github.tvbox.osc.ui.activity directory, then find HomeActivity, click HomeActivity to enter the code editing mode, fill in your own interface address in " ", and save


11. It should be noted that it needs to be saved and compiled before the automatic signature is completed.



12. At this point, the modification is complete. You can install and test the effect of the modification.


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