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Download the latest version from the official website. A smart TV should look like a smart TV. Stop using the TV as a screen. Install a TVBox Android app and watch tens of thousands of free videos as you like, without membership! Free TV box that the poor can afford. smart tv free, TVBox is definitely the number one tool for watching dramas on Android TV.

TVBox is a new open source TV player that has enhanced playback experience and better compatibility. Due to its high degree of freedom, users can customize playback sources, so it is highly praised by netizens.

TVBox官方下载免费电视盒子APP TVBox 安卓最新版本,免费观看全网影视TV点播!-1

What is TVBox

TVBox is inThe above is an open source project that anyone can generate through the project as long as they comply with the agreement., that is, the official repository open source version, which is the original version of TVBox. Currently, developers only focus on functional expansion and maintenance. The original version of TVBox does not have any video sources. It is just a simple Android version of the video player. TVBox's functions are relatively complete.

  • Support online/local interface
  • Powerful playback and decoding capabilities
  • Supports various crawler sources, XP sources, collection sources, etc.
  • No restrictions, no ads.
  • Support local functions, aggregation mode,
  • Support multiple video formats, increase resolution, time and buffering speed display, optimize acquisition, etc.

Note that this project does not have , tvbox TV version or tvbox film and television are just an open source project on Github.

TVBox itself is just an open source project. Pure technology will eventually have to bow before film and television copyrights. TVBox only writes code and does not produce applications. Therefore, TVBox has many application branches for film and television apps. Let me introduce to you the TVBoxOSC project on Github.

TVBox download

Note: If your TV crashes or cannot be turned on after installation, please installq215613905version, the reason for the crash is that the Android version is too low.q215613905The version supports the old system of Android 4.5.q215613905 It is the original version of tvbox.takagen99It is a modified version of tvbox.

Official website:

As of September 8, 2023, the updated version of the TVBoxOSC project is20230902-0114

Credit: q215613905
Commit: 8b63bf8958d16626ca28e1695eecfa8de22e7628
Fix some bugs; optimize image loading; (may be the last version to support below 4.4)
Revert “Js (#1)"
This reverts commit 86893e4f2a4c084c67d506b2e0ef88822ddd8da8.
Revert “Update build.gradle”
This reverts commit 2ac956396c937c58d5e26e29e2345800deaddb3f.

As of January 31, 2023, the updated version of the TVBoxOSC project is 20230129-2134

Credit: takagen99
Submit: 5bfb7abb754ab6cf4fa98c50521a03619f5aa69f
Change log:
Live UI: Clean code + workaround fix for SurfaceView

As of January 19, 2023, the updated version of the TVBoxOSC project is 20230106-2252

Version update content

Credit: takagen99
Commit: 038f48103a1dcc2a88a71a081fff2c59f2253e18
VOD UI – Added BACK button (button only shown on non-TV)
Remove Pyramid support
add pair 4.4 support (testing)
Added option to change Live URL in Live UI > Preferences > Live List

  1. Home Pg: “TVBox” Text focusable via remote control
  2. Detailed Pg: Update series list dynamic width (ref amoylel)
  3. SetupPg: Added live URL history
  4. VOD fast forward button
    a.) Press up/down to increase/decrease speed.
    b.) When x1.0, long press to x5.0. Long press again to x1.0

TVBox官方下载免费电视盒子APP TVBox 安卓最新版本,免费观看全网影视TV点播!-1TVBox download:

TVBoxOSC project on Github:

Complete data source interface:

Encyclopedia:TVBox interface TVBox download the latest version of the interface, it can be used for personal testing without ads and fast speed

TVBox installation

On GithubTVBoxOSCProject website, download the latest version of TVBox application.

After downloading the TVBox APK file, install it.

Here are several ways to download and install TVBox:

Install TVBox from USB disk

  1. Download the TVBox app on PC and copy it to your in the drive.
  2. Plug it into your TV and install the TVBox app directly through Android TV's file manager or media manager.

TV browser download TVBox

  1. Use the browser that comes with your Android TV/box/projector to access:
  2. Download and install the latest version of TVBox APK from your browser.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

You can install the TVBox APK app directly on your Android TV/box using Android's own ADB service.
*View ADB service documentation:

Smart TV download TVBox via file transfer

  1. You can Find the file transfer app (like TV File Transfer) in the Play Store (or your TV’s APP store)
  2. Use them to send TVBox APK apps directly from your phone/PC to your Android TV.

Click to see how to download apps on Xiaomi TV

After the TVBox application is installed, it is just a simple film and television player, and there is no playable film and television content in the application. If you want to play movies, you also need to set up and add a playback source.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看2

TVBox settings

The above has successfully installed the TVBox application on the smart TV. At this time, it cannot play any videos, and there is no response when clicking on the movie poster. For novice users, it is seriously suspected that a junk application has been downloaded. Don’t worry, let you feel the power of TVBox below. In one sentence, once you have TVBox, there is nothing you can ask for!

On the TVBox main interface, click set up EnterIn the interface, the core configuration is the homepage data source. There is no data source at this time, so nothing happens when clicking the homepage data source.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看3

TVBox imports data sources through URL configuration addresses

Click Configure address , a configuration window will pop up, use a computer or mobile phone to scan the QR code to access the TVBox configuration address.

Note: Access whatever address is displayed on your TV. Do not scan the QR code in the picture below. This is just a virtual IP address for a test machine.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看4

URL import data source

The data source interface is the core of TVBox. It is a compiled JSON file orThe file contains the film and television crawlers of major film and television stations on the Internet. TVBox can load videos into the player through the data source interface file.

Let's start testing the imported data source. TVBox supports network interfaces and local files. For ease of use, you usually directly copy the data source interface URL and paste it in the configuration address.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看5

First, enable the storage permission and import via URL. It is troublesome to enter on the TV. It is recommended to use computer configuration or mobile phone configuration.

After pasting the play source, click Confirm, and then return to the homepage. After reading the configuration, you can see the play source name in the upper left corner of TVBox.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看6

You can import more playback sources in the same way!

After setting the data source in the import interface, TVBox is a powerful tool for watching dramas. You can view all categories of the target site's resources, including all its related movies.

TVBox provides an aggregation mode. As the name suggests, when you click on a video, it will automatically search for film and television resources related to all sites in the aggregation display interface, making it easier for you to find better quality film sources.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看7

After the data source interface is successfully imported, on the homepage of TVBox, click Home page , you can select the homepage data source on the homepage. Each data source is different. Here you can try several more data sources and choose the one you like.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看8

TVBox imports data sources through the browser

On the computer, enter the IP address in the browser, and on the mobile phone, scan the QR code to open the configured address.

免费电视盒子APP TVBox 全网电影TV点播免费看9

Copy the path of the data interface file into the custom configuration interface address, and then click OK. Then the configuration interface address is displayed on the configuration address page on the TV. Click Confirm to import. When using the browser configuration interface, be sure to turn on the storage permission of the TV.

TVBox imports data sources through local files

If you are worried that the data source interface will become invalid one day, in fact, most of the data source interfaces have become invalid, and only a few of them can still be used. You can save the data source interface file locally, and then upload the data source interface file to Just on TV.

TVBox’s live streaming feature

After importing the data source interface, TVBox's live broadcast function is also very powerful. You can see domestic TV live channels in TVBox. Channels including Hong Kong and Macau are also played very quickly.

Install TVBox using USB

Prepare a U disk larger than 8G, download the TVBox installation program to the U disk, insert it into the TV, open the U disk in the media browser, select TVBox APK to install, do not pull out the U disk after installation, plug the U disk into On the TV, the TVBox program will run on the USB flash drive. TVBoxOSC can run on lower versions of Android TV, but other versions will crash and do not support lower versions of Android TV.

About TVBox data source interface

Only available for Android system and TV. After installation on mobile phone or TV, click:

Settings>Configure address>Copy any interface below>Paste it to the configuration address>Click OK>Return to the main page

It can be used after it is loaded successfully! If you want to change to the TVBox local interface, you only need to download the interface file locally and then upload it to the TV.


  • If the TV installation software crashes, it may be caused by the system version being too low or incompatible. It is recommended to upgrade the system or replace the TV.
  • The interface comes from the network, and some interfaces will fail from time to time. After failure, you can manually replace the interface.

On November 2, 2022, I collected some effective ones on the Internet., for testing purposes only.

  1. TVBox interface:
  2. TVBox interface:
  3. TVBox interface:
  4. TVBox interface:
  5. TVBox interface:
  6. TVBox interface:
  7. TVBox interface:
  8. TVBox interface:
  9. TVBox interface:

For more tvbox interfaces, please visit:TVBox interface TVBox latest version of the interface, available for personal testing, no ads and fast speed

TVBox download network disk alternative download address:

TVBox download network disk alternative address 2:

The above content is collected from the Internet!

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