Mobile phone virtual positioning software download, Shadowsock v1.11.3 Android version

Android version of Shadowsock v1.11.3 virtual positioning software free download

It is an Android that does not require ROOT permissions , can modify the current position and simulate movement. A virtual positioning tool based on Android debugging API + Baidu Map, and also implements a joystick that can move freely. It is implemented based on Android debugging API, Baidu Maps and Positioning SDK, and supports functions such as positioning modification, joystick control movement, history recording, location search and coordinate input. Shadowsock is for learning purposes only, please do not use it for illegal purposes such as cheating.


download link

latest versionShadow Shuttle is completely free, green and has no ads.

download link:Go_1.11.3_arm64-v8a_release-signed.apk

download link:Github(recommend),Gitee(mirror)

Shadowsuo official website:

Shadowsock is a virtual positioning APP for Android 8.0+ that does not require ROOT permissions.

Shadowsock is an Android positioning modification tool based on Android debugging API + Baidu Map and Positioning SDK, and also implements a joystick that can freely control movement. Using Shadow Shuttle, you can modify your current position and simulate movement at will without ROOT permissions.

手机虚拟定位软件下载,影梭 v1.11.3 安卓版-1手机虚拟定位软件下载,影梭 v1.11.3 安卓版-1

手机虚拟定位软件下载,影梭 v1.11.3 安卓版-1


  1. Download APK and install directly
  2. Start Shadow Shuttle and grant relevant permissions
  3. Click on the map location and then click on the launch button


01. Turn on the developer mode in the phone settings;

02. In the location settings, select "Simulate location information application" and select Shadow Shuttle;


03. Start the Shadow Shuttle, select the target location and start it (make sure the suspension mode is turned on);


04. Open an application that requires virtual positioning, such as dingding, to easily complete the check-in. After personal testing, it is easy to use and highly recommended!


Reference website:

Q: Why is it not supported for versions below Android 8.0?

A: Because I don’t have the machine in hand and I can’t adapt it. . .

Q: Why is the positioning not very stable and occasionally drifting back to the true position?

A: This is due to the implementation principle and an inherent problem of the Android debugging API. To be precise, it should be caused by the mobile phone itself also turning on other positioning methods (for example, base station positioning, wifi positioning, etc.)

Q: Does it support Hongmeng system?

A: After testing, Shadow Shuttle can run normally on the Hongmeng system.

Q: Why doesn’t positioning work on Tencent applications such as WeChat?

A: I suggest you ask Tencent.

Q: Does Java report an error during compilation?

A: The Java version used by Gradle is inconsistent with the version used by Android Studio. By default, Gradle shrinks JAVA_HOME in the environment variable to determine the Java location.


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