How to register a Gemini account Google Gemini API application

Use Google Gemini Pro for free and apply for Google Gemini API and Gemini registration

Google To use Google Gemini's artificial intelligence AI service, you need to register a Google account. It should be noted that Google Gemini does not support users in mainland China and Hong Kong. You need to use an agent from other countries to access Google Gemini normally.

The method is very simple, register a Gmail, which is a Google account.

How to register a Google account:Google account registration Google account Gmail Google mailbox registration Google registration latest tutorial

After successfully registering a Google account, you can directly access the Gemini webpage to use Gemini services. Gemini is easy to use and works right out of the box!


If you still cannot use Gemini services after successful registration, please refer to:Gemini currently does not support the workaround in your region!

Google Gemini如何使用,免费注册Gemini-1

What is Gemini

Gemini is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. It is based on the Gemini series of large language models of the same name. It was developed in response to the rise of the ChatGPT chatbot developed by OpenAI. It will be launched on a limited scale in March 2023 and expanded to more countries in May 2023. It was renamed Gemini on February 8, 2024.

Three ways to use Google Gemini

Google AI Studio uses Gemini Pro

  • Google AI Studio blue button click here
  • IP address query click here

 Gemini Chat Pro Using Gemini Pro

  • Gemini Chat Pro website click here

Use Gemini Pro for free on Google Gemini

  • Google Gemini URL click here

How to obtain and use Gemini API

Now available for unlimited use , Gemini API is mainly used in "immersive translation" translation services or third-party AI tool package applications such as "Opencat".

Get the Gemini API for free The URL mentioned in the video is as follows:

  • Get Gemini API click here
  • Immersive translation installation click here

The above are the 3 ways to use Gemini for free at present. The lowest requirement is type 2: using Gemini Pro for free in Gemini Chat Pro, and you do not need a Google account to use Gemini Pro service.

The other two types of free use of Gemini Pro in Google AI Studio and free use of Gemini Pro in Google Bard require a US Google account and US IP.

Gemini vs Chat Gpt-4 comparison

According to Google’s official blog, Gemini beat GPT-4 in all aspects of testing.

Google Gemini如何使用,免费注册Gemini-1

In addition to comprehensively surpassing GPT-4 in terms of conventional capabilities, the most special thing about Gemini is that it is the first multi-modal large model brought by Google, that is, it can not only interact with typing, but also interact with voice, video, and pictures. interactive.

According to Google, the existing so-called multi-modal large models all train text, visual and audio models separately, and then splice these together.

The "bulk" multi-modal large model produced in this way will only decompose the answers of different modules when encountering pictures, text, voice or video at the same time, and then summarize the answers of each part to form the final answer.

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