Glarity Artificial Intelligence AI Writing Assistant Browser Plug-in, a practical AI tool

Artificial intelligence AI auxiliary tool Glaarity, a writing assistant AI plug-in that supports multiple browsers

: Open source ChatGPT snippet extension for YouTube, Google, Twitter and any web page. It provides cross-language summarization to easily summarize videos, searches, PDFs, emails, and web pages. It supports free side-by-side translation, email writing help, web content Q&A, and more

Glarity is a very practical writing aid, very suitable for blogging. It not only has the ability to summarize page content and create related questions (that is, long-tail keywords), but it can also generate Twitter posts to promote your blog articles. Use AI dialogue and query functions of ChatGPT-4.

Free users have 20,000 Tokens and 10 GPT-4 queries per month.

Glarity official website:

GitHub project:

Glarity 人工智能AI写作助手浏览器插件,实用的AI工具-1

Glacity installation:

Glarity is a, you only need to visit the official website and click the corresponding browser icon to complete the installation.

Chrome browser installation address:

Glarity 人工智能AI写作助手浏览器插件,实用的AI工具-1Glarity 人工智能AI写作助手浏览器插件-1

What is Glarity

Glacity, your one-stop summary tool, is always evolving and dedicated to simplifying your information journey. Glacity has released a heavily upgraded new version on the Product Hunt platform. We're excited to introduce you to our latest features that further make Glarance your powerful reading and. In addition, in this article, we will also introduce the core functions and classic functions of Glarance so that you can fully understand Glarance.


Here is how Glaration introduces herself:

Glarity is a powerful, which provides many convenient features that allow users to easily create and edit their blog posts. GlaritySimple and intuitive, users canRearrange individual modules to suit your individual needs. In addition to the fixed positioning of the title and article editing area, users can also choose a single-column layout or a double-column layout to better display their content.

In Glarity, users can easily add, such as images, audio and documents, to enrich the content of their articles. Users canSelect uploaded files, or cite content from well-known websites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr by embedding media URLs. Additionally, users can use, to improve writing efficiency.

In addition to basic editing functions, Glarance also supportsand. Users can notify other blogging systems that they have linked to their articles through Trackback, and can also turn on or off comments and, to interact and communicate with readers.

Overall, Glarance is a feature-rich and easy-to-use blog editing tool that provides users with many convenient features to help them easily create and manage their blog content. Whether it isstill, Glarance are all a good choice.

Custom prompt command

You can participate in activities or follow their promotional information on the official website or official social media platforms of Glarance. Sometimes redemption codes will be released for users to receive. You can also follow some discount websites or forums, and sometimes other users will share Glarance redemption codes.

Join our community and send us a private message directly to get a free redemption code and experience a one-month Glarance premium membership worth $14.99!

common problem

What is ChatGPT?

Developed language model. It is a large, pre-trained Transformer-based neural network designed to generate human-like text based on user-provided prompts. It can already be trained on a variety of Internet texts to answer a variety of topics, including general knowledge questions, conversation responses, and creative writing.

What is Glarity Abstract – ChatGPT for YouTube/Google?

Glarity Abstract is a Chat GPT extension for YouTube and Google that can extract YouTube videos and Google searches. It also supports Yahoo! nikusu, PubMed, PMC, NewsPicks, Github, Nikkei, Bing, Google Patents, Twitter, Gmail, PDF, and provides snippets for any web page. Glarance also supports immersive translation and is a writing assistant.

Is Glacity Abstract – for YouTube/Google free?

Yes, using the extension is completely free. However, if you use Glarity mode or OpenAIKey mode, the service may consume a certain fee based on the Token. Currently, ChatGPT mode is completely free; you can choose different modes according to your needs.

What websites does Glarance support?

Currently, Glarity supports Google, YouTube, Yahoo! ニューsu, PubMed, PMC, NewsPicks, Github, Nikkei, Bing, Google Patents and any web page.

Do I need a ChatGPT/OpenAI account?

No, you don't need a ChatGPT account to use Glacity. You can create a free account on If you want to use Glacity for free, you will need a ChatGPT account to enable the extension. You canchat.openai.comCreate an account for free.


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