Android apps will no longer be compatible with Windows in 2025

Microsoft announces it will no longer support running Android apps on Windows 11, 2025 operating system. Such a decision ends one of the most touted features of Windows 11 at launch, leaving many users confused and disappointed.

2025 年 Android 应用将不再与 Windows 兼容-1

Windows Subsystem for Android (), a technology that allows users to run Android apps on Windows 11 computers, will be officially discontinued on the above date. Therefore, the Amazon Appstore and all apps and games that rely on WSA Will stop running in Windows 11 after this deadline.

2025 年 Android 应用将不再与 Windows 兼容-1

When Windows 11 was released, the ability to run native Android apps was one of the highlights that excited many users. Microsoft promotes this feature to provide users with a richer experience and greater flexibility Integrate the world of mobile apps with your desktop operating system.

However, Implementation of WSA was limited from the start. Instead of providing access to the Google Play Store, Microsoft has chosen to partner with the Amazon App Store. This choice greatly limits the selection of available applications. Additionally, the implementation of WSA support is incremental and limited, making adoption difficult for users.

Reasons behind the decision

According to sources close to Microsoft, WSA user adoption is disappointingly low. The Company believes that the effort and resources required to maintain and improve this feature are unreasonable compared to actual use.

Another reason may be related to Lack of purpose-built Windows devices Take advantage of mobile apps. The lack of Windows tablets and hybrid devices on the market limits the appeal and usefulness of this feature.

Alternatives and an uncertain future

2025 年 Android 应用将不再与 Windows 兼容-1

Despite Microsoft's decision, some members of the open source community expressed their thoughts Interested in forking the WSA project and keeping it alive With new features and support for future versions of Android. But the program still faces challenges, and its long-term success is uncertain.

also, Google recently launched its own ,namedGoogle Playgames, mainly focusing on games. The emulator is still in beta, but could be a viable alternative for those interested in running Android games on a Windows computer.


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